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July 28, 2017 12:01 UTC
September 5, 2008 03:13 UTC

Net Worths

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As promised, we begin a new edition of the Clipboard. And as we are one year out from a World Cup, we'll be tightening up the depth charts. As usual, we start in goal...Tim HowardBrad GuzanBill HamidIn the frame: Ethan HorvathAs of now, the top two are seems obvious, but this group bears more watching than one might think over the next 10 months.

Your USMNT Line-Up v Jamaica

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The answer to the $64,000 question? Yep, Clint Dempsey will remain a super-sub for this one. Frankly, considering Jamaica's strengths and how the USMNT struggled to mount a real final third attack before he entered the semifinal, I don't get it. Or Graham Zusi starting, for that matter. These two decisions concern me a bit, but I still think the boys should be able to pull this one out in the

A coupla things

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First of all, I'm nearly well again and that means a fresh edition of the Clipboard will begin on Thursday. More pertinently, here's a pair of good reads for everyone waiting for the Gold Cup final...#1 - In the wake of the big Dom Dwyer trade, our old NSC all-star Will Parchman explains how the growth of MLS has created a selling problem when it comes to transfers to Europe.

Your USMNT Line-Up v Costa Rica

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First off, please forgive my silence that past week or so - been battling a lovely case of acute tonsillitis and trying to avoid surgery. Now to tonight's man event a ka the "ish gets real" semifinal match against a nearly-full strength Ticos side. We have a few back line changes and a couple on the flanks.

I guess we needed the safe word.

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Was it just me or was the USMNT's win over El Salvador like attending some strange fetish party? I've never seen such a coordinated team effort to be freakin' bizarre. And then there's Tim Howard's facetious take (courtesy of Ives Galarcep): Don't give 'em any ideas, Tim. - Greg Seltzer

Your USMNT LIne-Up v El Salvador

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Considering the way our man Deuce likes to drop deep for the ball and run off Jozy Altidore, I suppose we're back in a 4-2-3-1 (and that goes even if it's intended to be the empty bucket). You'll hear no gripes with the XI from me. Tonight, I think we'll finally get the comfy win we've all been waiting on.

Arena makes his knockouts swaps

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So Bruce Arena took advantage of all six roster changes allowed ahead of the quarterfinals. In: Tim Howard, Jesse Gonzalez, Michael Bradley, Darlington Nagbe, Jozy Altidore, Clint Dempsey Out: Brad Guzan, Sean Johnson, Alejandro Bedoya, Cristian Roldan, Kelyn Rowe, Dom Dwyer There were a few surprises, and they were all in the out group.

Your USMNT Line-Up v Nicaragua

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Can't say for sure, but it seems as though we are switching to a 4-3-3. What I can promise is that it's time for a cruise. There's no reason we should be biting nails toward the end of this one.

Off to a headstart

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I meant to get this up yesterday and it slipped my mind. Somehow, I've managed to get a summer cold, so I spent most of the day in bed. In any event, Maccabi Tel Aviv's Aaron Schoenfeld scored in a Europa League qualifier for the second straight week, this time in a leg one rally win over guests KR Reykavik.

Your USMNT Line-Up v Martinique

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As promised by Da Bruce, we have seven field player changes, most of which I'm cool with. Christian Roldan gets his debut and Justin Morrow his first cap in four-and-a-half years, while Eric Lichaj gets his first USMNT start in over six years (how that's possible, I'll never understand). And it looks like we'll switch to the empty bucket, which kinda bums me out, but oh well.

My Midseason MLS All-Star Team(s)

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Lemme tell ya, there were no shortage of tooough picks in making both the first and the second teams here. I opted to put both units in a 4-3-3, simply because I think it spreads the glory around most evenly to all the specific positions, especially in midfield. Let's quickly go through the positions for a little explanation.

Your USMNT Line-Up v Panama

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Pardon my tardiness, but we just arrived in Helsinki (the lady kidnapped me for a quick birthday trip). At first glance, this USMNT formation and XI selection has me skeptical. I would have kept Acosta in the line-up, I'd have kept he 4-2-3-1 and I definitely would have made sure to get at least one defense-stretching presence (read: Arriola or Morris) on one of the flanks.

Opening Act

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And the honor of the first goal scored by one of our boys in the traditional fall-to-spring European leagues is (drumroll, please!)..... Aaron Schienfeld of Maccabi Tel Aviv. His first career goal in UEFA cup competition gave the visitors a 3-0 aggregate lead on their way to a 3-0 second leg victory and the Europa League second qualifying round.

Living For The City

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I've got another MLS stat count for ya, and this one was both exhausting and exhaustive. So what I did was go through every goal ever scored in regular season play (up to and including last night) to determine the highest-scoring American cities.Typically, it was as simple as counting by birthplace in a metro area.

Your USMNT Line-Up v. Ghana

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Quite a lot of questions for this particular XI to answer, I'd say. It also looks to me like the USMNT will do much of their attacking up the left side. Enjoy the final Gold Cup tune-up, catch you all later with player ratings over at MLSS.