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FA Cup : Arsenal To Start Reserves Against Sunderland

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Arsenal's FA Cup clash against Sunderland isn't the most glamorous of ties, but the two managers' squad selections have offered further proof that this match may just be the magic the cup needs.

Both Arsene Wenger and Sam Allardyce have dropped hints Saturday's match will see several reserve and youth players being given run outs as key men rest after the remorseless run of festive fixtures.

The real stars hit the casino for a bet

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Gambling footballers is not a new phenomenon, but these days with the stakes higher than ever in Europe's biggest leagues the stars are leading the way in big-money sportsmen who like to flash the cash.

Having a bet is a terrific way to do that, with plenty of footballers going to the casinos and popping into bookmakers with their team-mates and friends to get a buzz when they're out of the game.

How to place your first online bet on a football match

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How to place your first online bet on a football match

The Premier League is up and running for the 2015/16 season and there's an exciting few months ahead with the Capital Cup already well into the mid-term rounds. The anticipation of the FA Cup is building with it starting in earnest over the winter and then Euro 2016 will be held across France where all eyes will be on the fortunes of the home nations.

Is signing a “World Star” really that great?

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Manchester United's manager, Louis Van Gaal, made some interesting comments over the weekend in an interview. He stated that United were looking to buy a "World Star" as they lacked in that department. I agree with the fact that ever since Ronald left the club, we've been missing that X factor on the field—missing a player who could turn the game on its head single handedly.

Crystal Palace Look Forward To Upcoming Premier League Season

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Crystal Palace: Eagles will always come back

If one thinks about the English football club with the longest run, Crystal Palace will almost surely come to mind. Their 100 years worth of history are surely filled up with ups and downs, but they have always managed to come through their hardships and, just like a phoenix, although it could well be an eagle like their beautiful mascot (Kayla), rise again from their ashes.

Protected: Crystal Palace Look Forward To Upcoming Premier League Season

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Offbeat : Frank Lampard May Move Into This Ballin’ New York Penthouse Pre-Owned By Robert De Niro

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Man City and former Chelsea midfielder,Frank Lampard, has been spotted viewing a $39.8million (S$51m) New York home in Manhattan with his fiancee Christine Bleakley ahead of their move to the Big Apple in the summer.

The swanky property was previously owned by Hollywood actor Robert De Niro and in fitting fashion, boasts five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a seven-car garage and 360-degree views of the New York skyline.

No Surprise as Sepp Blatter Reportedly Considering Standing for Re-Election

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Football continues to remain as one of the most popular sports that does not rely on a lot of tech. A lot of it is down to the president Sepp Blatter. The Swiss has been a huge opposition to the introduction of technology into the game. Yet, Blatter has done a lot to take the game to new heights. FIFA is not just about the World Cup anymore, as the popularity of the U 20 international and women's soccer has grown tremendously in the last decade.

The Case For Rules in Mobile Football Betting

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The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was adopted in 1992, which bans placing bets on sporting events except in states where betting was legal or approved by law, or in a state where betting is legalized within a year from that date. Only Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Delaware qualify as exceptions to this law.

Women’s World Cup : Birmingham City and England’s Carney On Why She Chose Football Over Being A Dancer

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In the fourth and final video for Continental's Women's World Cup #RoadtoCanada campaign, England and Birmingham City's Karney Carney speaks about how she nearly gave up on football before it came back to her. And interestingly, she was on her way to forging a career as a dancer before she realized she was meant to be playing the beautiful game.

Women’s World Cup: England’s Toni Duggan On Man City’s Set-Up & Getting Yelled At By Dads

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Man City forward Toni Duggan is one of our favourite futbolitas because she's got a great spirit around her.. and of course, because she just loves football! (forget that selfie incident with Louis van Gaal United don't even have a women's team!)

In the latest Road To Canada video for the Women's World Cup, the England national opened up about the hurdles she faced in her journey from a young girl in Liverpool to international football star.

Offbeat : Chelsea’s Charity Ball With Didier Drogba, Eden Hazard, John Terry

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Chelsea's star players came out to celebrate their 1-0 win over Man United over the weekend at a charity ball.

The event was arranged by star striker Didier Drogba and held at the fancy Dorchester hotel in London.

The players arrived suited and booted and ready to party at the Ivorian's organised bash on Saturday night.

Style Lookbook : Argentina’s Antonella Rocuzzo

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We were so excited to receive this in our mailbox from Soccerloco early this week. No, it wasn't a pizza delivery (that would have been a bonus for the Champions League!) but it was much better than that it was a futbol gift wrapped in a box. Ooh, we couldn't have asked for more!

So we opened the box right there at the post office and was thrilled to find this .

Women’s World Cup : Chelsea’s and England’s Aluko On Her Coach’s Criticism, Being ‘Accepted’ By The Lads

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In part two of the Women's World Cup #RoadtoCanada series, Eniola Aluko, Chelsea and England forward, has revealed the tough times she faced as a young, female athlete and her determination to inspire young footballers during England's trip to the World Cup.

"I had one particular coach who said, right before I went to America, that I would never make it.

Women’s World Cup: England’s Jess Clarke Says Her Mum Sacrificed Her Own Dreams So She Could Play Football

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In this incredibly moving video (we were all close to tears watching it!), England and Notts County forward Jesse Clarke spoke about her journey leading up to the Women's World Cup 2015.

She also has stated that England "stand every chance" in the tournament due to take place this summer.