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March 11, 2014 10:01 UTC
March 3, 2012 11:37 UTC

Egypt: Rioting Ultras may Ease Security Reform

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The fall-out of last year's death of 72 soccer fans in a politically-loaded stadium brawl has brought the need for reform of Egypt's law enforcement and judiciary to a head with football supporters in Egyptian cities protesting the verdict in the trial of those accused of responsibility for the incident.

Landon Donovan, Where art Thou?: US Loses World Cup Qualifier 2-1

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The USA failed to open its World Cup qualifying account, losing to Honduras, 2-1 on Wednesday. The pressure to win the next game against Costa Rica in March is on.

Match Fixing Scandal Could Change Soccer Governance

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A Singaporean national at the core of a global soccer match-fixing scandal provided key information that led to this week's disclosure by Europol that it suspects that as many as 680 games on four continents were fixed by Asian crime syndicates and their European helpers.

Beckham Says Bonjour and More Silly Philosophy

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David Beckham will be saying "bonjour." The former LA Galaxy star announced his plans to stretch his legs one last time in the colors of Paris St. Germain, France's richest club. Becks will be donating his salary to a local charity.

Egypt’s Military Authorizes Resumption of Soccer, Confrontation Looms

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Egypt's military has authorized the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) to resume league matches this weekend a year after they were suspended in the wake of a politically loaded brawl that left 74 soccer fans dead.

Egyptian Soccer Violence: A Test of Morsi’s Political Savvy

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Escalating street violence in the wake of a partial verdict in the Port Said soccer brawl case pits enemies against one another, highlighting the urgency of moves for reform of law enforcement in a bid to end the turmoil and return the country to a path of economic growth, says James Dorsey

Pep Guardiola Goes to Build in Germany

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Bayern are the perfect fit for Guardiola. He will be allowed to innovate, to adapt the Barcelona ways to Germany's technical style. Can he design a Bavarian soccer cathedral that will dominate European soccer?

Hooliganism and Soccer

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Dougie Brimson knows the hooligan life from the inside. He is the author of several books on the subject. He wrote the screenplay for the 2005 movie, "Green Street Hooligans". The flick starred Elijah Wood, popularly known as Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings movies – from a rustic life in the shire to running with the hooligan crew of London club, West Ham United.

Abby Wambach: World Best

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Abby Wambach is all about guts and glory. Remembering her last minute equalizer against Brazil in the World Cup in 2011 still brings goosebumps to the surface. The New York native picked up FIFA's Ballon D'Or for best world player, in Zurich.

Port Said Clashes: A Taste of Egyptian Soccer Violence to Come

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Clashes between rival soccer fans in Port Said in which 55 people were injured gave Egypt a taste of expected violence later this month when a Cairo court announces its verdict in the trial of 73 people accused of responsibility for last year's death of 74 fans, says James Dorsey.

Security Forces Attack Azeri Fans in Tehran Stadium

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Iranian security forces attacked supporters of Traktor Sazi FC, the foremost soccer club in Tabriz, the capital of Iran's Turkic East Azerbaijan province, highlighting mounting ethnic tension in the Islamic republic, says writer James Dorsey.

David Beckham: Master or Servant in Downton Abbey?

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If Mr. Beckham got an acting gig on Downton Abbey, would he be cast downstairs as a servant, or be claimed by the aristocracy upstairs as Sir David Beckham of Essex, knighted by His Majesty for serving England's sporting life?

MLS Cup 2012: Beckham’s Farewell Party

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The MLS Cup Final was billed as a farewell party for Los Angeles Galaxy's David Beckham, soccer's biggest star. A runners-up medal was not to be part of the final act. It had to be a happy ending for the man with the golden touch.

England’s Soccer Fixer: Harry Redknapp

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Harry Redknapp's latest mission is at the wheel of the fast sinking Queens Park Rangers. The club is listing badly, in last place in the English Premier league. With everything seeming hopeless, Harry brings the wind.

Morsi Fails to Prevent Renewed Battles Between Police and Ultras

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A pledge by Mohamed Morsi to re-open all cases against those responsible for attacks on anti-Mubarak protesters did little to prevent soccer fans from joining the outpour of anger against the president's decision to grab wide-ranging powers, says writer James Dorsey.