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Suddenly the FA Cup is Worth Winning?

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So, Arsenal FC win the FA Cup in 2014 and finish 4th in the League.

Arsenal fans ............. No-one's happy as we didn't beat anyone decent on the way to Wembley only the spuds, Liverpool and Everton yeah, but they were all at home. Fourth placed trophy again we should be finishing above City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Arsenals Top Seasons 1933-34 – Our 6th Best

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This was a season that was over-shadowed by the death of Arsenal's manager Herbert Chapman he passed away of pneumonia on January 6, 1934. He was 55 at the time of his untimely death.

This is a short exert from GN5's posts on Arsenal's best managers.

"Arsenal Football Club is open to receive applications for the position of Team Manager.

Does Money Buy you the Premiership Title?

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This was a reply to a GoonerB question which needed a wider audience

Everyone saw the recent Watford game in which we won 3-0. Was anyone really surprised? No. Why? Because Arsenal have a better team. Why do Arsenal have a better team? Because Arsenal have more money to buy better players.

Arsenal thrash Milan. Draw 12:00 GMT today. Thoughts.

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Usual from me here. You all saw the game.

My thoughts: we have much better shape with Mikhi in the side and Mesut should shoot more.

Ok, the competition itself.......................

I've always believed Arsenal should be dining at the top table alongside the Bayerns and Barcas, but I am having second thoughts.

Ossobuco alla Milanese or Soggy Pasta? – AC Milan Preview

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Let's take a look at our history against AC Milan in the Champions League (sorry, Europe) to date.

Peculiar that games have always finished to nil

In 2008 after a tight home leg finished goalless, Cesc in his pomp led Arsenal to a resounding 2-0 victory in the San Siro; the first English team to win there.

Why has it been so easy to say Goodbye to Sanchez?

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Usually when one of our 'star' players leaves, it is painful to see them in another team's strip. I've felt none of that angst when watching Sanchez play for the red mancs. Why?

Is it because he's only scored one goal since moving?

Could it be that we knew he wanted to go to City and collect a Prem winners medal but had to accept the far less appealing move to a lesser team but for more money?

Football, Sexism or Naked Politics

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Written by dandan on January 29th 2011, this post is still bang up to date with its topics of the changing face of football, getting sacked by Sky and media hypocrisy. Super stuff.

Regular readersof this blog will be awarethat I am a long time Arsenal supporter, having first stood on theHighbury terraces over 50 years ago, a time when seats were basically for the well to do and, as they would have it in those far off days, the bosses.

Truly, Ugly, Deeney – Watford Ratings

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Troy Deeney being fit to play (when I say fit, I mean breathing and able to walk as long as it's not uphill and too fast) was the best news this game could have had. With Watford in the relative safety of mid-table obscurity and ourselves being so far off the title pace, meant that there was little to play for except a few points and some comparisons of testes size.

Revenge – A Prayer for Owing Deeney – Watford Preview

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And so we're back to the League, 13 points from top 4, 8 behind 5th, Burnley only 2 behind over our shoulder, what sort of team do we put out? Thursday's return leg against Milan has to be our overriding priority, but team confidence and momentum are important, too. I certainly wouldn't go as far as Micky suggested on Friday and rest the whole team!

Losing Faith In Arsène

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This post was written by the inimitable RockyLives on October 23rd 2012. It's worth another look, not only for the superlative nature of the writing but also the sentiment. Read until the end else you'll miss something. Ah, Rocky.

Saturday's defeat at Norwich affected me much more than is normally the case with our setbacks and I have spent the last couple of days trying to figure out why.

Milan 0 Arsenal 2 – Witnessing A Miracle in Milan – Player Ratings

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The psychology of the human, or is it the human psychology? I don't know, but one thing is for sure, it is a funny old thing. Bit like football.

I have just scanned down the list of the remaining 720 sides left in the Europa, and Milan are, by some considerable margin, what we would call the historically ‘biggest' named team remaining.

Time to Stand Up and Be Counted, Arsenal

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So, who's feeling confident about tonight? Are you thinking that a win might be too much to ask for? Or a draw, especially with an away goal or two, something to celebrate wildly? Perhaps a narrow defeat leaving all to play for in the second leg?

Expectations in the classier side of North London are so low after our current run of form that it really is anybody's guess as to the outcome.

Raging Bull – Gattuso Promises Arsenal an Ugly Night

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Gennaro Gattuso was born in Corigliano Calabro a picturesque but relatively poor town in Calabria, Southern Italy. He's married to a Scottish woman of Italian descent (an explosive combination if ever there was one) and his reputation of being a man with a short fuse has added fuel to the fire of their tempestuous relationship.

Arsenal Supporters – disillusioned or pathetic?

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How things have changed? This is a post from dandan, our much missed and respected blogger, dated 27th January 2012. Over six years old, yet it still resonates in an up-to-the-minute way with the current profusion of 'fans' who monetise Arsenal failure. Take it away, big man.

Witch hunts, apathy, delusion and greed, all pathetically wrapped up in an unshakable belief in a divine right to win.

Tumbling into the Void – Brighton Player Ratings

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Well, if that performance was the result of crisis meetings and players being asked by their children why the team is so poor, then there really is very little hope.

First Half

How is it possible that Petr Cech at 6'5″ and with the advantage of being able to use his arms cannot get to a ball above an opponent's head?