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August 16, 2017 04:01 UTC
October 5, 2008 09:22 UTC

Pablo Removed

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Interim head coach Steve Cooke
Well I can't say I saw this coming. About 7 hours ago the Rapids announced Pablo Mastroeni has been removed as head coach. Assistant coach Steve Cooke will be the interim head coach with Chris Sharpe and Conor Casey staying in their current assistant coach roles.

So...That Happened

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So I did something this game that I don't think I've ever done. Since I was at my company picnic when the game started I couldn't watch from the beginning. In the past that's meant avoiding any spoilers and starting the game from the beginning as soon as I got home. (Or, if I was travelling, just watching the highlights post-game) This game, I didn't really care.

Rapids Start Building For 2018 In Dallas

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No, referencing this is never going to get old
With Colorado all but mathematically eliminated for 2017 its time to start looking at 2018. I'm sure the roster we see tomorrow night won't reflect that fact yet but truthfully, its where we are. Luis Gil is in Dallas and is available for selection.

Two Loans This Week

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The Rapids have loaned out two players this week, Sam Hamilton to Drogba's Phoenix Rising and Castillo to Charlotte. That last frees up the international spot we need to add Aigner who returned to town today and will start training with the team when they return from Dallas.

Still no word on the status of Juan Ramirez who is no longer on loan but we don't have an international spot to put him on our roster again.

Rapids Power Down In The Transfer WIndow

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Well, that was anti-climatic. After multiple published statements about improving the team in this window we got a new German winger who hasn't even started training with the team yet and at essentially literately at the deadline last night we swapped unwanted players with Orlando. We'll start with last night's trade then look at the (lack of) activity int he window as a whole.

Last Spark Of Playoff Hope Crushed

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I felt the season was pretty much over before this weekend, but dropping 2 points to the team you're trying to catch really shuts the door on the playoffs. BigSoccer has even done the math, for at least the last 10 years anyone who gets this far behind has failed to make the postseason.

The game was really a tale of two strategies for the Rapids, one that worked and got us the lead, and one that failed and lot us the lead.

River Versus Ocean In The High Plains

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Where the river meets the sea
Rapids - a rough section of a river or stream which is difficult to navigate due to the swift and turbulent motion of the water
Whitecaps - Ocean surface waves, which create "whitecaps" of bubbles and streaks on their breaking crests

So of course these two teams will meet on the high plains of Commerce City tonight.

Odds and Ends As the Transfer Window Starts To Close

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A few pieces of news from this week.
  • The biggest is that MacMath had knee surgery on Monday and will miss 4-6 weeks. We play in LA in just over 4 weeks the same weekend that World Cup Qualifying resumes. There's a pretty good chance that Howard will be with the Nats and MacMath won't be available, so we'll get a look at John Berner (presumably).

Rock Bottom?

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Really all I need to say about Saturday's game is shown in this quote of Pablo's to the Post:
"After the match, Mastroeni voiced his displeasure with the refereeing. "Two stonewall penalties in the second half that would have changed the game for the good and they weren't called and that's how it goes," Mastroeni said.

Suckers Again

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Recap of that ugly match tonight and the newest less than exciting transfer rumor (an American in Denmark who had a cup of coffee in MLS) coming tomorrow or Monday. This is about where this season has gone.

Realistically 2017 has been a lost cause since mid-June. And honestly, I'm not so sure Pablo wasn't telling the truth in that interview in May(?

Do It Now

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The Clash's final studio album
Do It Now. As in, win on the road now. We can't wait any longer to start putting points on the board if we have any hopes of making the playoffs. It starts tonight in San Jose against the team formerly know as the Clash. Game time is an odd 6pm kickoff in Denver with the game on Altitude.

Sjoberg Re-Signed, More On Aigner

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Our second piece of good news in as many days as the team announced that Axel Sjoberg has signed a new deal that will keep him at the club at least through 2020 with a club option for 2021. This is a great building block for the next few years with the only possible concern being that Sjoberg seems a bit injury-prone.

Rapids Sign Stefan Aigner

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Colorado announced the signing of German midfielder Stefan Aigner today (pending medical and P-1 visa). This had been rumored since the weekend. Aigner is 29 years old and has signed through the 2020 season. He is similar to Gashi in that his preferred role is a winger but he can also play striker (though Ainger prefers the right while Gashi prefers the left).

New Leadership But No New Players

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Today the Rapids announced some promotions in the Front Office to fill the hole left by Tim Hinchey's departure. Padraig Smith has been named interim General Manager while Wayne Brant has been named interim Chief Business Officer. Along with this the Rapids website now lists Jim Martin as the Governor of the Rapids and Matt Hutchings as the Alternate Governor.

Thanks Omar!

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On Sunday Omar Cummings announced that FC Cincinnati's friendly against Valencia CF last night would be his final game as a professional. He will immediately transition to teh front office working with Cinci's youth club.

Omar was one half of the C+C Goal Factory that combined for 89 goals for the Rapids between 2007 and 2012 (39 for Omar, 50 for Casey) and was one of the starters for the Rapids in MLS Cup 2010.