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Post Game Recovery for Football Players

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Written By Lisa Grimes
Football is a uniquely demanding sport which requires agility, power and endurance. Most players will often find it relatively easy to keep the pace up in the first half of a match, only to find that depleted glycogen levels in their muscles seriously wrest from their stamina in the second half.

Pre-match Nutrition for the Modern Footballer

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By Lisa Grimes The game of football has changed. Some would say for better, while others would say for worse, but one aspect that has changed possibly more than any other is the importance placed on player nutrition ahead of match days. Long-gone are the days when top-flight players would celebrate mid-week victories with a massive drinking session.

How Nutritional Diets Prolong Footballer's Careers

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Written by Lisa Grimes
With the huge stresses and strains facing the modern-day footballer, it is more important now than ever before to maintain physical fitness. TV schedules and soaring business involved in football has meant more and more games are being played each season. The effect of which is that elite players are becoming more susceptible to injuries, both short-term and long-term.

Sammy Ameobi Wows On Europa League Debut

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Have a look at this brilliant video titled the Golden Age of Passing, highlighting the best passes made during Match Day 3 of the Europa League. Particularly interesting was the deft touches made by Sammy Ameobi who had a stellar performance against Club Brugge.

Ameobi's performance did not go unnoticed as Pardew envisioned a big future for Shola's younger brother.

Top Passing Players Of Europa League Match Day 3

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Chiek Tiote is the top passing player on Match Day 3 of the Europa League. Newcastle won 1-0 against Club Brugge. Pavel Horvath is still doing the business at the age of 37. How would they fare on Match Day 4?

Western Union unveils new education initiative around UEFA Europa League to deliver one million schooldays where they will turn every pass completed in the Europa League into funding to provide one day's education to young people around the world.

UEFA Europa League Match Day 3 Total Passes

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A nice way to get excited over the upcoming Anzhi Makhachkala v. Liverpool Europa League match tonight, eh? Can the Reds' second stringers show resolve and determination against a strong Anzhi side? The Reds outpassed the millionaire Russians at Anfield, will it be the same at the Khazar Stadium?

Andy Carroll Back To Being "The Beast"

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At Liverpool, Andy Carroll had to adapt his playing style. Then again, at Newcastle, Dalglish had been favoring a classic no. 9 already so the signing of Carroll for Liverpool should not surprise many last year. What was more disappointing was the lack of service for Carroll especially when Dalglish also bought Downing and Enrique to lay bombs on Carroll's head.

Amazing Raheem Sterling Should Have Won Derby For Liverpool

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What an utterly breathtaking game between Liverpool and Everton over the weekend! Without the usual red cards and farcical refereeing decisions, it was refreshing to watch a Derby Day match where football actually took center stage.
Pundits are arguing that there was little technical quality in the game, but it did not matter one bit to me.

Passes Completed On UEFA Europa League Match Day 2

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Player Evolution To Top Passers In Liverpool

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Liverpool Evolving Into A Top Passing Side In Europe

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Top Reasons Soccer is Amazing

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Soccer is not only the most popular sport in the world, it is also the most amazing. Besides having plenty of investors pumping money into the various club leagues, soccer also has the largest talent pool from which to draw from. Soccer scouts can search for new stars in every corner of the world.

Apart from football, what else to do in the summer?

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Instead of watching the Euro 2012 tournament, why not go hunting?

Via: Redneck Blinds

Russia's Arshavin Back To His Best In Czech Win

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Andrey Arshavin has not had a good time in the English Premier League in the season that just ended. The Russian captain fell out of love with the Arsenal faithful and more crucially, with Arsene Wenger. In a bid to ensure top condition for Euro 2012, Arshavin returned to Zenit St. Petersburg for regular football.

Greece's Fernando Santos Masterminds Amazing Fightback Against Poland

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Powered by their famed Dortmund trio, the co-hosts of Euro 2012 looked to be cruising after a powerful first half. Poland's midfield quintet of Kuba, Obraniak, Murawski, Polanski and Rybus were totally in control and gobbled up every mistake that Greece made in the first half. Greece and Fernando Santos looked shell shocked and simply had no answer against the swarming Polish players.