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September 12, 2012 03:40 UTC
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Comparing the Squads; Big 4 and Man City

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In response to my esteemed colleague Sam Beans claim that United and City were going to be fighting it out for third and fourth respectively, leaving Liverpool conspicuously out of the picture, I wanted to remind everybody that at this moment, we have more points in our first five (9) than United had last year in their first five (8).

Champions League Preview

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With the Champions League beginning today I thought it would be a good idea to handicap the groups.

Should Go Through: Juventus and Bayern Munchen
Clearly the top two teams in the group and two of the larger clubs in Europe. While neither team has a cake walk to the second round, both should progress without too much difficulty.

Liverpool/Burnley Recap

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FT: Liverpool 4 Burnley 0

The above scoreline will be a wonderful sight to all Liverpool fans. Yossi scored three times and Dirk had one as Liverpool cruise to a comfortable victory. Benayoun was terrific throughout, as were Dirk, Riera, Gerrard and Lucas. Liverpool took some time getting into the game, but after about 20 minutes, completely controlled the game and never really looked in danger.

International Break Finally Over

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International breaks are like the plot of a Steven Segal movie, they're necessary and provide a little something but you really just want to hurry through it and get to the action. Players can get injured and most of the time they're just pointless friendlies. However, this international break did provide more intrigue than most.

Thoughts on the USA vs Trinidad Lineup.

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Finally the day is here, USA vs Trinidad. Big game for the USA, they need to win to help them finish in the top three so they won't have to play a play in match vs maybe Argentina. Here is the lineup;






Big suprises here is Clark partnering Bradley Jr.

Chelsea's spending spree cut short

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250 million pounds.
Taste it.
Swish it around in your mouth for a moment.

Now spit it out because that's roughly the amount of money that Chelsea F.C, have spent on buying players since 2004. Now, the team that has become synonymous with major spending, at least before Real Madrid's summer spending spree, is banned from buying anybody for the next two transfer windows.


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This fall Sam Bean will be traveling to Europe to go to pubs, party, have Eurotrip like experiences, and, most of all, attend as many football matches as possible. As part of this trip I will post regularly about the games I attend and anything else that might be interesting. My first game will probably be September 26, Fulham vs.

Arsenal vs. Man Utd. - Post Game Man Utd. Thoughts

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The Positives: Man utd. won the game. How exactly? I have no freaking clue. They were outclassed and outplayed. They held possession of the ball at times but did absolutely nothing going forward with it most of the time. They simply lacked the creativity to break down the Arsenal defense. Yet they won.

Arsenal vs. Man utd. - post game thoughts about Arsenal

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Sam Bean checking in for my first post. I'm the resident Arsenal fan and well that puts me in not the best mood today.

We completely dominated Manure today only to find a way to lose. In a game that saw us without our captain and midfield maestro, Cesc Fabregas, we still managed to control the game pretty much from start to finish.

Liverpool vs Bolton recap

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Liverpool came from behind twice to be 3-2 victors in what was a extremely ugly game, made all the more ugly by my inability to find a good English online stream for the game. Every time I got a working stream it was soon shut down by whoever polices the Internet (i blame it's creator, Al Gore).

US MNT thoughts

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After what was a very successful summer, the MNT is back for two important WCQ. I wanted to talk about the starting XI I would like to see for the qualifiers. It features Tim Howard in goal, a standout for Everton and the USMNT alike for some time now. Howard is a legend, and has to be one of the top 5 keepers in the world, his selection is a no-doubter.

Liverpool vs Bolton

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This is Colin Britton here, resident Liverpool fan. Tomorrow the Red's will travel to the Reebok stadium to take on Bolton Wanderers. First off, the Red's obviously have not had the best of starts to the season, losing two of their first three, to Spurs and Villa, with a good victory at Stoke sandwiched between.


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This is the official first post for the new blog, Footie in the USA. The blog will be run and penned by Colin Britton and Sam Bean. We will feature regular posts pertaining to soccer (or football), focusing on the English Premier League and the US Men's National Team. Stay tuned for more posts from both of the two authors.