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September 12, 2012 03:39 UTC
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SPAIN!!! 2010 World Cup Winners!!!

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Spain has won the 2010 World Cup for the first time!!! They were considered one of the favorites before the tournament started, and unlike Brazil, they were able to get the job done. Spain didn't play the best soccer in the tournament, that would have to be Germany, but they were the most efficient.

And then there were 4!

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The Semi-finals of the World Cup are set! Uruguay will play The Netherlands while Germany will face Spain. If you ask me, I don't see anything wrong with these 4 nations reaching the semis. Spain hasn't played up to their potential, but they keep improving with each game. Uruguay was very lucky against Ghana, but they've been playing well.

Anelka sent home...Players protest!

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 Things just keeps getting worse for France. The team isn't playing well at all and they need a win by at least 4 goals against South Africa and a loss from Mexico in order to advance to the next round. Given the situation they're in, I'm pretty sure French players have already packed for a return home.

2010 World Cup Recap - Group Stage Round 1

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() - My predictions South Africa 1 x 1 Mexico (1x1) Opening game of the tournament and both teams were a bit timid. South Africa scored first on a counter-attack, but Mexico tied the game on a defensive mistake by South Africa. Neither team showed they're a threat. France 0 x 0 Uruguay (1x1) Embarrasing game for both teams.

Mourinho to coach Real Madrid!!!

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They finally get a coach that might be able to turn things around!!! Real Madrid signed Jose Mourinho to coach the club for the next 4 years at 10 million Euros per season. Many names were thrown out as a possible replacement to Manuel Pellegrini, but only Mourinho was able to go in the Nou Camp and shut down Barcelona.

David Villa to Barcelona!!!

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 I knew there was a reason no one took the #7 jersey. Something tells me this transfer was a done deal since last year. Once again, Barcelona beat Real Madrid. It was said last year that David Villa was very close to signing with Madrid, but as it turns out, Barcelona was the club Villa wanted to play for all along.

Sad ending to a great career

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If you haven't seen this play yet, take a look at what Francesco Totti did to Mario Balotelli on the Italian Cup Final. Totally unacceptable for any player, and this looks even worse coming from a player of Totti's caliber. He was given a much deserved red card and he should also be suspended for a few games in my opinion.

Real Madrid can rest in peace!

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Inter Milan knocked Barcelona out of the Champions League, so Real Madrid's rivals won't have a chance to celebrate another Champions League win at the Bernabeu. Franck de Bleeckere has got to be the worst referee I've ever seen in my live! FIFA should revoke his FIFA Referee badge immediately! He gave Thiago Motta a direct red card for "caressing" Sergio Busquets face, and even with a yellow

Joga Bonito!!!

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He still got it!!! Roberto Carlos scored this goal with Corithians against Santo Andre from a pass by Ronaldo (the real one!) Beat that Cristiano Ronaldo...hahaha!!! Also, watch this goal from Baiano, currently playing for Paulista If you don't have GolTV or Fox Sports en Español, I highly recommend you get it so you don't miss out on all the Joga Bonito from the Brazilian Leagues!

Beckham...Out of the World Cup!!!

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David Beckham will be sidelined from 4 to 6 months after tearing his left Achilles's tendon in AC Milan's win over Chievo this past Sunday. This means that Beckham, 34, won't be playing for England this summer in the World Cup at South Africa. He was trying to become the first English player to play in 4 World Cups.


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Not as bad as losing to a 3rd division club, but very close when you take everything into consideration. Real Madrid is out of the running for another title, and you can bet that it's all downhill from here. Madrid tied 1x1 with Lyon last week and have been eliminated (aggregate goals 1x2 for Lyon) from the Champions League again in the knockout stages.

For Sale!!!

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Everyone player must go!!! Juventus is planning to transfer many, if not all, of their star players in an effort to rebuild a team that has been slumping for quite some time now. It appears that players like Felipe Melo, Amauri, Trezeguet, Fabio Cannavaro, Fabio Grosso, Tiago, Cristian Molinaro, and even Mauro Camoranesi are all in line to be transferred over the Summer.