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October 1, 2013 07:41 UTC
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Summer 2012 – Arsenal to Overhaul the Squad

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Summer 2012 needs to see a change in direction in Arsenal's transfer policy. Out must go this incessant desire to collect 15-16 year olds from around the world and expect and hope that they will develop.

Arsenal have many youngsters in the reserves or on loan for whom the time is ripe for them to be given their chance.

Clean the Arsenal Stables

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Over the last few seasons Arsene Wenger has gathered an assortment of players, paid them good wages and has waited for them to deliver. Unfortunately, they have not delivered the goods nor have they developed into the world class players we thought they would turn into.

For a few transfer windows we have been expecting these players to be sold, but the ridiculous wages, for their limited wages has meant we have not been able to get rid of these deadwood players.

This Could be Start of the End – Wenger

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Dateline 22 January 2012, this date will go down in history, it is the date the fans at the Emirates turned on Arsene Wenger.

The fans booed the team off at half-time and were rewarded when youngster Nico Yennaris replaced the hapless and hopeless Djourou who becomes a bigger liability every time he puts on an Arsenal shirt.

Tactical Change Required to Bring Back Glory Days

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The last couple of seasons, seeing our midfield overrun, Wenger changed from 4-4-2 to 4-3-3. This added more players in central midfield where too often we had lost vital games, but the flip-side meant that the striker was isolated.

For 4-3-3 to work you need at least one of your three central midfielders to get into areas to support the striker.

Kroenke Must Go For the Sake of Arsenal

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In May of 2011, a sort of palace coup was engineered at the Emirates with the two remaining substantial shareholdings of Danny Fiszman and Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith going to Stan Kroenke and in effect Kroenke was anointed the new "emperor" of Arsenal Football Club. Except the Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov refused to play ball and increased his holding in the club too!

No New Defenders at Arsenal This Window

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Arsenal has suffered some terrible bad luck with defensive injuries this season. We lost Sagna, Gibbs and Jenkinson all with a 17 days in October, but the loss that has hurt us most was the loss of Santos in December. Santos was an attacking full-back and gave us extra attacking options something that has been lacking in recent weeks.

Where Did It All Go Wrong – Arsenal in Decline

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Angry, frustrated, disappointed. Once again Arsenal fans are left let-down, once again we are promised things will change and once again it is groundhog season for Arsenal, and we haven't even entered the annual departures of the close season.

Where do we start? It is obvious that things went wrong in the summer with Wenger anticipating that both Nasri and Fabregas will not leave these were the hopes of a man living in a dream land.

Why Wenger Can Spend £100M in January

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The Arsenal board and Wenger have constantly talked about the UEFA Financial Fair Play rules and how the Arsenal model is the model other clubs are striving for (financially if not trophy wise). Arsenal are of the opinion that our prudence in the transfer market will eventually ensure we are a successful club both on and off the field.

Luck and Decisions Desert Arsenal

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Another defeat and its doom and gloom from all circles. Every time we concede a goal, there is an inquisition as to our ability to defend. If we look a little bit closer we can see that luck has deserted us and we have a tendency to self-destruct.

Game one against Newcastle saw both Gervinho and Song pick up three match bans which affected us for the next three games.

Summer of Disaster – The Transfer Market

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We have a torrid start to the season, let's not get deluded we have lost 3 games and are now languishing at the bottom of the table. This is not acceptable for the fans nor is it acceptable for Wenger. His comments after Saturday clearly show his frustration with what is happening at the moment, more so is his inability to do anything about what is happening.

Arteta and Benayoun Join as the Window Closes

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Well the transfer window closed last night and unlike windows of the past, Arsenal were doing business all the way until it slammed shut. Four players were confirmed last night as having signed, with Park announced the day before. It was clear from the start of the season that Wenger had to act to change our fortunes and only time will tell if Le Professor has bought correctly.

Transfer Deadline Day – Bendtner Out – Which Midfielders Will We Buy

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Transfer deadline day looms and Arsenal are still in the market for midfielders, this is not idle blog gossip but Arsene Wenger stated we are short of players in this area. This became self-evident in recent games were the creativity has been left to Rosicky and his best days are behind him.

Today is a day we will all go mad in following rumours and tweets.

Will Wenger Add Cahill, Malouda and Fellaini?

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It appears that both Park and Santos have been signed subject to work permits, which we need confirmed today.

Arsenal are in advance talks with long-term transfer target Per Mertesacker from Werder Bremen, with a fee in the regions of €10M having been agreed. Mertesacker is 6' 6", which will help us at both ends at set pieces.

Park and Santos Signed – Mertesacker Too? Medicals for Hazard & Cahill?

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The 8-2 defeat at the weekend has forced Wenger into the transfer market, rumours are flying around everywhere.

Two deals that are virtually done will Park Chu Young join Arsenal from AS Monaco. Park is South Korea's captain and a striker who does not have an impressive record in club football.

Next 3 Days Will Define our Season

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After yesterday's debacle, it is time to take a step back and see where we are, how did we get he and what the future holds. There is no point in analysing yesterday's match, it is certified XXX in the minds of all Arsenal fans.

We all knew it was not going to be an easy match but the roots of the result go back, probably two or three seasons ago.