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Year end summary (2011)

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Out - Champions League, mainly thanks to Basle.

 Out - League Cup, thanks to Crystal Palace.

Not - top of the league at new year thanks to a 2-3, bottom of the league Blackburn win (on Fergies 70th birthday). Oh dear!

Man Utd 1 v Man City 6

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City go 5 points clear at the top of the table, happy days

Live comments Barcalona v Man Utd Champions League final

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Please keep comments suitable for a family audience...

 A link to keep you interested before kick off: Reasons to hate Man Utd.

The BBC confirm the title is won with a controversial penalty

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See this BBC link to confirm Man Utd needed the help of a dodgy penalty to secure the Premiership title. Who was the ref??? Phil Dowd, hmmmmmm. Blackburn keeper clearly acting as a spring board for a gymnastics routine for a player heading away from the goal.

Man City win the FA Cup Semi

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Despite one team's fans journey to Wembley being hampered by the M1 closure Man City beat Man Utd 1-0 to end the talk of a treble even with 5min of "injury time". And what was Ferdinand upto at the end of the match?

Oh Dear, two defeats on the bounce

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Losing to Chelsea and then Liverpool tut tut, this won't do

Wolves end the unbeated run

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Thank you! 2-1 win for the record.  o)

Liverpool robbed in the FA Cup?

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I write this part way through the match! All the talk before the match (refreshingly) is about the appointment of Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool Manager and not about the Mancs. Howard Webb soon puts an end to that and gives Man Utd a penalty after Berbatov dives in the box in the first minute. Later in the first half he lets a 2 footed challenge by a Man Utd player go, only to send off Gerrard for a similar challenge moments later.

West Ham 4 nil winners!

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4-0 win over Man Utd in the Carling Cup and a dodgy decission of a disallowed goal against West Ham could not help the Mancs!

Disgraceful goal at Old Trafford

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Disgraceful is not strong enough! Nani dives in the box looking for a penalty, should have been booked for diving, then makes a deliberate handball, another booking and sending off??? The Spurs goalie puts the ball down for a free kick and Nani kicks it into the net and a goal is awarded. Only at Old Trafford, what a joke.

Rangers get a draw at Old Trafford

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0-0 will do nicely, could have been better with an away win, but Rangers played for a point and got 1.

2 injury time goals get Everton a Draw

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From 1-3 down to 3-3 :)Â Everton v Man Utd.

David Moyes was still incensed at the end of the game when the ref (Martin Atkinson) blew the final whistle just before an Everton shot on goal. The shot did not go in but imagine the controversy if it had!

Is the title race already over?

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If Man Utd were top of the table after 2 games with a goal difference of +12 and the other "big four" teams dropping points, we're sure everyone of those irratating manc would be claiming the title was already won and record goals in a season on the cards and win every match in the season etc. However Chelsea hold this position helped by Man Utd drawing with Fulham .

Chelsea are Champs

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Thanks to an eight - nil thumping of Wigan on the final day of the season.

Nice try....

The case for the Man Utd penalties defended by the BBC v Spurs

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On a sunny afternoon in England (for you supporters of Man Utd in far flung places that is the Country where Manchester is), we at hatemanutd did not watch the match, preferring the sunshine. Interestingly, a 3-1 win for Man Utd v Spurs was sealed with 2 penalties. Was this fair, no cheating??? At a key stage of the season when Spurs have recently beat Arsenal and Chelsea.