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How Bad Are We?

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How bad are we? Or, more to the point, how good are the professionals? This post is literally going to be the short suitable for speech part of a long brain storm. I don't mean I swear a lot in my mind. It just means that I am not a very good writer and cannot put into words what I am trying to say. I was a good writer, somebody would be reading this, and I wouldn't be writing on this page.

More Big Four No More

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Aside from most of their fans, we can safely say that most of the Premier League's fans dislike the monopoly that is the Big Four. Notice that even just over a year ago we still had to say the 'so called' Big Four, before saying the name of each club. It has certainly become much more set in stone. I though, do not particularly mind the Big Four.

Lean, Mean, Scoring Machine

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England fans are experiencing the above phenomenon in full flight at the moment. Although being a scoring machine is obviously a fairly important part of the game, and being able to scare one's opponents into submission is, as proven by Roy Keane, very effective, today (tonight actually; I am so tired) I will talk about the 'lean' aspect.

Lower League Snobs

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It is international break, so most football writers have very little to talk about. England's, along with every other teams', weekend matches have been over analysed already, sliced and diced as much as Derby's defence last year. These writers, they need to fill this gap, normally they fill this rubbish gap with even more rubbish; which I suppose makes sense.

Credit Crunch is No Roy Keane

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Despite superb ball control and astute football intelligence, Roy Keane is famed more for his crunching tackles. Understandably so, I suppose; as they will have directly affected the fortunes' of all the clubs that were unfortunate to face him. These days, the Roy Keane crunching tackle has gone out of the game, but there is a new type of crunch on the prowl.

Are the Days of the Athlete Numbered?

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Not long ago, perhaps just over 5 years, this title of this piece could have been much the same as it is now. The same, except that the main noun of the sentence will be replaced, so it will read, 'Are the days of the technical wizard over?' It seems we have gone half circle in the last 5 years. Perhaps even full circle in the last 15 years, as we can all remember players like 'Fash the Bash' and his many Nigerian based clones swarming our league.


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Berbatov drives towards goal and picks out the Man United player on the edge of the box. Although he doesn't immediately show it, he is probably disappointed that it had to be Ronaldo. Tevez, Rooney or Anderson would have made the first time pass back to Berbatov, giving him free reign on goal. Ronaldo though, doesn't pick out Berbatov, and you can see his disappointment.

Four Years is a Long Time in Football

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Proven best by Porto's recent display against Arsenal. Unless you are forgetful, or indeed three years old, you will know and remember that Porto won the champions league in 2005, four years ago. That very year Arsenal crashed out in the quarter final. Look at the swing in quality. Arsenal thrashed Porto only 4-0, it could have been so much more.

Fair Weather Footballers

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The sun is shining. The preparations have been perfect. A couple of weeks break, before a few weeks training sessions, all in high spirits. Ordinary staff will become servants for a few weeks, as people will probably kill everyone in the room if you simply asked. You arrive with scores of people with nothing but encouragement for you.

Have You Noticed?

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That the Intertoto Cup no longer exists. Yes, the world's most mysterious competion, with one winner, then a few more before half the teams 'won' it. When they realised that 24 ties with 12 winners, who all go to the UEFA cup, was basically the same as a UEFA Cup qualifying leg, they simply changed the name and got rid of the trophy.

The Quintessential Youtube

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After a quick look at my youtube user profile, I shocked myself when it was revealed that I had watched 8,905 videos. I haven't watched this many because I am a saddo who spends most of his time blogging.It is because I am a saddo who spends most of his time watching youtube. Whether it be bungee jumping accidents, big faceplants, ridiculous pranks or crazy vloggers I never get bored of it.

Insert Pun on the Name Messi

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I am not witty enough to make a good one; if there is such thing as a good pun. Well there is actually. Not relevant to Leo in the slightest though. It is 'Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft and I'll show you A-flat minor.' Now onto Messi. He is in danger of losing his status as one of the world's best.

My Worst Nightmare is Now Reality

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Arbeloa Carragher Skrtel/Agger Aurelio

Babel Alonso Mascherano Riera



Normally, when one plays away from home, in Europe, against a team who love to play quick tempo football, you will try as hard as possible to try and slow the game down.

Is Walcott too Quick?

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Cockney Irishman, ex Millwall stalwart, and now a respected columnist in the times today wrote a rambling article about the importance of pace in, especially Theo's, game today. I think that this is rather sad. That the difference isn't about how good your ball skills, which you have worked on since when you were five, but about something that is innate to you; you were born with it.