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August 17, 2017 12:01 UTC
September 14, 2010 10:59 UTC

Is the FA Biased?

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Now I'm not one who endorses conspiracy theories but when I look at the opening seven games in the Premier League it gives me leave to at least wonder.

In my belief it is important to have a high degree of balance and fairness in the schedule in order to give every team an equal opportunity of success.

Tally Ho. Leicester Preview.

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Kicking off the PL on a Friday night, Thursday night football and a season full of Sunday p.m. games could this be the recipe for a successful campaign?

Let's hope so.

I wrote yesterday that I believe we have the squad, the experience and the talent to win the title (I wasn't joking) and believe if we can get through the very difficult opening fixtures with confidence intact, we will be top at Xmas.

Champions 2017/18?

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How do you think we will fare this season? Will the strengthening of the squad be enough to propel us to the Title? Will it be enough to regain our Top 4 status?

Here's what BR thinks (subject to change depending upon results )

Let's look at the opposition, starting with:

Chelsea: We have recently beaten them twice in two important games and lost a meaningless friendly.

Friday Night Football at the Emirates

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For the first time in the Premier League history the season will kick off on Friday August 11th when Arsenal will host Leicester City at the Emirates with the game starting at 19:45.

We played our first game against Leicester 125 years ago on January 7th 1895 – back then the teams were known as Leicester Fosse and Woolwich Arsenal, we lost the game 3-1.

Chelsea Preview

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Tempus Fugit. Seems like yesterday ... actually it doesn't, much talk and some action has taken place since season's end, some good, some not so good, some still to happen.Has anyone left from the 1st team squad? Will they? Loans must be the order of the day as we try to clear the decks. We need more bodies etc etc

But today we have the little matter of a Wembley appearance, and we are good at Wembley, aren't we?

Arsenal Decisively Indecisive?

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Being decisive is usually recognised as recognising a problem, or identifying a need to improve a situation, and arriving at a decision to quickly and effectively act to resolve it.

And in some ways, that has happened, in that defensively we seemed to be all at sea last season, until realising that the absence of the wise old head of Per Mert and the continuing frustrating injuries affecting Kozzer, AW decided to change to a three at the back, primarily until the injured CBs returned to the roster the following season at which time he would review which formation fitted the team the best.

Arsenal: Tight Fisted Scrooges or Profligate Wastrels?

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The Emirates Cup was a strange mixture of youthful carefree enjoyment in a deeply satisfying and fun filled first game against Benfica, and an inhibited and surprisingly chaotic lurch into the tippy tappy football of the older more experienced players who did not appear to gell in the second game.

The Ups and Downs of Arsenal

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This is the time of the year when Arsenal, and every other club, seem to be caught in the footballing equivalent of the doldrums, once the bane of every sailing ship known to man, where a relatively calm period occurs out of nowhere, and during which time no wind has the temerity to stick its nose in, and indeed prefers to disappear like ice cream in a hot oven, trappingsailing shipsfor lengthy periods lasting days, weeks and sometimes months, where for what seemed an eternity to their crews – nothing happened.

All Aboard the Transfer Merry-Go-Round

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What is going on with these transfer bids — and rebids?

A juicy rumour appears out of nowhere linking Arsenal to a player we can all see is exactly what the team need – you know you have seen those tidbits many times – right?
Then the next snippet comes out saying ‘club x' refuses the bid.

Arsenal v Western Sydney Wanderers

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Lacazette has a new Arsenal striker competitor up front....

...from Per Mertesacker. Thats right, after a fantastic, stand out performance in the FA Cup final, it took Per only 4 minutes to get on the scorers sheet.

courtesy of the Arsenal Gentleman

Welcome to the land Down Under Arsenal.

Arsenal in Australia from 1977 to 2017

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Let's start with extracts from Wiki and Original 1977 Programme

The tournament was the idea of Englishentrepreneur Reg Lambourne, Strata Travel owner Tom Lawrence and Red Star Belgrade FC Secretary General Dr Miroljub Stojkovic and consisted of two competitions. The first (also known as Metro 20th Anniversary Tournament) was a straight knock-out tournament in Singapore, and the second was a mini-league in which the top two teams would play in the final.

Life without Sanchez

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So before talking about options for life without Sanchez lets just talk about what happens if he stays. Personally I think this is rather easy. He lines up as the left sided of our double number 10's (with Ozil as 1stchoice to the right of centre) behind our new boy Lacazette. That front 3 should have creativity and goals in it and would be exciting to watch.

Arsene’s fantastic Vision of Beautiful Football

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So, here we are, a year on and openly or sneakily looking at the myriad of transfer rumours flowing around us, not just about Arsenal, but around all our rivals too – who is buying whom, who is asking for the humongously ridiculous salary and so on.

The season finished on something of a mixed bag of results – some terrific football to win the FA Cup at a canter from Chelsea, the Premier League champions, but all culminating in a somewhat disappointing relegation from the fabled ‘top four' finish, and thus we are relegated to the Europa League, taking the place of the Spuds.

Season Assessment: Centre Backs

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We have a lot of them don't we? Do we need so many? Are they all good enough to do the job? Do we need to improve on their quality?

The season was definitely split into two as regards the defence, with the move to a Back 3 making giving the CB's more support. But ... one must question why we conceded so many goals whilst operating AW's favoured Back 4 formation, Tony Adams etc were rightly critical.

Mbappe to Arsenal for….how much?

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  1. Mmmm, sounds like the answer is about 100M. Just been reading an article about Roberto Sanches. Remember him. Portuguese star of the Euros.
    Last May, at the age of 18, he moved from being the star man at Benfica to Bayern for a fee that will eventually hit €80M, and has started two games since December.