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Under normal circumstances, Indios and Cruz Azul would have had problems drawing people to a game. As it stood, there were few people present for Saturday's game between Indios and Cruz Azul, and it's too bad more people weren't there to witness Indios' dramatic game-winning, season-saving, Primera A-avoiding striker by Javier Saavedra.

MLS weekend preview

The Touchline at related • 3 views's Kyle McCarthy takes a look at Week 7 in MLS and provides picks for all the games. If he's correct, it'll be a happy weekend for all area MLS fans.

The game I think most MLS fans are looking forward to, though, is Seattle-Chicago. At this point, both those teams are legit MLS Cup contenders.


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The fallout from both Wendesday's Chivas-Everton match and the swine flu in Mexico has been, well, as Mural put it - Fuchila!

* Chivas and San Luis made it through to the second round of Libertadores where they'll play Sao Paulo and Nacional (Uruguay) respectively, but where will they play?

Tying their way through

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Guadalajara tied Everton 1-1 in Chile on Wednesday and advanced to the second round of Copa Libertadores. They needed just a draw to get by and they did just that.

Of course, the week wasn't an uneventful one. Because of their travel from Mexico City to Santiago, the locals were not exactly welcoming to players while they were out and about in Viña Del Mar.

Where's Sacha?

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Chivas USA has the most wins in the league (five), the most points in the league (16), have allowed the fewest points (three, tied with Seattle) and has the best goal differential (plus-seven).


Even more so when you consider that the team's best player, well, supposed best player, has zero goals and zero assists.


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This cartoon ran in Mural today. With the news down in Mexico dominated by the swine flu, Terrazas tried to take a look instead at the national team camp.

Professor Agurire points to a chart that says:

He asks Tri: "So you really can't see anything?

More zero attendances

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Guadalajara and Tecos will play their home games on the weekend without any supporters in the stands. Jalisco state government officials and the respective Mexican clubs have taken the next step in preventing the spread of the swine flu by shutting down these Primera Division games.

The count is now up to five, with regards to how many games will be played sans fans: Toluca, Pachuca, Cruz Azul, Chivas and Tecos.

Larry Bird Rankings (April 28)

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Day late, dollar short.

1. Chivas USA. Team made MAJOR mistake in passing up Stefan Frei... oh wait...
2. Seattle. Keller has yet to allow an MLS goal.
3. Chicago. Making a habit of dramatic road come-from-behind draws.
4. Real Salt Lake. Six goals in less than 40 minutes? How about some of that on the road?

Sick day

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Sorry I haven't been around to give my thoughts on the goings-on around MLS and Mexico. My daughter's been sick all day so I haven't had the chance to blog much. Cleaning up vomit is not my idea of a fun day.

I've also been trying to keep up to speed on the swine flu in Mexico as it's affected several games and tournaments.


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I'm watching this game and it seems strange because the game, which is an attractive matchup, is being played with no supporters due to a swine flu outbreak.

But one thing that's bugging me is the commentary. The match is on Telemundo and I wonder sometimes if announcers Andres Cantor and Sammy Sadovnik can do anything except complain about the officiating.

Attendance: zero

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What happened if a soccer game was played and nobody showed up?

Actually, it wasn't that people did not want to go to the match but rather nobody was allowed entrance. A swine flu outbreak has hit Mexico City hard and Pachuca, which is based in Hidalgo in the state of Mexico, did not allow entry due to rising fears of an outbreak.

Meeting Matt

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Here's a story on Matt Taylor that I thought would be interesting. Matt Taylor left MLS with seemingly little possibilities of latching on many notable places, then suddenly surfaced in Germany. Koblenz is not a glamorous club but he's in Germany nonetheless.

Anyway here's the link.

Aguirre's first roster

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Mexico won't play a game anytime soon but that did not prevent Javier Aguirre from calling up some players for a quick training camp.

The team features several youngsters (Edgar Pacheco, Hugo Ayala) and some surprising veterans (Miguel Sabah, Oribe Peralta). Also, it featured no South Americans.

Potros near crown

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Atlante took a major step towards representing CONCACAF at the FIFA Club World Cup by handing Cruz Azul a 2-0 loss in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League final on Wednesday in Estadio Azul.

The two road goals are a major advantage for Atlante, who will head home in a comfortable position ahead of what could be an historic achievement for Atlante.

Du Nord's back

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The venerable soccer blog Du Nord is back, in case you hadn't noticed. Check it out here.

It's a pain sometimes running a soccer blog when you don't get paid for it and I'm sure brucio's passion at some point was overtaken by his need to unplug and get away from things. So it's good to see him back in any form.