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Why Messi’s Records Don’t Really Matter

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I think it should be pretty clear by now that Messi is, obviously, a great player. A great great player. Probably the best of his generation. Talent wise I think he might be the greatest player of all time. To put it in perspective, he does not really need form to perform. His base level [...]

Full Time Report: Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona

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Real Madrid defeated or rather mauled Barcelona to death 3-1. It could have been , should have been, something like 6-1 for Real Madrid but Real Madrid just did not look like the side which scored 3 goals previously. Champions League game midweek might have taken out a bit too much from Real Madrid as [.

Half Time Report: Real Madrid 1-1 Barcelona (25-Oct-2014)

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First straight up facts. Neymar scored the first goal of the game. A cheeky long ball from Suarez (the kinds he was famous for at Liverpool) saw Neymar take on Carvajal and Pepe. Quite inexplicably, both defenders felt like they had hit quicksand and Neymar got away from them with a single touch on [.

Di Maria Is Great And Stupid (Like Ozil)

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Why would DI Maria leave Real Madrid (European Champions and statistically the greatest club in Europe i.e the world) for Manchester United who would not be even playing Champions League this season. For starters it is because Real Madrid had pecuniary issues with Di Maria's agent about how should the player of his [.

5 Reasons Why Di Maria is Shit and Can Bug Off To Manchester

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Lets not get off on the wrong foot here. Di Maria is a great player. Probably one of the top 5 wingers in the world. Real Madrid desperately need him and probably lost Spanish Super Cup to Atletico Madrid because of not playing Di Maria. But make no mistake. If Di Maria wants to [...]

5 Reasons Why Real Madrid Need Di Maria.

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Khedira is almost gone. Apparently he wants some more green to move to Arsenal. One thing is for sure, nobody is going to move to Manchester United at least for this season because of lack of Champions League football so lets not talk about Manchester United signing Benzema, Khedira or Di Maria. Real Madrid [.

Ancelotti Has Gone Bonkers

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I don't know, maybe its the summer season but the reports coming out in the media about some of the transfers Real Madrid is reported to be involved in is crazy, to say the least. Someone needs to remind Ancelotti that he was about 6 seconds away from losing everything last season. Had [...]

Could Ronaldo Have Saved Portugal?

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Finally Brazil got the thumping they deserved. Hope Argentina get their share as well. Lets be honest here, most of the teams in this world cup (Brazil included) have played safety first and that has led to some of the most lifeless games I have ever seen on TV. May be its because I [...]

3 Things About Real Madrid Season 2013-2014

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Lets be honest here. Ancelotti tried his best this season (like relying on post to get through to the semi finals in Dortmund clash in the Champions League and then playing Casillas in the Champions League final) but Real Madrid players defied him and won two hard earned trophies. Real Madrid beat 3 [.

3 Reasons Why It’s Better That Portugal Are Out of World Cup 2014

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Portugal are out of the World Cup 2014 and boy am I glad about it. Let me clarify though that before the start of World Cup 2014, outside the big teams, Portugal was the team I thought would have the best outside chance of winning the World Cup or at least making it through [...]

Hard Reasons Why Real Madrid Won’t Win La Liga 2014

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Only 3 games left for Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid to fight it out for this season's La Liga title. Barcelona just drew their home game against Getafe so they can pretty much forget about their chances of winning anything this season. Here are 3 reasons why I think Real Madrid should also [.

3 Simple Reasons Why Barcelona Still Sucks

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Barcelona just drew their home game against Getafe a few moments ago 2-2 after Messi had given Barcelona the lead in the first half. That result ensures that Barcelona will not be able to win La Liga this time around as Atletico Madrid are in a purple patch that just does not seem like going [...]

Why Bayern Should Thank Their Stars

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Let me tell you something. Bayern Munich should thank their stars that Real Madrid did not humiliate them further in front of their own fans just 2 hours ago. Here is why: Bale could have scored when Neuer mistimed a clearance way outside of his penalty area. It was on Bale's left foot and he [...]

Real Madrid Perform Demolition Job 101 on Munich

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Two headed goals for Sergio Ramos to dump Bayern Munich bodies out of Champions League and another two (one a typical Ronaldo finish and one a cheeky Ronaldinho-under the wall- free kick) to burn Bayern Corpses. What a game it was. The least said about this humiliation, the better. I guess, Real Madrid took [.

Why is Gareth Bale So Ahead Of The Pack

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Not many players can keep their first team position at Real Madrid. Amongst those even few, if any, are able to keep their first team position secured while they are not 100 percent physically. So what Bale has got that others don't that has allowed him to be constant fixture at Real Madrid even though [.