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April 28, 2014 05:01 UTC
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Will Paddy be back?

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It has been reported to me that the famous blogger Paddy lost his footing while trying to live on the bald-headed manager Stale Solbakken. He is now a convalescent but may yet rise up from the dead and start to report about his great love Wolverhampton Wanderers again. It is no way to say when [...]

We´re on our way

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As I said in my analysis a couple of weeks agothis Wolves team own the potential to climb right back up to the Premier League. The defeat by six goals to Chelsea doesn't change my estimation of the team a bit. Why not so? Well, there are many reasons to that. Firstly, we played the [...]

Time to settle down and do some magic

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The transfer window has been shut and there has been no major signing in the last minute, as was rumoured among fans. Fletch, Jarvo and Kights are gone but no less than seven new players have been signed. Now its high time to get some togetherness to build a team, but that will have to [...]

Don’t sell our best players, Mr Moxey! (clips)

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Pre season is drawing to a close and many things are undecided still about the team. It's not a good start to the season when nobody knows if we are able to keep our star players Fletcher and Jarvis and popular power house Kightly. With those three in the team Wolves will stand a greater [...]

Pre Season Thoughts

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It was no surprise to me that Wolves decided to put Sam Vokes out for sale and sold Adlène Guédioura to Forest. Let's face it. Vokes looked like a future star striker when he first came to us from Bournemouth, but he could not fulfill that first promise and will not be able to compete [...]

Is The Season Over Yet?

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Hey folks! Is the season over yet? TC must have taken some treatment against fleas, cause I was knocked out already in March after the Bolton game and didn't come to my senses til recently. To be a flea or a bee is no way easy or free, believe me! Nobody supporting Wolves had a [...]

Probable Lineups: Wolves v Bolton

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This is it! No more excuses! We are Wolves and this time it's about sink or swim and we are fu**ing swimming today or we go down! I did not watch last game live so I did not want to relate my thoughts about it to you. We lost but I believe it was a [...]

Analysis & Ratings: Wolves v Manchester United

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I really hate this! It's like it comes true when I write the analysis and ratings down and is still undecided before I do. Silly, I know, after all it's been days since the game and a new is coming up soon. No surprise that we lost to the magnificent league leaders, of course. We [...]

Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Manchester United

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Manchester United has no weaknesses, says our manager Terry Connor, but how come then do they get beaten twice by a middle of the league team like Athletic Bilbao? When reading about the Basque team, ran by former Argentina and Chile coach Bielsa, I noticed this statement from him: "Our simple ethos is this: we try [.

Analysis & Ratings: Wolves v Blackburn

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The first anger after the game have given way for the usual disappointment and despair. It's not a good idea to write abut the game when still upset and angry, even if it's probably more interesting to read, because your senses gets distorted by the sentiment in action. Yesterday I wouldn't be able to write [.

Comments & Probable Team Lineups: Wolves v Blackburn

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Heard that a team that called themselves Wolves played a game at a cottage in the London area, probably in the Sunday league. They even wore a black and old gold outfit. I know, I know, I know. A few day  later their captain was fined for coming drunk to a training. I say sue [...]

Probable Team Lineups: Fulham FC v Wolves

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Another hard one for sure, but we  managed to bring a point home from one of the best teams on their home ground last weekend, so why not? We're on a role when it comes to matches away so let's role on! The team by the Thames are always a hard match at home, but [...]

Analysis & Ratings: Newcastle v Wolves

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Don't know if it was my move from the head of hair of Mick to TC or something else, but I got a rather nasty flu that's hindered me from thinking straight for some days now. The first match in the reign of Terry Connor at Wolves was not too different from many games this [...]

Probable Team Lineups & TC: Newcastle v Wolves

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A familiar face? It should be or it will become. Terry Connor has been employed in Wolves for thirteen  years now under four different managers. At first as reserves coach, later in the capacity as coach and assistant manager to the first team. He has gone the long way to become the manager of Wolves [.

Recruitment madness

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What's up? Just who will win the race for the next Wolves manager? Please tell me, mr Flea! That's what I get wherever I jump nowadays. If you believe Daily Mail both Bruce and Curbishley has said thanks, but no thanks to a thirteen week appointment. Well. They are well-informed! Have they got a bug [.