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July 28, 2014 12:01 UTC
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Report: Philadelphia Union Sign Algerian Goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi

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A report out of France suggests Algeria's World Cup starting goalkeeper Rais M'Bolhi is set to join the Union's already crowded stable of keepers.

The Philadelphia Union are already crowded at goalkeeper. They have an established MLS starter in MacMath, a #1 overall pick who many feel is better than MacMath, and there is Union academy product Zack Steffen whose career trajectory could take him as far as the USMNT.

Philadelphia Union vs. Crystal Palace Match Review

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While the match wasn't televised, if you look up "uninspired bore draw" on YouTube you'll probably find this match (only kidding).

Friday night lights and a Premier League team at PPL Park on a beautiful evening. What could have better? Frankly, most anything. The match itself was an uninspired run-out.

Philadelphia Union Ring of Honor

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The Brotherly Game staff was polled to see who would be inducted into a Ring of Honor.

A lot of different teams (especially NFL teams) have a Ring of Honor, where players are enshrined (usually in a ring around the stadium) for their achievements with that specified club. Those achievements are often as players, but can also be with the front office, or the community at large.

Union to play the Eagles in a game of football!

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International Friendly, Friday July 25th at 7:00 PM

Unfortunately this will not be a cross-code game against the Philadelphia Eagles - although it would be fun to see some of those big fat linemen trying to run for longer than six seconds - the birds in question are Crystal Palace from the English Premier League, nicknamed 'The Eagles'.

The Brotherly Game Mailbag - Volume One

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Have a question? Email and we'll answer questions in a weekly column.

Ever have a question about soccer or the Union but didn't want to ask for whatever reason? Well fear not. Send me your questions via email and once a week I'll answer a question here in the column. We'll only use first names and last initials, and your email address will remain confidential.

HOT TOPIC QUESTION OF THE WEEK: To handball, or not to handball?

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The official in the Union's match against Chicago forgot what arms look like and made several horrible decisions regarding handballs (or not handballs).

After a spectacularly satisfying 3-1 victory over the horribly supported New York Red Bulls, the Union traveled to the city of Chicago and completely forgot what they did in the midweek by playing a John Hackworth style game.

Ten reasons the Union offense is the hottest in MLS

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Through the Union's first 11 matches they scored less than 1 goal per game. And over the course of their last ten they are scoring more than the Seattle Sounders. What happened? Here are 10 reasons the Union have become one of the hottest offenses in the league.

I'm sure if you think back hard enough you'll remember how bad the Union offense was this season.

The DoopCast Two Part Catch-up

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Catch-up episodes take you all the way to the Red Bulls game.

We are getting close to being all caught up. Part one takes a look at the Open Cup run and league games up to and including the 3-3 draw with Colorado. Part two focuses on the truly marvelous 3-1 victory over those nasty Red Bulls.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Philadelphia Union; Match Days 22 and 23

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Two more games down in the 2014 season and Interim Manager Curtin continues a slow, but steady climb back into the playoff picture. A win against Red Bull and a late equalizing pk against Chicago gave the Union 4 more points and a handle full more talking points.

The Good: Bend, but don't break

Dropped points against the Colorado Rapids and questionable red cards had the Union on the edge of collapse.

Carlos Valdés breaks silence with radio interview

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Colombian center back breaks his silence with an interview on Argentine radio, says "either MLS, San Lorenzo, or my agent is lying."

The latest twist in the Carlos Valdés saga came yesterday when the Colombian defender broke his silence on Argentine radio. In an interview with AM 950 Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Valdés reaffirmed that he had not been paid in six months, saying that "either MLS, San Lorenzo, or my agent is lying" about payments.

Philadelphia Fury holds trial day

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The American Soccer League's Philadelphia Fury held a trial day to scout talent for their inaugural season.

The Philadelphia Fury held a tryout on Saturday July 19, to look for the final pieces to complete their roster. The trial was part of an eventful day that featured players that are already signed to the team and players who came from all over the northeast looking for a chance to impress team officials before the start of the team's inaugural season in the American Soccer League.

OFFICIAL: Zach Pfeffer added to MLS Homegrown Roster

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The Union's first Homegrown Player, Pfeffer has been with the Union since the age of 15.

Attacking midfielder Zach Pfeffer has been added to the league's 20-man roster that will take part in MLS's inaugural Homegrown Player Game, sponsored by Chipotle (and the approval of my taste buds). The HGPs will take on Portland Timbers U23s on Monday, August 4th at 10 PM Eastern.

Are the Philadelphia Union a finalist for DeMarcus Beasley?

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Well here's a rumor sure to get the attention of Union fans who support the USMNT.

Transfer season is silly season and silly season can be fun season. For many, it is a chance to speculate and dream away about their favorite players joining their favorite club.

For the Philadelphia Union, a team of many needs especially on their back line and along the left wing (sorry Danny Cruz), it is natural for them to be linked to a versatile player like Beasley who can play both left back and left wing.

Mid-season friendly (aka who is that guy?) - and why you should care.

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Mid-season friendlies are always a good way to see the guys who don't get on the pitch and what they bring to the table.

It's time for the Union's annual mid-season friendly against a mildly interesting European team. This year's role of "cash-grabbing, out-of-form European carpetbaggers" goes to Crystal Palace, who as someone who admittedly doesn't follow the Premier League all that closely, is a team I neither know anything about nor am interested in learning about.

The DoopCast Lost Episode - Vancouver / Hack is Sacked

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2014 Season - Episode 12 covers Union 3 - 3 Whitecaps and the departure of John Hackworth.

We thought that the original recording was lost forever to a corrupt file but after a lot of work it has arisen like a phoenix from the flames. You will have to take a trip in a TARDIS and go back in time to the land that time forgot, also known as 'before the World Cup', and consider the Vancouver game from June 7th and the 'breaking news' that Hackworth had been fired.