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April 18, 2014 12:01 UTC
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Big Game Bale Puts Neymar In His Place

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Why d id Real Madrid pay 100 million euros for Bale? The Copa Del Rey final should give you all the reasons why. Bale now has scored 20 goals in 39 games this season while Neymar has scored 15 goals in 40 appearances. Not to mention the fact that Bale has been going to a [...]

Real Madrid Tell Barcelona: My Turn

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Di Maria and Bale have done for Real Madrid what Ronaldo and Benzema could not do last season and have won Real Madrid Copa Del Rey. Real Madrid teared through Barcelona with blistering pace and power. DI Maria scored the first goal on 11nth minute mark on the counter attack and used his pace to [...

Gareth Bale And 100 Million Euro (After Taxes and Fines) Neymar Jr

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It has taken Gareth Bale 125 minutes (on average of course) to score a goal in the Champions league and La Liga combined. Not really as good as Ronaldo's (or Messi's) ratio but compared with the Barcelona youngster Neymar, who scores every 200 minutes, I think is pretty good. Bale has not been really [.

Why Isco Could Have Changed Atletico Madrid Derby Result

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For me it is more of a no brainer really, to give playing time to Isco even in important games. He could easily swap places with Di Maria or Bale (DI Maria in this case would go to his natural winger position with Isco in the middle) or Modric. This is last stretch of [...]

Ronaldo Saves Real Madrid

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There is a thing about La Liga that has reached unbearable levels especially in Derby games. That thing is play acting. Both sides were heavily relying on diving and faking injuries throughout the first half. Second half was a bit more, in a way, dignified for both as players got tired and may be [..

Real Madrid Turn On The Kill Switch

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Real Madrid scored 6 mammoth goals tonight (each took decent amount of technique) and probably could have scored 4 to 5 goals more if they had wanted to but the finest goal of the night was the last one which was scored by Huntelaar (former Real Madrid and AC Milan player) which gave Schalke [...]

Why Did Real Madrid Sell Ozil? No Really, Why?

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This week's champions league action showcased exactly why Real Madrid sold Ozil and not Di Maria. Two basic or rather fundamental reasons: He just does not give a crap about whom to mark and whom to let go. Basically no defensive work at all. It's one thing if Messi or Ronaldo demand not doing any [.

Why Real Madrid needs Isco

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Ancelotti has really expressed him this time. Don't know if, at this point in the season, telling people of Isco's frustration of not playing much served any purpose. Except to demoralize him further. Isco was the best player for Real Madrid, after Ronaldo it should go without saying, for the first part of [.

Copa Del Rey Final, Here We Come!!!!!!

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Ronaldo has answered Lionel Messi's brace on the weekend with two goals of his own last night against Ateltico Madrid in the semifinal second leg of Copa Del Rey. Though both of those goals were penalties, the important point is that he continued his purple patch of scoring goals at will, just like Messi.

Real Madrid Bale’s Goal Completes a Gigantic Week

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What a week it was for Real Madrid and for La Liga. For the first time in a long time we saw huge changes in the overall scenario of the league and of individual teams. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid went head to head in Copa Del Rey semi final first leg and Real Madrid [...]

Prediction: Athletic Bilbao 2-1 Real Madrid

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Probably the toughest game of this season apart from games against Barcelona and Atletico Madrid for Real Madrid. Athletic Bilbao have been unbeaten this season at their home ground (even Barcelona could not get a win there) and they will look to continue with that streak especially against rivals Real Madrid.

Casillas Or Deigo Lopez?

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Reports have it that Ancelotti has basically conceded that one of Casillas and Lopez has to leave come the end of the season. To be fair to Ancelotti, it is a hard decision for him to make. Casillas has proven himself time and time again as the best goalkeeper in the world. His ability [...]

Ronaldo: 12 Years A Half Slave

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Ronaldo can play at this level for another 6 years at the least says one of Portugal National team's fitness staff because of his superior genes and mostly because of his work ethic which should not be considered anything less than of a slave. Slaves work all the time and from sources close to [...]

For Real Madrid, If It Happens to Everyone Then It Happens To No One

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There were several reasons this weekend in La Liga for which I think nothing happened in La liga. Here are some of them: Ronaldo scored a single goal for Real Madrid against Granada. Such have been the standards Ronaldo has set for himself that when he doesn't score a hat trick in a game, [...]

Marcelo and Carvajal

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I don't know about you guys but I think Ancelotti has found his best bets for right back and left back positions at Real Madrid. Marcelo and Carvajal have been amongst the most consistent players for Real Madrid this season. Both are poor in the air and that can be a problem in Champions [...]