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What’s the story in Ballybofey?

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As a result of our Intertoto campaign a number of games had to be moved from their originally scheduled dates. One such game was the away trip to Finn Harps on Tuesday. Those of you familiar with the geography of Ireland will know that it entails a journey of two hundred and thirty kilometers and [.

Kendall in the wind

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It wasn't the most glamorous of European draws but when it was announced that we were to play Rhyll FC of Wales in the opening round of the Intertoto cup, most Bohs fans saw progression to the next round as a sure thing. While the win was convincing enough in the end, there were some [...]

Didn’t he used to play women’s tennis?

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"El Cuervo's flag in the members bar" Bohs beat Drogheda Town 3-0. There isn't much to say about the game. Victory was inevitable. We expected to win by more but it matters little. We go into the two week summer break, with six wins on the spin, top of the league and still in the FAI [...]

Bohs fans do it better…

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Blog that is! For the second consecutive month, a Bohs fan blogger has been awarded Blog of the Month in When Saturday Comes! This time the plaudits go to Steve D for his "A Gambling Journey" which is hosted on the unofficial Bohs site bohs.ie. Bohs are currently top of the league in football terms and [.

Thinking of a Song for Killian Brennan

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He's got seven goals this year so far making him the league's top scorer. He's the best dead ball man we've had for years. Yet Killian Brennan may be wondering if he's not as popular as some other players in the side. The problem is, Killian has no song. Crowe has "start spreading the news", [...]

We Are Top of the League!

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Its hard to believe that we are top of the league for the first time in five years. As the fourth official put up his board to show four minutes of injury time on Tuesday night some people were chanting it. I couldn't. Me and Jimmy who was standing beside me looked away. Pats threw [...]

LukeO Give us a wave…

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LukeO works most Friday nights. That at least is his excuse for missing most home games. Last night however another theory emerged. Shortly before a quarter to eight as the Bohs team entered the pitch, they were joined by someone in a big foam Dennis the menace suit. It was our new mascot. As [...]

Stay Onside!

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Onside magazine is a new publication focusing on Irish football. Its a steal at €4 for 57 pages of full colour quality coverage of the Eircom League of Ireland and the international team. Its available from ELOI club shops, Easons and some other newsagents.

Its happening again…

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There was a full moon in the sky last night. All right thinking football fans stayed indoors. This was not just any full moon, it coincided with the perverted satanic ritual of donning red or blue shirts and praying to the gods of greed, excess and corporate entities that just happen to have football teams.

Take Me Up To Monto

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Photo by Dean Taaffe Its been a strange week since the trip to Cobh. On Wednesday my Cousin, Fab and I traveled to Manchester for the UEFA cup final. We'd had all sorts of warnings about going as Rangers were in the final. They eat their babies, they'll burn you as a witch, you'll go straight [...]

You only need one flag

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When the season kicked off one thing that I was looking forward to was those long distance away trips. Due to the fall of the fixtures however, along with a particularly nasty infection hitting me at a most inopportune time, so far I've had to make do with the opening day's trip to Galway. Yesterday [.

When Saturday Comes…

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Well maybe its fitting, seeing as how Bohs play on Saturday this week; Obsessed! is the current When Saturday Comes blog of the month! Thanks to the WSC crew for noticing us and thanks to all the regular readers who make it worth our while to do this. As I said, tomorrow we have the rare [...]

Insert Clichéd Exam Failure Metaphor Here

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I have very few happy memories of trips to Belfield for Bohs games and Friday night didn't provide any either. I left work at five o'clock on what was a beautiful Friday evening. It was perfect for sitting outside and having a few beers but unfortunately I had to head up to Dalymount to pick up [...

Gypsy from the Cave

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There are a few Drogheda fans who like to wind me up to the effect that as a Navan man, Drogheda United should be my team. Besides the fact that I was living in Dublin when I started going to see Bohs, there is no logic in this idea. For one thing, United Park is only [...]

Bye Bye Belfield (Park)

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I'm one of those people who gets excited at the sight of a football ground. Dalymount's majestic floodlights were one of the first things that attracted me to Bohs. If I'm travelling through a city I haven't been in before, I always keep an eye out for its stadia. I don't know why this is. [...]