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March 23, 2018 12:01 UTC
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Role Reversal

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Happy New Year Everyone!
Sadly, for Real Madrid, the mid-point of the 2017-2018 season... the beginning of 2018 hasn't been a happy one. I am honestly sick and tired of all the ‘celebrating' over what a great calendar year 2017 has been for Real Madrid. This is football people - and in football, we measure time by ‘seasons', not by calendar year.

Opening Salvo (Deportivo La Coruna 0 – Real Madrid 3)

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Another La Liga Season, another Sergio Ramos double-yellow = Red Card. What is up with El Capitan? Is he operating with the mindset of "If I don't score a goal that wins us a trophy, then I must find a way to get myself sent off"? . Kidding aside, last night, Real Madrid put in a commanding performance to kick start the La Liga campaign with the comfortable 0-3 demolition of Pepe Mel's pretty good Deportivo La Coruna.

Dominance (Real Madrid 2 - Barcelona 0)

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How can I be paying obscene amounts of money for 2 cable TV subscriptions (the only 2 available in Singapore) and still NOT be able to watch an El Clasico Supercup on TV? Oh yeah, now I remember, because I live in a country that thinks Paul Pogba is the best CM in the world after performing well against Mark Noble and Pedro Obiang, nevermind that he got abused by Luka Modric and Toni Kroos a couple of days before that.

Football Gets in the Way (Barcelona 1 – Real Madrid 3)

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Bow down to the Master! All hail Cristiano Ronaldo!
It's been way too long since I've blogged about Real Madrid. Heck, we've won a La Liga title and another Champions League title since I last posted here.

When the Solution to the Weakness becomes the Weakness too (Espanyol 0 - Real Madrid 2)

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2 games. 2 victories. 2 UN-convincing victories. La Liga League Leaders nonetheless. . It is true though that some consideration must be placed on the fact that the BBC isn't fit. Ronaldo clearly isn't at his best yet. Despite missing Euro 2016, Benzema isn't 100% either and now, Bale has joined the party in the infirmary too.

Merengue Bites - The Undecima Edition.

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Rahul was too drunk celebrating . But Kaushik, Ryan and I still managed to have a 'celebratory discussion' about that beautiful night in Milan.
The podcast can also be listened to / downloaded here:

Deserve (Real Madrid 1 - Atletico Madrid 1, Real Madrid win on Penalties)

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Seriously: Does Any Club do Title Celebrations better than Real Madrid?
I'm still in shock. Did we really just win our 11th European Cup? Yes we did... and judging from the images of the team's celebrations, I'd say that no one celebrates titles like Real Madrid too.

Merengue Bites: Happy Bridesmaids

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It was only 2nd place in La Liga for us - but a great run nonetheless for Zidane and the boys as they recovered from the Rafa regime. Ryan, Rahul and I also talked about our chances vs. Atleti in the UCL Final

The Podcast can also be streamed / downloaded here:

Merengue Bites: A May Day Comeback

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Long Time, No Talk. I even forgot the name of the podcast before recording. But here we are after a long time.
We talked about the suddenly-available possibilities of end-of-season trophies and what we'd like to see happen beyond.

Warm-Up (Real Madrid 4 - Sevilla 0)

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Keylor Navas was brilliant AGAIN last night for us.
. Applause is in order for Real Madrid last night. Nevermind that we faced Sevilla at home (who are terrible on the road) - we were always the favorites to win anyway.

Andalusian Blues (Malaga 1 - Real Madrid 1)

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The Eraserheads: Andalusian Dog
. I thought I'd start with that with a semi-obscure song (to their casual fans) from the Eraserheads (a legendary rock band from the Philippines I worship), Andalusian Dog - given that trips to Andalusia have constantly been giving Real Madrid fits of trouble.

Levelling Up (AS Roma 0 - Real Madrid 2)

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The match's key events as they happened. Info Graphic is thanks to

Not long after this (early) morning's (3:45am) viewing of Real Madrid's 0-2 victory at the Stadio Olimpico over Roma, I began reading reports and commentaries of the match.

Merengue Bites Podcast: 2015-2016: Episode 3.

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New Manager. New Optimism / Enthusiasm. It was a full crew as Ryan, Kaushik, Rahul and myself decided there was enough of a feel-good vibe within the club for us to get together to talk Real Madrid once again. . The Podcast can also be downloaded / streamed here:

Sifting Through the Rubble (Real Madrid 0 - Barcelona 4)

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It was hard to openly admit it coming into the match, but I have to now confess heading into this game that I truly believed we would lose last night's clasico. That we would be humiliated in the manner that we were however, was a totally different matter.
. Prior to last Saturday's clasico, Barcelona have been flying.

A Tribute to an Artist

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I recently had the privilege of 'meeting' an unbelievably talented artist by the name of Karl Maxwell.
Get this: he HAND DRAWS these amazing works of football-inspired art. He recently sent me this beautiful Real Madrid piece which took him 500 - FIVE HUNDRED HOURS to do. All his work is hand drawn, numbered and signed.