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September 13, 2012 01:26 UTC
June 26, 2008 10:43 UTC

Now, No Need to Worry …

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... about the Pats any more (as DaddyCornblog would say). Sadly, the Pats and Eagles are gone ... so now we're hoping for a Steelers-Packers Superbowl. (That's what the consensus is in these parts ... and HollyCornblog agrees, so you know it's gonna happen.)

Quite the shocker in Foxboro yesterday, eh?

Quickly …

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I was sad, but not surprised, to learn yesterday that Kristine Lilly is hanging up her cleats after a long and storied career.

This marks the end of an era ... as Lil was the last of the 91ers still active on the pitch.

Here's the post from her journal ... with apologies for my brevity.

Congrats to the Cardinal

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Yup, Stanford ended UConn's streak with a strong performance against a Husky team that never really looked like themselves. (In truth, they looked a little like the Tuesday night Eagles.)

Great performance by the Stanford women. My only complaint is that I could have done with about 30 fewer shots of Condi and her buddy in the stands.


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Oh my, the Eagles played ugly last night!

Here's my spin ... it couldn't have come at a better time. (How's that?)

They were getting cocky (yes, Michael and DeSean, I mean you) and needed to wake up. Enter the Vikings and their unheralded replacement QB, Joe Webb. Now the Eagles have a tougher road .

Updates for Alice!

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First off ... don't forget that UConn is poised to set a new winning streak record tonight at 7PM ET on ESPN. Will you be there? (Doris ... I'd remind you, too ... but I didn't think you'd be interested ...)

Check out Geno's comments about the record ... and men's/women's sports ... you GO, Geno!


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December 19, 2010. A little more than 7 minutes left in a lop-sided mess of a game ... and the Eagles score 28 unanswered points to win it in regulation! DaddyCornblog would be so happy (if he wasn't, indeed, in some way involved in the outcome).

This game, occurring as it did on the 16th anniversary of his death .

Oh No … Say It Ain’s So!

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More bad news on the WPS front, as the Red Stars have announced that they are suspending operations for 2011 ... and hoping to rejoin the fray in 2012. Obviously, this is not good, as it whittles down the teams currently competing to six. However, on a brighter side, the league continues!

Does it make me nervous to hear about this?


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Cliff Lee is back in Philly ... so THAT's who the mystery team was. It had crossed my mind ... but hadn't dared to hope ... just seemed too outlandish.

But there it is ... one year to the day after he was traded to Seattle, he's back.

What a rotation this is going to be ... with Cole Hamels (who could be a #1 on lots of teams) maybe slotted at #3 or #4.

In case you were wondering …

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... it's DAMN cold here in NH!

Now that I've got that off my chest, gotta let you know that WPS has finalized its 2011 schedule ... reducing the number of matches to 18 and taking a break in deference to the Women's World Cup. (The World Cup runs from June 26-July 17 ... so you might want to pop that into your calendars now!

Oh No Mo!

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Sorry, there, Rays' fans ... I see that Carl C is coming to Beantown and will apparently be in the area for a looonnnggg time, contributing to the local economy.

Are the Rays gonna contend in 2011?

Are the Sox gonna have enough heft to move the Yankees aside?

Stay tuned ... and while you wait, catch the UNH Wildcats vs the Blue Hens at 8PM Friday night.

Sweet Stuff from the Phillies!

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Please share!

USWNT in Do or Die Match in Chicago Today

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The US women's national soccer team faces off against Italy today in Chicago It's their second match with Italy ... and total goals will determine who goes to Germany to play in the women's World Cup.

A win or a draw will send the US to Germany. A one-point win by Italy would send both teams into a tiebreaker scenario, while a win by more than one point would send Italy to the women's World Cup.

And Crap Again

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I see they are calling for Pia's head over on BigSoccer ... as the USWNT teeters on the brink of NOT QUALIFYING for the WWC. This is strange new territory for the USWNT ... after they were upset by Mexico ... and now must beat Costa Rica and Italy to qualify. Just to qualify.

USA and Costa Rica Will Play on Nov.

Congratulations, Giants!

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Here's to bringing a World Championship to SF ... and proving the pundits wrong ... and kinda making the Phillies look good in the process.

And here's to Dubya feeling sad. May that trend continue ... as well as the pundits being proven wrong ... as we all go to the polls today.

Be smart, America.

Uh Oh

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I read this morning, in my Google Alerts that the WPS is in more trouble with (apparently) the impending demise of both FC Gold Pride and the Washington Freedom.

This, on the heels of Jim Gabarra's resignation in late September ... and then his hiring by Sky Blue FC a week later ... makes me wonder what he knew.