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March 20, 2018 12:01 UTC
October 5, 2008 09:22 UTC

Welcome Yannick Boli!

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Well this rumor/news has been circulating for a few days (I first got wind of it about a week ago) but today the Rapids made it official. Ivorian striker Yannick Boli was signed today. Boli is 30 years old, born in France and came up in PSG's system, but chose to play for Cote' d'Ivorie, though it does not appear he's been officially capped yet.

Not Dead Yet!

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Sorry for going AWOL on opening weekend. I picked up whatever bug was going around and it hit me Saturday night. Today is the first time I managed to focus enough to write. I assume everyone's seen the game and/or recaps by now so I won't spend much time reviewing the details. Instead just some observations I had on the game:

  • We need a real striker like now (more on that later tonight/tomorrow)
  • This new system looks a lot like the old system after one game.

British Led Rapids Attempt To Quell Revolution

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The Rapids head to Boston led by their new British coach, Anthony Hudson, to take on the Revolution and their American coach, Brad Friedel. Hopefully the Revolution haven't stolen Fort Ticonderoga's cannons this week and surprise us with a better than expected attack in (or near) Boston! Game time for the season kickoff is an early 11:30am tomorrow.

Final Player Notes Before Season Kickoff

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Two pieces of roster news before the season gets rolling tomorrow. First, the obvious news. Calvert, Dykstra, Perez, and Vines were loaned to Charlotte yesterday. The only surprise here was picking which 4 of our reserves would make the trip to the East Coast. For a while everyone expected Wynne to be one of them, but the news that he has a green card and doesn't count as an international means we didn't need to move him to free up an international spot.

2018 Season Preview & Predictions

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On to hopefully happier news, the start of the 2018 season! Usually I do a preview breaking down what to expect this year but there's so much new about this team I don't really have a good idea of what to expect. About the only thing I'm sure if is this organization is going to be more professional than perhaps at any point in its history.

Ford Out 8-10 Weeks But More Important Battle To Fight

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A 1-2 of really bad news for Kortne Ford this week. Yesterday he announced his mother's cancer numbers had increased and the doctors have once again given her only 3-6 months. Today that was compounded by news that he sprained his MCL in a team scrimmage on Saturday and will miss 8-10 weeks.

The only silver lining to the injury is that it will give him more time to spend with his mother.

The Offseason That Was

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I was approached last week to fill a hole in the Burgundy Wave writing staff. Below is my first article copied over from there. I still plan to do most of my writing here but from time to time you may see cross-posts now.

This was certainly one of the more interesting off-seasons for the Colorado Rapids in recent years.

BAM, Rapids trade GAM for TAM

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Today the Rapids traded $185K in GAM to Vancouver for $277.5K of TAM. GAM is generally more valuable than TAM as it has less restrictions and never expires, so this might be an indicator of the Rapids preparing to make a move. Vancouver needed the GAM to become cap compliant as well.

Maybe this will burst the DAM and JAM through the a CAM or striker signing we've been waiting for.

Roster Compliance Data

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The Rapids official post-compliance day roster has been posted on There are a couple of surprises:

  • Stefan Aigner has his green card, Nana Boateng does not yet. I'm sure its coming shortly though.
  • Deklan Wynne is not listed as an international. I don't know why this is.

CCL Ends Not With A Bang, But A Wimper

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As expected nothing much came out of last night's CCL game. We saw a few different players, had a good run out, and went home with our CCL campaign complete.

The Rapids looked better this week, having some good chances and really controlling the game for all but about the last 20 minutes when they tired.

CCL Round 2

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Last week I did a full game preview for what amounted to a preseason game. Fool me once and all that so just a quick write up this week. From the talk it appears will swap out most, if not all, of the starting XI tomorrow night and play them all a full 90 again. We know Boateng and Aigner are out of the country and Azira's wife gave birth this weekend so I'm assuming he's not available.

Rapids Sign Youngest Homegrown Player In Team History

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Big news out of Commerce City today as the Rapids signed 18 year old Sam Vines as their newest Homegrown Player. Vines is an outside defender that has played at every level of the U.S. youth teams other than the U-23s and was named to the National Development Academy Best XI last year. He is expected to play wingback in Hudson's system, adding some extra depth at that position.

FC Denver Needs Your Help

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Local amateur side FC Denver qualified for the 2018 U.S. Open Cup. This will almost certainly require them to travel out of state if they advance at all. To help with those costs they've started a fundraiser here. Hopefully they can put everything they need together.

Colorado Offense As Frozen As The Fans

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Wow, that was cold. An official kickoff temperature of 3 degrees set a new MLS record, one that won't be broken any time soon.

As we expected from the pre-game comments the Rapids treated this like a preseason plus game while TFC came in looking to make this the first step on their run to the CCL title.

2 Bits Of Pregame News

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Two bits of news before tonight's match. As expected the Rapdis have signed draftee Niki Jackson. Roster has been updated below. The real game changer though is this:

Yep, that's GB's Fish n' Chips at the stadium. They took over the window on the side of Eighteen76 that used to be a Famous Dave's.