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Interesting Research Paper Topics

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Quaint writers, college mentors, and grammar wonks generally used a red pencil to make up writerly efforts, sometimes returning these files with enough notations, groups, and arrows to produce comprehension the alterations as tough as directing the roads of Hong Kong for your very first time. The Monitor Improvements element in Excel 2013 and Word [.

Howto Write a Research Report

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Once you website ready to go or have got your internet site you'll need to start thinking about your advertising. You will find lots of items to take into intellect without initially planning your course out before getting ahead. Determine the audience to want to goal, the way you will target them, howmuch have you [.

Just how to Compose An Investigation Report

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Occasionally, an individual who has borrowed financing is not able to repay the mentioned amount within the stipulated time and goes the danger of the default. At times, a client greatly can be benefited by discussing together with collector or the lender. Renegotiate or to be able to bargain even the charge of even the [.

Newcastle United, Mike Ashley and eternal recurrence

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Let us think this thought in its most terrible form: existence as it is, without meaning or aim, and yet recurring inevitably, without any finale in nothingness: "eternal recurrence." Friedrich Nietzsche The Will to Power I quoted the great proto-existentialist philosopher there because it seems such a perfect summary of all that Mike Ashley [.

Newcastle United’s two forgotten players

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In the misery and inertia of Mike Ashley's Newcastle United, it is good to try and look for the flowers in the cracks of the concrete from time to time to keep oneself sane. With this in mind, I could have written about younger players like Ayoze Perez, Rolando Aarons etc but then I thought [...]

The truth of the Patrick Vieira and Steve McClaren to Newcastle stories

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I couldn't help feeling there was something odd about the story of Patrick Vieira coming to Newcastle, as there is about most unsubstantiated football stories. Some fans seemed to believe it though, even embroidering it further to their own tastes as it gathered a momentum of its own in a few short days.

Newcastle United 2014 full accounts statement

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Before I begin, my apologies for not posting these earlier, as I usually do shortly after the accounts are made public. Better late than never though as I still can't find any other copies of the statement itself elsewhere, though there is a very extensive analysis of the latest accounts on the very good Swiss [.

Why Carver’s Newcastle is the worst Newcastle team in the Premier League ever

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Of course, if you are a Newcastle United fan, you cannot fail to have noticed the huge dip in form under John Carver, which has been so bad it could still see the Magpies relegated for the second time in six seasons after their final game against West Ham tomorrow. But how bad has it [...]

Will John Carver be told who to play at Newcastle United?

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By his own admission, Rangers' current caretaker head coach, Kenny McDowall, has been told not only that he has no say in the players they sign, but also that he will only have a limited input into team selection too. According to McDowall himself, he has been ordered by Mike Ashley and his henchman at [.

Why Ashley leaving Toon for the Champions League with Rangers is nonsense

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With Mike Ashley's recent attempts to take over at Rangers, and specifically his problems with the Scottish FA for having an interest in both clubs, it has often been said recently that Mike Ashley would be willing to leave Newcastle United so he can take over Rangers completely. There have been several hypotheses put forward [.

Newcastle United and one of the greatest blunders in football history

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There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune; Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures. Said [...]

Don’t judge Pardew on 10 games, judge him on 176

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"Judge me on ten games" pleaded Alan Pardew as media and fans alike called for his silver head. It was only a matter of weeks ago, but it seems like a far away memory now. Indeed, it has only taken half that many games to take Alan Pardew from the mire to the sunlit uplands [...]

How Alan Pardew’s return to route one is saving Newcastle United’s season

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You don't even have to be a Newcastle United fan to notice that Alan Pardew and Newcastle United have done very well in their last four games, all wins with three against top sides Tottenham, Manchester City and Liverpool. Credit where credit is due, Pardew and the team have gone some way at least to [.

Bashing the Bishop: Newcastle United, Derek Llambias and the Z-list PR guru

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Most Newcastle United fans are now familiar with the sight of Newcastle United's so called PR consultant, Keith Bishop, who seems to have become a permanent figure at the right hand side of Mike Ashley. But who is he? And how did Keith Bishop PR get the job despite being a small celebrity PR company [.

Is Ashley planning Pozzo style selling club network at Newcastle, Rangers and Oldham?

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Is Mike Ashley using Giampaolo Pozzo's selling club network of Udinese, Granada and Watford as a model for Newcastle United, Rangers and Oldham? To begin at the beginning though, let's take a brief stroll down memory lane. In the aftermath of Kevin Keegan's acrimonious departure from Newcastle United in 2008, an under fire Mike Ashley [.