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Brazil 2014 Poster Released

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The World Cup in Brazil is sneaking up rapidly only 17 months until the country goes bananas for the Selecao, and 18 until they riot when someone else wins it all. Today, they released the official poster and logo, which is a design spaced such that it creates a white Brazil in the center.

Sadly, no photo of Neymar, as personally requested by Pele.

Raymond Domenech: All Alone With A Pen

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The inevitable has happened: Raymond Domenech's written a book. It's called All Alone (Tout Seul) and it appears to have a heavy focus, if it's not entirely centered upon, the French World Cup 2010 fiasco. And in typical Domenech fashion, it's been done with drama, controversy and throwing absolutely everyone in the vicinity underneath the bus.

Photo: And The Sun Goes Down

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While much of the world is partaking in meaningless friendlies, some World Cup Qualifiers are happening, such as the one between Oman and Japan. This shot of some "spectators" atop the stadium in Muscat makes it all worth it.

France’s Whistle Blowing Fortune

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Interesting footage to come out of Spain today: that big Olivier Giroud goal which saw Les Bleus net a colossal draw against the Milky Way Champeens? Almost didn't happen. With three minutes of added time, it appeared the referee was getting ready to bring the whistle to his mouth to call an end to proceedings, granting the three points to Spain.

Olivier Giroud Knows Drama

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The biggest game of the evening, arguably the biggest of all European World Cup qualifying, was Spain versus France. The European World Champions of the Milky Way, Spain, were hosting, thus a victory seemed a solid bet. At 1-0 in the 88th, Karim Benzema came off for Olivier Giroud. And with mere seconds on the clock, drama happened.

The Swedes Take Berlin (Well, Half)

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At...some point in the game, that photo happened. The two political big wigs of Germany and Sweden respectively German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Prime Minister of Sweden, John Fredrik Reinfeldt give an accurate description of what was happening: a 4-0 German lead. And then Zlatan happened in the 62nd minute

And then everyone else joined in the party for the comeback of all comebacks and in Berlin, too.

Selecting A Name For World Cup 2014’s Official Armadillo

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The potential names for the Official Armadillo of World Cup 2014 have been announced. Unless you speak Portuguese, you'll be voting on which one is the most fun to say clearly it's Amujibi. And so it shall be. Though Brazilians seem rather unhappy with their pu pu platter of potential monikers.

FIFA says the three names Amujibi, Fuleco and Zuzeco come from a mix of Brazilian words that represent friendliness, joy and ecology.

Brazil Releases World Cup 2014 Mascot

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And it's stalking Ronaldo. (No, it's not Ronaldo.) It's an armadillo: FIFA said the mascot, unveiled by former Brazil striker Ronaldo during a television programme late on Sunday, represented the three-banded armadillo, an endangered species indigenous to Brazil.

No need for commentary on FIFA choosing an armored animal as mascot.

15 Nations Fall: The Crests Of Euro 2012

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This is way late to the party, what with Euro 2012 being over near two months and all, but better late than never and all that nonsense. Some wonderful illustrations from "Lee" on the inevitability of any major tournament, compiled into one poster. A few examples of the individual countries tumbling can be seen here.

Naming The 2014 World Cup Ball

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In a move of ingenious foresight, adidas has handed over the task of naming the ball for the 2014 World Cup to the fans, so that when everyone complains that its flight is dictated by voodoo, they can just say, "Well you chose it." Even if they only chose the name. And then everyone will stand around in silence because the company is just plain crazy.

Match-Fixing 2010: He Said, She Said

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Alarming news coming out today: something involving FIFA might be corrupt. Tis true.

A former security official for FIFA has said that the game between Greece and Nigeria at the 2010 World Cup was, at least at one point, under investigation for match-fixing, which would be the first World Cup fixture ever.

Alex Morgan’s Knee Joins The Olympics

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They say one must be bonkers to be a keeper. Jens Lehmann is indisputable proof that it at least helps. Aleex Morgan's knee does nothing to dissuade this line of thinking.

New Zealand's keeper is Jenny Bindon. You can send her flowers and aspirin. Heavy emphasis on the latter.

Euro 2012 Twitter In Pretty Colors

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Because that's what it's all about: pretty colors. (Or just colors.)

The visual data representation of the #euro2012 hashtag during...wait for it...Euro 2012. Sadly, not enough individual focus on Andres Iniesta.

[Link - with more pretty colors.]

Spain Wins More Silver Stuff

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Just stop it already.

All it took was one, that damn Fernando Torres goal way back in 2008, and now Spain can't stop winning. Everything. After Iniesta & Co. took home their third senior trophy on the trot, the u19 squad casually won the European title with a 1-0 victory over the poor Greeks, who had to know the ending before the chapter had even begun.

Your Token Euro 2012 Wrap Video

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Because what is the internet without well-done mashes of major tournament highlights set to poppy sountracks with slo-mo focus and a light layer of editing?