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December 17, 2013 09:21 UTC
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Kickette HQ: Bye Bye Bitch-face

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Kickettes, we've got some news. Put on your best heels, a YSL lippy and clutch your Sergio Ramos-inspired LV luggage close to your chests. We're taking a time out. We've had an amazing six-year LTR, Kickette Soldier Girls (and boys), but a hiatus of the site is necessary at this stage of the (beautiful) game.

Product Shill: Romeo Beckham For Burberry

KICKETTE at related • 0 views This is seriously awesome. What a little dude.

Blerim Dzemaili & Xherdan Shaqiri: Team Shirtless

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To answer a Twitter follower's question, no we are not behind this, although we should've been. Multi-million pound ideas always seem to slip out of our fingers. Damn it.

Winonah de Jong: Posing In Posen

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Let's give it up for Winonah de Jong who managed to score a Zac Posen gown to wear to the Masters Of LXRY event in Amsterdam last night. Winonah kindly posts her daily outfits and fashion finds on her Instagram so we can be jealous and marvel at the speed at which she continues to [...]

‘Ballers On Breaks: Aurelien Collin In Thailand

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He has his own boat, apparently.

Carly & Harrison Cole Make Their HELLO! Mag Debut

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What a cherub that 'Harry' is, Kickettes! Image: HELLO!.

Midweek Manpile: AC Siena

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Image: Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images Europe.

Cricket Christmas Party: The 12 WAG Days Of Christmas

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We'll keep this relatively short and simple, Kickettes. If you've judged one Cricket Christmas Party, you've judged them all. Or something like that. The legendary Liverpool designer boutique that caters to your favorite Northwest WAGs and ours held its annual Christmas shindig last night and it certainly wasn't lacking in everything you've come to know [.

Bafetimbi Gomis, A Teammate & Their Stuffed Mascot Share A Tender Manhug Moment

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Image: PHILIPPE MERLE/AFP/Getty Images.

Blind Item: Cash Complexes

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West Brom's Liam Ridgewell has apologised for wiping his bum with a £20 note, which was Twitpic'ed and posted to his Twitter account before Liam had to delete it and cough up a mea culpa. We recovered the photo, thankfully, via the Law of Google (if you have a past, it will re-surface, and it [...]

Floor Length Fashion Done Right, By Christine Bleakley

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Images:Jo Hale/Getty Images Europe & Dave Norton/Bauer Griffin Bleakley's been absent lately, yes? Or maybe we just forgot to pay attention to her. Anywho, the future Mrs. Frank Lampard attended two black tie events over the weekend and stuck to a winning fashion formula: Lace dress + clutch bag + updo = win.

Thiago Messi & Nathan Pinto: Barcelona Bubbas’ First Playdate?

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Thx for the tip, Emma C! New parents, Leo Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, were snapped with baby Thiago in tow visiting Jose Manuel Pinto's house this past Sunday.Dare we say baby play date already? And hot dayum, has Antonella lost the baby weight already?

Yoann Gourcuff: Don’t Think, Just Watch

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Image:Canal + Sport. In the must-see documentary of the year, Yoann Gourcuff wades in a pool in between showing off his side profile prowess. Yes, that actually happened and yes, it was all caught on camera in last month's Intérieur Sport TV interview (download here). All of it is rather amazing, Kickettes.

Jordan Henderson: Topman For The England Captain’s Armband?

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Image: TOPMAN Facebook. The latest issue of Topman'sweb magazine, Generations, features a question and answer sesh with a certain Liverpool fringe player with the headline: ‘Jordan Henderson: Step Forward England's Future'. Except the URL for the article reads:‘Jordan Henderson: Step Forward England's Future Captain'.

Kickette Catch Up: Your Weekend Gossip Cheat Sheet

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Image:Andreas Pohl. Saturday -Manchester United goalkeeperAnders Lindegaardis taking homophobia to task, claiminghomosexuality in football is a 'taboo topic' and the sport needs 'a gay hero.' [Daily Dot viaBetfair Denmark] - Susanna Hyypia (wife of Sami), in Louis Vuitton, and Anne van Eickels (journo, wife of ?