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December 16, 2015 05:42 UTC
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Should the European Championship go ahead?

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Horrible terrorist attacks create fear, and the recent attack in Paris has swept fear over Europe, and not least over football, as the Stade de France was also targeted in the last attack. Tonight, Germany-Netherlands was cancelled in Hannover due to a credible terrorist threat. Can France really hold a European Championship where they guarantee security?

Zlatan to the European Championship

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When two teams that are not among the top 20 of European football clash in a play-off match to qualify for the European Championship, one is justified in not expecting much in terms of quality. Denmark and Sweden was one of these play-off matches: two former greats who have fallen low, but with one difference between these two mediocre sides: Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still one of the greatest

Liverpool up, Chelsea down

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Jurgen Klopp's long-awaited first victory as Liverpool manager came with a 1-3 away win against the defending champions of Chelsea. This will surely put expectations even higher for Liverpool, who looked confident and organized. There is much work to do though, and while I firmly believe that Klopp is the right man to make Liverpool better over the next year, I do not believe in immediate short

The Euro Qualified nations

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20 out of 24 nations are ready for the 2016 European Championship in France. Despite the fact that I am those who think that a European Championship of 24 teams is way too much, I cannot help but notice some notable newcomers among the 20 nations, some of which would even have qualified with 16 nations, showing what is perhaps a power shift going on in European football: Group A: The Czech

Monrovia traffic warning

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Last week, at 7 AM, I was on my way to work in Monrovia. I usually pass by the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, but on this day, at that very early hour, the road was closed, causing an enormous traffic jam as cars were being re-directed around the stadium. The same happened in the afternoon, when closed roads led to more chaotic traffic congestions in the narrow pot-holed streets of downtown Monrovia.

The South American qualifiers

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As Europe is entering the last phase of the Euro 2016 qualifiers, other places are quietly starting their qualification for the 2018 World Cup. Not so quietly perhaps in South America, where the first round of qualifiers came with a number of results that may be a prelude to what could be one of the most interesting World Cup qualifications ever: Chile defeated Brazil 2-0: As winners of the Copa

Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool

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After the correct firing of Brendan Rogers it has now been confirmed that the ex-Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp will be going to Liverpool. Mr. Klopp surely has all the experiences to coach Liverpool: strong personality and charisma, a good approach to football, good selection of young players, as well as experience with a club that fought well to remain among the best.

The day I became Napoli fan

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Nunca he tenido un equipo italiano favorito. Hace muchos años yo solía seguir la liga de cerca, pero esto se redujo acabar con los escándalos de corrupción alrededor de la Juventus a mediados de los 00s. Como un ávido fanático de Maradona, yo también siempre había simpatizado con el Napoli, pero la falta de resultados y nunca haber estado en la ciudad no me fan hacer.

Liberian chaos and delight

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Every country I have lived in has done well in football while I am there, so I have expectations that this would happen to Liberia as well. And yesterday they were playing the first home match since the Ebola outbreak; a qualifier for the Africa Cup of Nations against Tunisia. The match was not played at the main stadium, SKD, which is under renovation, but at the much smaller Antoinette Tubman

The beginning of a saga

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If there is any team I will surely support at next year's European Championships it is Iceland. The small charming and beautiful island nation has never been a footballing heavyweight, but has improved greatly in the last few years: they were only a play-off match against Croatia away from the World Cup in Brazil, but are now on the verge of qualifying for their first major tournament ever after

Liverpool- West Ham 0-3

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When you lose one of the best players in your history you are bound to have a period of transition. That said, Liverpool's summer changes have made sense: they got an incredibly strong James Milner from Manchester City, who it turn was handed over the eternal talent Raheem Sterling. I have never been a Sterling fan, and would change him for Milner any time.

Champions League 2015-16 Groups

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This last month has been full of travels and work and I have not had much time to dwell much on a fantastic start of the season in Europe as well hugely interesting transfers. This will be another fantastic season, and not least in the Champions League where the draw took place today. Group A: Paris St.

Di Maria to Paris

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The long running rumour that Angel Di Maria was on the way out of Manchester United have been confirmed. Next season Angel Di Maria will be in Paris St. Germain. For any football fan this is a welcome change; Di Maria is one if the best players in the world, but his change to Manchester United put him at a club with a coach that was not willing or able use Di Maria in his tactical setup.

There will never be a greater Real Madrid goalkeeper

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Iker Casillas is leaving Real Madrid for FC Porto. He is a living legend; he has been one of the most important - if not THE most important - part of Real Madrid and Spain for many years, having won every single title that there is to win in football. The past season he has been unreasonably insulted and humiliated by the Real Madrid club that he gave everything to, but still he is leaving

USA World Champion

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In reality the World Cup final between Japan and the USA was over in the first 16 minutes, when USA was leading 4-0. The Americans, and most notably Carli Lloyd, had started like lightning, while the Japanese defense had not realized that the match had started. Japan's defense was dreadful during most of the match, but this does not take the credit away from the USA.