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The Thing About Numbers, Redeaux

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A Brief History of Numbers

A long time ago, when numbers were first placed on jerseys so the fans and media could tell who players were from high in the stands, the numbers were handed out based on the starting formation.The starting 11 players wore numbers 1 to 11, starting with the keeper as No.

Five things that are not April Fools jokes

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We have in the past here at 3rd Degreeplayedthe occasional April Fools joke on the site. Fake ex-boxer signing, check. Owner taking over as technical director, check. The return of Carlos Ruiz, check.

Being a the Dallas Morning News for such a short period of time, it justseemedlike a April Fools joke was out of order this year.

2013 Bold Predictions

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The good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.

It's time again for the often imitated, never duplicated, original BOLD PREDICTIONS.
(Which have been running since 1998)

I do this bit every year.Right now you can't look back at the old ones. I'm working on an archive setup, but it's not running yet.

5 Reasons for FC Dallas Fans to Stay Positive

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There's been a lot of gloom and doom this week in FC Dallas Nation, not without reason as want-away midfielder Brek Shea is being sold on to Stoke. Shea's departure does leave some gaping holes in the team and that's cause for concern. But there a few reasons for positivity, and in order to level the chi around here I thought I could run thought a few.

The FC Dallas Playoff Scenerio

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We're talked a couple times this season about the insanity it would take for FCD to make the playoffs. With the horrific FCD start to the season and all the injuries we first said FCD needed 35 points from 19 games to hit our 48 points predicted total needed for the playoffs. Since that time FCD went 6-4-5, 23 points.

Missing Bobby Rhine

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Today is the first anniversary of the death of my friend Bobby Rhine. Bobby was so young when he left us; it's still quite hard for me to wrap my brain around his passing. Every time I enter the FC Dallas Stadium press box for a game, a small part of my mind nudges me to turn into the press box and chat with Bobby.

Could FC Dallas Actually Make the Playoffs?

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Quite a while back I all but wrote off the FC Dallas season in terms of the playoffs. I still hold that 48 point target at the likey number. So how does FC Dallas look now, 3'ish months later? Still a long shot to be honest.

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Monday Morning Gaffer: DFW Tornados vs FC Dallas

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FC Dallas knocked off PDL side DFW tornados in a scrimmage on Tuesday morning in temps approaching 100. The FCD starters played the first half and the reserves the second half. Milton Rodriguez had a hat trick in the second half, the only 45 minutes he played. Good run out to push the sharpness and fitness for the first team in some brutal conditions.

120 Fahrenheit: One Third

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If my calculations are correct, and they certainly might be off, FC Dallas is exactly one third of the way through the 2010 season. 10 games played, 30 game season, ok yeah, that's one third. A third of the way seems as good a point as any to break down how FCD is doing. A 2-2-6 record, only two wins, but only two losses.

Monday Morning Gaffer: SMU vs FC Dallas

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On Tuesday FCD played the final of three early pre-season scrimmages against college teams at Pizza Hut Park. These three scrimmages were mainly used to build stamina for the starters and evaluate the numerous trialist and draft picks in camp. So rather than give you a break down of every player, I'll concentrate on the trialists that played in the second half of this game.

120 Fahrenheit: Camp Opening Roster Analysis

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Two of the permanent pages in this site are the FC Dallas Roster and the Roster Dance. The roster is, of course, just a list of the players while the Roster Dance breaks down the team by MLS roster rules showing the generations adidas, senior, and international slots. For most of the season these two features are perfectly adequate to explain the FCD roster situation.

120 Fahrenheit: The 2010 Hyndman Off-Season Plan

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Every season about this time I write a little piece about what I think the off-season will hold for FC Dallas. Usually there are a great many questions that must be answered and a great many holes that must be filled. Strangely, for a team that missed the playoffs, that's not really true for FC Dallas.

120 Fahrenheit: 2010 Expansion Draft

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The expansion draft for the 2010 Philadelphia Union will almost certainly take place on the Friday following MLS Cup. There will be a window that week to make trades then a freeze one day before the expansion draft. Since the 2009 season is over for FCD it makes sense to now look at who might get protected.

120 Fahrenheit: Hyndman 5 and 5

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People often ask me what I think of Schellas Hyndman, not as a man or human being of course, but as a soccer coach. Frankly, I'm not really sure, there are some things I like a lot about him, and some things that bug me quite a bit. There was a great finish to the season so I have hope for 2010, yet I still see some trouble signs.

Monday Morning Gaffer: Central Arkansas vs FC Dallas

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This is another one of the perhaps hastily arranged college scrimmages that pass for reserve games around these parts now that the reserve league is gone. It's quit toasty out today as my car says 101 on the way up. I'm sure its not that hot officially, but the sun is beating down and it's quite uncomfortable.

Monday Morning Gaffer: Houston Dynamo vs FC Dallas

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1-0 over Houston to win two games in a row is big. Perhaps big is an under-sell, that's a massive, massive victory. While not as pretty or exciting as the Kansas City 6-0 win, 1-0 over Houston is probably much more important for the confidence and psyche. This win should do wonders for FCD over the next stretch.

120 Fahrenheit: Kansas City vs FC Dallas

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The inconsistency of this team is staggering, To go from some of the best soccer we've seen under Hyndman to the some of the worst we've seen in franchise history in the space to two halves is crazy enough. But throw in a team come to Jesus meeting this week and perhaps the biggest but kicking in franchise history and it become a big min boggling.

Monday Morning Gaffer: Comunicaciones

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I have to say there wasn't a ton of entertainment in this game, except maybe for the scrum that resulted from McCarty trading head buts with Freddy Thompson. FCD played almost a First XI in the front rank. I'm ok with that as the team now has a week and a half off to come back fresh. Defensively we saw a few guys get on the field that sorely need some PT.

Practice Observations: Training Day

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With training moved up and fairly short session today, it's not that hot by the time the session ends. It is starting to get close though cause FCD came out 30 minutes late, which usually means they had a video session to start the training. At least it gave me a chance to read my paper.

Monday Morning Gaffer: FCD vs West Texas United Sockers

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I must admit this was a fun event, way out in the west Texas desert. Ok, not that far out, only a five hour drive. Midland has this great little facility, Grande Communications Stadium. It would be a perfect USL-1 or USL-2 stadium for soccer, except that it's field turf painted with football lines.

Monday Morning Gaffer: New York Red Bulls vs FC Dallas

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This was a must win game, although let's be real - every home game is a must win game when you're 13th in the standings, but New York was decimated by injures and is behind FCD in points. They had only scored one away goal all year. Even missing Cooper, this was a game for the taking. A loss in this one would have been devastating.

120 Fahrenheit: The Bright Side

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FC Dallas has reached the midpoint of the season. That's 15 games in, 15 games left. Per suggestion, we've added a tracker on the right for the 40 points (likely) needed for the playoffs. Last week I wrote about what I thought had gone wrong with the season.

120 Fahrenheit: Bugging Me

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Let's face it, this is going to be a long year. FCD is firmly entrenched at the bottom of the standings, and while there is some small hope, it's not likely at this point FCD will make the playoffs. It's a 30 game season and FCD is almost to the halfway point with only 10 points. 40 is the normal target to make the playoffs and the odds FCD can get 30 points in 17 games is slim.

120 Fahrenheit: Not So Fast

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Maybe winning is everything? I've been thinking about the bad attendance and I've been wanting to try and place some blame. So to that end I did some number crunching. So here's a breakdown of each MLS season, FCD's numbers, and where they finished in attendance and in the standings.

Monday Morning Gaffer: FC Dallas at Chicago Fire

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Nice win. First FCD roach win, second FCD win, first Chicago loss, and first FCD shutout of the season. It certainly makes for a lot of good comments and plenty of things to talk about. 70 degree's at game time. Wish I had been there.


Monday Morning Gaffer: Kansas City at FC Dallas

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I haven't done a Gaffer in a while, partially to the World Cup distraction, partially to other lame excuses. So I figured why not try and get back in the saddle on the holida. It's been a spectacular World Cup, with some of the craziest stuff I've ever seen all happening at once in the quarterfinals.

Monday Morning Gaffer: Memphis vs FC Dallas

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It's not exactly Monday and this isn't exactly fresh, but here is it none the less. Real life got in the way of this article being done this weekend; well, real life and the SuperBowl. Today I had set aside some time to go to the afternoon FCD training session. Unfortunately it was canceled, so I figured since I had a little time I would give you this belated Gaffer.

Major League Soccer

Don’t Panic: The Union Did NOT Vote to Strike

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You may have read stories reporting the players voted 350-2 to strike. I'll tell you why that's not really true. Let me state right out by that I am not a labor expert nor am I 100% in the know about the current MLS labor situation. But I can still shed some light on this vote.

2010 MLS SuperDraft Forward Rankings

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As we get to the final positional ranking of the this year's previews, we now know most of the Generation adidas class. As usually happens with the strikers, those signings take us from a average senior class to a good one overall. Every year MLS is plucking more of the top tier forward talent out of the pool early.

120 Fahrenheit: The Peter Wilt Method

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With the end of the line in sight for FCD General Manager Michael Hitchcock, I thought I might discuss ticket sales and customer service. It's not secret that FCD has lacked in that department the last few years. One of the General Managers I respect most from the early days of MLS is the ex-Fire Gm Peter Wilt.

The Rest

Some World Up Odds and Ends.

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It's the eve of the World Cup and we in the US of A so love our odds. So here are some of the more interesting USA focused numbers courtesy of http://www.bovada.lv/.

(As always these odds are listed here just for fun and analysis.)

USA Top Goalscorer
Clint Dempsey 9/4
Jozy Altidore 9/2
Aron Jóhannsson 8/1
Chris Wondolowski 10/1
No USA Goalscorer 10/1
Michael Bradley 12/1
Julian Green 16/1
Alejandro Bedoya 20/1
Graham Zusi 20/1
Jermaine Jones 25/1
Kyle Beckerman 25/1
Mikkel Diskerud 25/1
Brad Davis 25/1

Buzz says: Wondo 10 to 1.

3rd Degree’s Mock Draft

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Mock Draft's are kinda worthless, no one really knows what a coach will do and as soon as a couple picks come off it all changes anyway. Still, there fun for a few minutes, and worth a giggle afterward about how wrong they were. So here's ours.