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March 30, 2013 10:01 UTC
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The End of the Road for PUT

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It's with a mixture of sadness, gratitude, and excitement for the future's unmapped possibilities that we announce the end of the cherished online institution otherwise known as Philly Union Talk. To everyone who's read, enjoyed (or not) andembraced (or despised)our unique collection of unsourced news, uninformed analyses, unsolicited opinions, and unmitigated gallover the last three years, thank you- for your readership, your input, your support and your criticisms, constructive and otherwise.

USMNT: Notes from Red, White & Blue Hell

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Full post game analysis will follow, but a few quick thoughts on the Yanks 3-1 win over Guatemala This roster did what it was built to do. If there's one thing Jürgen Klinsmann has shown a talent for, it's tailoring his roster to his opponents. This roster was built to power over and through packed defenses, and it did just that.

USMNT: Back to School

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What did you do on your summer vacation? Die Klinsmannschaft took a break from their World Cup Qualifying campaign to play an international friendly south of the border, where a rag-tag C+ squad became the first American side to record a win in Mexico. Beats a trip to the beach. Now that summer's over, its time to get back to business.

USMNT: The Good German Part 5 – Wohin Gehen Wir?

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"Until then the door is open." At the end of this week Jürgen Klinsmann will announce the 23 players he has called in for the September qualifiers, a home and away set against the Reggae Boys of Jamaica. These two matches against one of the strongest of the second tier teams in CONCACAF present the Americans with a chance to punch their ticket for the next round of qualifying, the Hex, and could bring.

USMNT: The Good German Part 4 – The Adversary, The Gap & The Breach

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"There is a gap. It would be foolish not to recognize that." Jürgen Klinsmann was not hired to beat Mexico. The US had been regularly beating Mexico since 2002. To the extent he was haired to beat anyone; it was the major powers of Europe and South America that were to be his targets. The US didn't even need to beat Mexico to qualify for the World Cup, and that was the prize Klinsmann wanted.

USMNT: The Good German Part 3 – Everybody into the Pool

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"If the young players are better, they are going to play." In his 12 months in charge of the US National Team, Jurgen Klinsmann called up 53 players over the course of 16 games. They represented teams in the US, England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Italy & the Turkish 3rd division.

USMNT: The Good German Part 2 – Scratching Records

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"We can now concentrate completely on the football." Jurgen Klinsmann's introduction to the USMNT was simultaneously long in coming and unexpectedly sudden. He was faced with his first match at the helm of the Yankee clipper a mere ten days after being hired, and his thrown-together side managed to eke out a draw with Mexico.

USMNT: The Good German

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A little over a year ago, the US Men's National Team took the pitch against Mexico at Lincoln Financial Field. Only a month earlier the two sides had met on the other side of the continent, at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the Gold Cup final. Mexico had stormed back from two down at the half, capturing the regional championship and thoroughly trouncing Bob Bradley's World Cup veterans.

In Our Lifetime: Mexico 0 – 1 USMNT

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"If it be now, 'tis not to come; if it be not to come, it will be now; if it be not now, yet it will come: the readiness is all." – Hamlet, Vii It was an article of faith. There's really no better term for it. One day it would happen. Not might, not could, would. It had been so close before; in 1997 when Dooley hit the crossbar, in 2009 when an early.

Pregaming: USMNT vs Mexico

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"Es Mas Facil Ganar en Mexico." – Landon Donovan Ladies and Gentlemen, we may well be living in the early days of the Golden Age of Mexican Soccer. El Tri hold every Men's regional title, are Olympic gold medalists, and are headed to the 2013 Confederations Cup.   The fact that they've achieved this with an almost entirely homegrown player pool following a decade of American dominance, and in the midst of a near civil war,.

USMNT: Gordon’s Alive?!

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When Jürgen Klinsmann named his 22 man roster at 3:45 pm on Sunday, there were legitimate questions about its makeup. The majority of the US soccer media had predicted Klinsmann would call in a borderline A squad, and press for a first American win at Azteca. Instead he shocked the bloggerati with a low B squad drawn almost entirely from MLS and the Mexican Primera.

USMNT: Recruiting for a Punitive Expedition

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This has gone on long enough. Mexico has been in the ascendant in CONCACAF for over a year now. After a generation of US dominance, Mexico currently holds the regional championship in every age level, from the Gold Cup to the U-17 World Cup, and by the end of this week they may be Olympic Gold Medalists as well.

Tabernac: Impact 2 – 0 Union

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In 1775 a detachment of the Continental Army set out from Philadelphia and marched north, intent on conquering the Province of Quebec.  The invasion looked promising, but fell apart when one of the expedition leaders was struck in the head, and his second in command killed attempting to rescue him.

Where Men Can’t, Women Just Might

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As Americans, we pride ourselves on many things – especially those things which are men's sport-related. Football? Self-explanatory; we're beast. Basketball? There's not a team one could put together on the planet that could touch our players. Baseball? We certainly have the highest-paid, most popular athletes.

As Seen on TV: Union 2 – 1 Revolution

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Coming off a contentious loss to the Red Bulls in North Jersey and trade rumors swirling around their most expensive / least effective player, the Union took the field for the first match of  a stretch run where they need to average almost two points a game to have a hope of making the playoffs. There were some here at the PUT Worldwide Offices who felt the Union made a mistake last year when,.