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October 11, 2013 10:42 UTC
July 31, 2009 12:28 UTC

Outplayed is acceptable, being outfought isn’t

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Feb 13th:

It is quite conceivable that two poor performances in the next week could land us on the brink of a Champions League exit and out of the only trophy we have a real chance of winning, the FA Cup.

Well here we are. We face an almost impossible task at the Emirates against Milan and lost on the road to Sunderland in the FA Cup.

It’s crunch time & bidding farewell to The King pt.2

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So often the fate of a season comes down to a run of three or four games, slip up during this period and you can undo months of hard work, look at last season for example in all four competitions, doing well, a couple of bad results later we are left with bugger all.

We have six absolutely huge games coming up.

A turbulent month

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The first two months of the season were awful, the atmosphere was angry, unsettled and going to watch the team wasn't at all pleasant. The atmosphere eased after a good run of results, putting us well back into contention for the Champions League places.

A new year run that has yet to see us win in the league has heralded the return of that atmosphere, a portion of the fanbase have been very forward with their views on the manager and a few of the players an injury crisis has not helped matters either all in all, being an Arsenal fan in the past few weeks has not been the most pleasant of experiences.

The King is back, and we sure as hell need him

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When Arsenal posted a very emotional message on their website to fans after the departure of our then captain and talisman people wondered how we would replace him and if we would even get into the top four in the coming season. Now, in January 2012, he is coming back. Does he still have the speed?

The league should be the priority right now

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Winning is a habit, however, occasionally competitions have to be prioritised and anyone slating the team selection for the Olympiacos game needs to understand that.

Football is down to money, and whilst the Champions League may bring in more money than the majority of football clubs could ever dream of having, one away tie with the group already won can afford to be treated as an insignificant game.

Arsenal looking at Rosicky replacements

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Over the past few months Arsenal scouts have been looking at many players creative midfielders in particular. It is well known that the club are keen on Mario Goetze with scouts making regular visits to see him in action, he will get no better chance to impress than next week against Arsenal at the Emirates.

Racism still exists, face it and fix it.

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Racism in football has never, and will never, be eradicated.

As social culture has changed, racism in society has become so much rarer, and where it does exist the views are expressed much more privately meaning the rest of society can get on with their lives without having to listen to such pig-ignorant and historic views.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Early Days

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The young Arsenal star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain discusses his rapid rise to fame from a very early age, with FATV's early days. A summer signing, the creative midfielder has impressed in the Carling Cup and will certainly offer a selection headache for Arsenal's tough upcoming clash against Manchester City In the Carling Cup semi finals.

The Arsenal rediscover their identity

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The past two weeks have been very, very good for us. First of all the brilliant game against Chelsea will live long in the memory, it made people sit up and take notice of us again and most of all take notice of our captain currently one of the best best players in the world and probably the very best out and out striker.

Why tomorrow’s game is not a must win

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'You can't win them all' is a saying that has applied to every Premier League team, barring the Invincible's.

Tomorrow we face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge and ever since they have had their millions billions pumped in the fixture has become one of the biggest in our season, not only that, there are bragging rights at stake, especially against their fans who don't realise their club wasn't founded in the past decade.

Chelsea game represents a turning point in the season

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It has been a rough old season but recently things seem to be smoothing out. Seven wins in eight and sitting top of our Champions League group shows that the tide may just be starting to turn, momentum has been gathered ready for the clash with a wounded Chelsea next Saturday lunchtime.

Of course, the failings of this current Arsenal side are still there but as a team, the quality of football is far higher than it was just a few weeks ago.

I’m back…

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A busy schedule has meant that it has been pretty tricky to post my thoughts with any regularity but, fingers crossed, I will be able to write a little more often over the next few weeks.

Thoughts on the previous few games tomorrow. Needless to say that things are starting to look up, thankfully.

Jack Wilshere is a beacon of light in English football

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Pretty much all footballers have some sort of charity commitments to fulfill, these days its stipulated in their playing contract, it is no different for Jack Wilshere but this goes way up and beyond what you would expect of a footballer.

Jack Marshall is a little kid with a brain tumour, looking in from outside Jack has formed a very close bond with a child who is basically dying in-front of him.

We are the T*ttenham haters…

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The last few meetings with Sp*rs in the league have not been events to write home about. In a nutshell, we have epitomised the phrase 'self-destruct' in most of them.

However, whilst I understand a lot of the pundits placing their money on a Spurs win today because of our poor start to the season and T*ttenham getting a few wins under their belts, they seem to forget they have done this a fair few times before.

Sacking Wenger isn’t the answer

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Another game and another defeat, a common running theme running from February/March time.

Over the past few years we have endured many peaks and troughs, this one though is very worrying indeed. There have been questions asked of Wenger from sections of the support for a couple of years now, longer in some cases, but right now they are being asked genuinely and seriously his sacking is being touted as one of the main cures for this horrible run we are currently on.