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The Week Ahead, Part 1 - Schedule Analysis

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As with everything blog-related, you can find this week's post at our new home over at (a part of Â We hope you'll join us there. Cheers - Neal

Barn Door Team - Week 8 Revised

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With Emmanuel Adebayor struggling with a hamstring injury after the Arsenal match, and seeing his price coming back down to cost, I'm playing with a new line-up for next week. Franco Di Santo has been hit or miss this season, but hosting a struggling Bolton side he could find himself in the points.

English teams watching Brek Shea

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So this rumour has made it from Twitter to the larger web.English eyes on US starlet | Sky Sports | Football | Transfer Centre | understands a host of Premier League clubs are tracking American hot-shot Brek Shea.The FC Dallas ace is regarded as one of the best young talents in America and is already an established member of Jurgen Klinsmann's USA side.

Wenger As England Manager?

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Perhaps because it is an international week. Perhaps it is because reporters are tired of writing about Arsenal's demise on the pitch. Â Perhaps they are tired of digging into the books and trying to figure out how many years it will be until the long-term, and now out-dated, deals made to pay for the new stadium will be keeping Arsenal's football revenues from growing at the same pace as their

Barn Door Team - Week 8

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It's international week, but that doesn't mean we're not already looking ahead to the next gameweek in ten days time. Here's my team, assembled over the course of last weekend. There are injuries here, and some questions. Look for changes, and the (surely faulty) reasoning to come.

Thierry Henry: Class is Permanent

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First XI - What We Learned During Week 7

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This column is getting long enough in its own right so I'm not going to write much of a preamble this time around. Â Before we get to it though, I'm going to solicit feedback on two aspects of the column. Â I've added what I'm thinking will be regular fixtures under #1 and #2 . Â I have been mixing fantasy and reality comments in this column thus far this season.

The Barn Door Live - Week 7

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<a href="" >The Barn Door Live - Week 7</a>

Week 7 Team

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After lots of thought, but surely little understanding, here's my week 7 team. Â Good night, and good luck.

Arsenal Financials: Dead Weight Wages the Issue

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BBC Sport - Arsenal financial future secure - Ivan Gazidis: So, even in a "down" year that happened during a down economy, Arsenal are extremely profitable. Here is the big question that their numbers should be stirring up as everyone focuses their time talking about the transfer dollars in and out: What has the impact of the transfers in and out on the "rising wage bill" been?

Injuries and Suspensions

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No big intro today, other than to highlight the fact that Rooney and Chicharito being back probably has us all scrambling to figure out how to align our teams to get as many United players as possible into our line-ups against Norwich. Man United vs. Norwich Rooney, Chicharito and Evans are back and should all start.

The Week Ahead, Part 2 - Player Picks

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I have to admit that my first experiences watching a Roberto Mancini-coached team was a good one. Â It was in a pre-scandal Italy (at least the recent one). Â Inter Milan were still a plucky 3rd or 4th best team fighting to keep up with Milan and Juve. Â The thing that I remember enjoying about them is that you could see just about anything from them on any given weekend.

Holden Injured Again

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American midfielder Stuart Holden to miss another six months with knee injury - Soccer Insider - The Washington Post: It is rare that I get to link the blog of my favorite writer on US Soccer as there aren't many cross-over topics between his blog (mostly focused on the USMNT and MLS) and our Premier League and Premier League Fantasy blog.

The Week Ahead, Part 1 - The Schedule

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Good to see Olaf Mellberg again, it's been a while. Â In case you hadn't guessed, I am watching Arsenal vs. Olympiokos on DVR as I write this column. Â I figured I'd better watch because I need to catch up on all the midweek excitement that I started missing out on yesterday while I was on the road for work.

Week 7 Barn Door Team

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I have three different options for you to choose from this week. Â Please vote in the comments below. First there is the real Barn Door team, the one I came out of the weekend with: I was nervous about going all in on the North London derby, but surely there are goals there. Â Then came the news about Tevez and Dzeko, and all of a sudden Balotelli (God help us all) looks like a great