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September 12, 2012 03:43 UTC
January 25, 2009 12:16 UTC

It’s Finally Here!

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Lost in the end of season abyss for the last few months (aka my bosses fist has been so far up my ass I could taste his misses), I'm now back and what better way to return than by coming to you live and full-time from the actual World Cup. On the 16th June myself [...]

CR7 Camping Out, On Safari

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My inbox has been absolutely slammed lately with press releases and jargon and all of which point to the fugly and possibly camp new Nike Mercurial Vapor II colourways that have been: "...designed to the exact specification of Cristiano Ronaldo" REALLY!? All the money in the world and Nike's brilliant (now questionable) designers at his [.

Predictions – La Liga – Week 38

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These predictions may be a little late, but they're up and being the last game of the season 'n all, I think I could be forgiven. Our friends at Heads or Tails, who have done a remarkable job all year providing us with La Liga predictions suggest that even though the title will stay in [...]

Predictions – Premier League – Week 38

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With the final game week of the season only hours away, all eyes are on two teams... well four if you count their opponents. As for me, I've decided to allow my predictions to speak for themselves and for the last time this season, this is how I've picked'em. I predict: Arsenal 3 v 2 Fulham Aston Villa [.

Predictions – La Liga – Week 37

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As we prepare for the second last round of the La Liga season, our friends at Heads or Tails claim that Real Madrid are Casillas, Cristiano Ronaldo and 9 other players... and given the Portuguese poster boy's excellence against a second rate Mallorca, if Sevilla can do the job against Barcelona this weekend, Real might [.

Predictions – Premier League – Week 37

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As the race for 1st and 4th spot's heats up, this weekend will see some crucial matches being played... fortunately for me, I'll be watching them in Europe... so there! And this is how I picked 'em this weekend. I predict: Birmingham 2 v 1 Burnley Man City 2 v 2 Aston Villa Portsmouth 1 v 1 Wolves Stoke City 1 [.

Predictions – La Liga – Week 35

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My Spanish counterpart over at Heads or Tails is claiming that not only did the 'The Special One' leave the Camp Nou with a place in the UCL final, he also left Barca down and out for the count, which is perfect for a ready and waiting Villareal this weekend... need I say more! And here's [...]

Predictions – Premier League – Week 36

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After a couple weeks of sloppy punditry and ill timed posts, I have returned to step my game up for the ass end of the season (I've always been an ass man)... and what a weekend to pull the finger out for! Along with battles for the title and relegation shit fights, there has been a [...]

Predictions – La Liga – Week 34

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"Mou" is the word across Spain at the moment and after Inter's mauling of Barcelona in the UCL midweek our amigos at Heads or Tails suggest it may have shown the rest of the footballing world how they can put a stop to the well oiled machine and it's pint sized star Leo Messi. Next [...]

Predictions – La Liga – Week 32

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Uh oh, Pellegrinios! Somebody's in trouble and our amigos at Heads or Tails (along with the rest of the Spanish media) are pointing their fingers at the man in the hot seat. And the question being asked is who will replace him? More importantly though, I ask who would want to replace him? Real Madrid [.

Predictions – La Liga – Week 31

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Finally the big kahuna is here! The match that will almost certainly decide the winner of the 2009/10 La Liga season. Our amigos at Heads or Tails say it's going to be a tough one to call. Sure both teams are kicking arse in their own respective ways with their own superstars, but how can [...]

Predictions – La Liga – Week 30

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While the world awaits the decisive La Liga battle next weekend at the Santiago Bernabéu, our amigo at Heads or Tails talks to us of the new journalistic opportunities he will be pursuing in the crazy and unpredictable world of Spanish sports []. Well done Juan, we look forward to Google translating your articles!

Predictions – Premier League – Week 33

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This weekend sees a match that needs little introduction and has become one of the most anticipated across the globe. Whether it be Drogba lying on the ground twitching his leg like he's having an epileptic fit or controversial late goals by cheating captains, there is never a dull moment when these two teams meet [.

Predictions – UCL – Quarter Finals

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I predict: Lyon 2 v 0 Bordeaux Bayern 1 v 1 Man. United Champions League Final 1999: Up there as one of the greatest finals in Champions League history. Where did you watch this match?

Predictions – Premier League – Week 32

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Arsenal and Chelsea's title plans could be derailed this weekend as they prepare to slug out their respective matches against two stubborn teams from the midlands; Birmingham just refuse to lose at home and Villa have had the upper hand on 'The Pensioners' this season all ready. Both matches will go toe to toe.