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May 23, 2017 03:01 UTC
October 5, 2008 09:22 UTC

Wheels Come Flying Off For Rapids

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Just when you thought the Rapids couldn't get more embarrassing there were the 60th-80th minutes on Saturday nights. If this were a college football game we'd be saying the Rapids Couged it. Complete meltdown leading to a PK, red card, and going from 1-0 to 2-1 down. Going through some of the "highlights":

  • The lineup with players like Hamilton, Gatt, Ford, da Fonte, and Calvert makes me think the idea that we're playing for 2081 has more behind it than they want to admit.

Rapids Hope To Split Union

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Two weeks ago this game looked like a chance for the Rapids to pick up points. Philly had as bad a start to the season as Colorado did and you had to like the chances of at least getting a point on the road. In the last 3 games though Philly has picked up 9 points to the Rapids 3 and suddenly this game looks much harder.

Rapids Smoked By Fire

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Back to the animated gif recaps!

Rapids start with the same 4-4-2 they used successfully on Saturday

Chicago scores 15 minutes in after dominating the game
Rapdis get no shots on target in the first half:
57th minute and and shoddy defense leads to another Fire goal
63rd minute, Josh Gatt and Sam Hamilton, getting his first professional minutes, sub in Yes, I made a Broadway reference, try not to faint
70th minute, Doyle in for Badji
74th minute, Fire get a 3rd
Game ends 3-0, Rapids have a total of 3 shots on goal


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Today the draw was made for the 4th round of the U.S. Open Cup, the round the Rapids enter. They were drawn to host the winner off the Colorado Springs Switchbacks - Oklahoma City Energy 3rd round match. If the Switchbacks win it will be the 3rd year in a row that the Rapids host them at home in the 4th round.

Rapids Hope To Be A Firebreak

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So after breaking our losing streak its a quick turnaround with a midweek game tomorrow in Chicago and then the trip continues to Philly on Saturday. The Rapids will face one of the biggest new names in the league in Chicago, Bastian Schweinsteiger. Game time tomorrow is 6:30pm and the game is on Altitude.

4-4-2? I Don't Understand Those Numbers

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So the Rapids ran out on Saturday is this formation I couldn't quite comprehend. A 4-4-2 which must be the new hotness or something, I haven't seen the likes of it for many years.

All joking aside I don't believe it was a coincidence that the new formation corresponded to the best play we've seen from the team this year and the biggest win since the USOC match against the Switchbacks in June of 2015 (in the league you have to go back to the April 2015 game in Dallas where we blew them out 4-0).

Rapids Host Ex-Clash

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I'm not up to doing a full featured game preview yet, but yesterday's response in the podcast is a step in the right direction to get me to reengage.

Today the Rapids host San Jose at 2pm. Its expected to be 82 degrees and bright sun for this afternoon kickoff, so those on the East side (like me) are going to broil.

USOC Omission and Padraig Smith interview

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Game preview later tonight (or maybe in the morning). First I had an omission in my Open Cup results last night. The Colorado Rush also played in the USOC Wednesday and lost to FC Tucson 3-1. That's why Tucson is travelling to the Springs to play the Switchbacks in the next round.

Now, on to the first real response from the Rapids to the FourFourTwo article, the C38 letter, and the general poor results from the team.

News and Notes, May 11, 2017

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A couple of odds and ends from around Colorado soccer.

  • Most importantly, the home game against Portland on Sunday June 18th has been moved to Saturday June 17th, still at 7:30pm. Originally this game was scheduled to be broadcast nationally on FS1, it will no be shown locally on Altitude.

When All Else Fails, Change Nothing

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From Thursday:
This will be a dour game between the two teams with the least amount of shots on goal this season. In the end Vancouver has better players and will get a 1-0 win.
Which is exactly what happened. After 5 losses and 3 straight shutouts though the Rapids decided to stand pat as the transfer window closed today.

Colorado-Vancouver Game Prediction

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With no response from the Rapids from the events of the last week (FourFourTwo article, another loss, C38 letter) outside of an off the cuff interview from Pablo on a local radio station I'm not really feeling the desire to spend a lot of time on a game preview for this team.

This will be a dour game between the two teams with the least amount of shots on goal this season.

Centennial 38's Thoughts On The Direction Of The Rapids

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Copying this from the C38 Facebook feed. I fully support this statement:

Centennial 38 would like to publicly express its concern and disappointment over the direction the Colorado Rapids has been taking over the last six months. Coming off of a historically successful 2016 season, supporters were buzzing with excitement.

Reasonable Next Steps From The Front Office

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Yesterday's game was more of the same. Well, actually it was less since we allowed above our average in goals (now 1.57/game), scored below our average in goals (.71/game), and had below our average in shots on goal (2.28/game).

The Front Office needs to take action right now. This is still MLS and soccer in America so our expectations should be reasonable, but realistically what moves the FO should make starting today and into next week?

Not A Game Preview

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Normally this spot is where I put up a game preview for today's game. After yesterday's article in FourFourTwo magazine though, I'm not bothering to. Instead I want to talk about the article. First let's start with the article title:
This might already be a lost season for the Rapids.

Moving On From Minnesota To Salaries

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When you realize tomorrow's Monday... #MINvCOL | 0-0 — Minnesota United FC (@MNUFC) April 23, 2017

Oh Badji. Oh no. #MINvCOL — Total MLS (@TotalMLS) April 23, 2017
And that's really all we need to say about that game.