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The Politics of Americanizing Soccer: My 10 Years Blogging for Change to the World's Game

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1 Mainstreaming for Attention Flipping Channels: Sports Talk Radio's Impact on MLS Can't Be Overlooked 2 Why Do We Watch Sports? 80's Movie Describes Soccer's Awe 3 A Rules and History Perspective A History of Rules Changes in American Pro Soccer 4 Proposal to the NFL NFL Considered Proposal for Competing Pro Soccer League 5 Why and What is Americanizing Soccer?

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If you've come to the site for the first time, I apologize for the inconvenience. I've removed many articles for placement in upcoming book. Look for publishing release in upcoming weeks...

VAR Obligates IFAB To Change the Offside Rule

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Changing the Offside Rule in soccer has been long overdue, in my opinion. Now, though, there is little choice in the matter, it has to get done. The reason, is because VAR (Video Assistant Referee) is a reality, and will now have a bigger imprint on the game. IFAB must make changing the Offside Rule a priority, so soccer can continue to be a flowing, effervescent sport.

MLS Team Becomes First to Sign ESports Player in U.S.

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It was bound to happen. Major sports teams in the U.S. are finding ways to incorporate Esports into their plans for the future. One team is already budgeting for it, NYCFC of MLS.

We knew Esports were a serious spectator entertainment option, as news trickles in week to week about different tournaments being promoted around the world, celebrity partnerships and million dollar leagues.

USSF Should Forsake Participation in Qatar World Cup Qualifiers

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It's a queasy feeling to think about the 2022 World Cup host government supporting ISIS. However, this is a reality. There are multiple Arab countries claiming Qatar is plotting terrorism, funding it, and harboring terrorists. Arab Gulf countries are now claiming foe status.

This World Cup should never have been scheduled for Qatar in the first place.

Frank Deford Didn't Respect Soccer

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Acclaimed sports writer and sports documentarian, Frank Deford, died last month at the age of 78. Interestingly, as he was so respected for his exquisite treatments of sports stories and sports idols, he wasn't delicate in stating his opinions on the sport of soccer. He sort of lost his professionalism and poise when referencing the world's sport.

Sacramento Republic Hasn't Scored a Goal in Nearly 500 minutes

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These days, it's tough to be a Sacramento Republic fan. The United Soccer League Division II team is in the midst of a futile scoring streak that has lasted close to 500 minutes. Officially, the streak is at 473 minutes. The Republic last scored six games ago in the 67th minute of a 2-1 victory on the road against the Tulsa Roughnecks.

Next Most Logical Rules Change for MLS-part II

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How does MLS institute rules changes, if it must first get clearance from FIFA? ...Water breaks during extreme weather and regular weather was the hot topic of Next Most Logical Rules Change for MLS (part I). If the reason for the new rule protects the health of the players and is good for the game, as is the case for water breaks, then just make the change and worry about the consequences later.

NFL Instability Could Boost MLS, NASL

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The NFL's reputation has taken a hit as some name-brand teams jump locations to try and find greener grass. After three recent franchise venue changes by the Rams, Chargers and Raiders, an argument can be made that the NFL is in a organizational slump. The 49ers didn't change their name, but their venue change two seasons ago to an hour and half south of San Francisco was just as dramatic as the other three teams.

MLS Doesn't Bend During World Cup Qualifying

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As 2018 World Cup qualifiers get going again Thursday, March 23rd through Tuesday, March 28th, most of the world's professional soccer leagues will be on hiatus until at least Saturday, April 1st. None of the elite leagues from Europe, South America or Liga MX are playing during these Qualifiers, from Thursday to Tuesday.

Atlanta United FC Poised to Make History

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Expansion teams don't tend to make the playoffs. If you trace the modern history of professional sports in the U.S., you'd be hard-pressed to find any team making the playoffs in their first year of existence. Winning the title as an expansion team would seem near impossible. Yet, after three weeks of the 2017 Major League Soccer season, expansion pro sports franchise, Atlanta United FC, looks like a serious championship contender.

Is this the Year that MLS Seizes the Soccer Mantle from Liga MX?

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If it does happen, if MLS overtakes Liga MX, the change may endure. Once MLS moves up the ladder of 'world league status', it might not be falling back down anytime in the near future.

It would be a 'watershed' moment for MLS to pass its nemesis, that holds not only the popularity card, but also the 'talent' card.

Does NBA All-Star Schedule Open an Opportunity for MLS?

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Prologue: This year's CONCACAF Champions League could have partnered better and promoted better with MLS to have Thursday's FC Dallas game be played prior to the re-start of the NBA season.

Vancouver Whitecaps part owner & former 2-time NBA MVP/8-time All-Star.

FIFA 17 Video Game Challenges Human Soccer for Audience Share

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Last night, while channel flipping during the primetime hours, I came across the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Championship Series regional final on ESPN2. I found out the promotion with EA Sports has 1.

Super Bowl Sends Powerful Message to MLS

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This past Sunday's titillating Super Bowl underscores what Soccer in the U.S. is missing. The entertainment value was remarkable. Even without a rooting interest for millions of fans, American football is the sport that comes through under pressure. This past Super Bowl proved once again that football understands American sports fans expectations.