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February 14, 2013 04:04 UTC
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So, Where’s The League Going Now?

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Another season has come and gone, and LA, who underachieved famously throughout 2012, has taken the cake. So, with MLS entering the offseason, the Beckham Experiment at its close, and the future wide open before us, it seems appropriate to discuss our league's direction.

To begin, I'd direct everyone to this fascinating article from ESPN Soccernet.

Some Clear Underdogs, With Some Clear Chances

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We've all seen games that pussyfoot. Either team plays the ball up and down the field waiting to strike, plays laterally back and forth ad nauseam, and eventually resorts to long lobs in a last-ditch attempt to make something happen. By the 90th minute, fans are left without much of a result, and, in the context of a home-and-away playoff format, find themselves dependent on the promise of the coming rematch.

Various Things from Emails

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Because I'm the most important sports blogger in the universe, my inbox is constantly being bombarded by emails from soliciters looking for shoutouts.

Okay, obviously kidding.

But I am somewhat frequently contacted by agents and PR people, and I was recently sent two bits of info that may interest you.

Notes on Wondo

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Four matches remain in the 2012 regular season for San Jose It's already been a heck of a season for the Quakes, whose 18-6-6 records gives them 60 points and the first guaranteed spot in the MLS Cup Playoffs, not to mention a certain dominance over the league as a whole. The last four games of this year, to be played against Dallas, Colorado, LA, and Portland, won't change that.

Opinion on LA v. San Jose, Beckham, and Other Junk

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I write this from a hotel in Segovia, where I'm forgoing a siesta in favor of updating this 'ere blog. In case you missed the end note in the last post, I'll be spending the next month or so in Spain and, for the record, watching the Spain v. Portugal match in a sea of 100k+ red-clad fanatics was exactly as sick as it seems.

Aaaaaaaaaand, We’re Back

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No, I haven't given up on MLS. Things were just a bit too crazy between AP's, finals, the ACT, the SAT, and Euro 2012. Rest assured, though, the MLS Offside is back in business, and will continue to be throughout my time in Spain (yeah, I'm leaving today for a 5 week visit).

I haven't posted in two months, leaving me a ton of ground to cover.

This Whole micoach Thing Is Cool

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There are advantages to playing in a smaller league. With fewer eyes watching, sponsors are more willing to use America as a test market, trying out new technology in the US before shipping it over to the big boys in Europe.

It was announced recently that Adidas would be using the 2012 MLS All-Star game, slated for July 25 in Philadelphia, as a forum to test its new "smart cleat" technology, micoach.

Wait, WHO Beat WHOM?!?!

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New England's 2012 season began as we all expected. The Rev's lost their two opening road matches, including a 1-0 loss at San Jose and a whopping 3-0 spanking by Sporting. Things turned around only narrowly with the club's home opener, as the club rode past the absences of Darrius Barnes, John Lozano, Stephen McCarthy, and Benny Feilhaber to find a 1-0 win over Portland.

So This Weekend…. (and Cuba Jokes)

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There really hasn't been much "news" news in MLS over the past few weeks: clubs haven't been rumored to be in talks with international stars, managers have kept things with the status quo, and not a single player was found to me making anything of a ruckus. The season opened smoothly, and attendance looked stronger than ever.

(Finally) The Last-Minute 2012 Preview

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Today I looked at my calendar and realized that MLS First Kick is only hours away. I also realized, though, that I hadn't written any sort of "preview" for the season. My bad. So, with today being a professional day at school, I figured I'd catch up on the 2012 prediction curve and look at what could happen in the coming season.

By: Bet MLS

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Now following

One Week Away, Let The Fantasy Leagues Begin

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Though most of us will never get far past managing our son's rec league, entering an MLS fantasy league can help us all channel our inner Sigi Schmid. Luckily, there are countless free MLS fantasy games available online, each with its own nuances and flavors.

MLS offers their own, called MLS Fantasy Soccer: Manager.

The Adu Amnesia Effect

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I want to run a bit of a thought experiment. Close your eyes. Okay, don't close your eyes. Now, imagine Freddy Adu, but only considering the past year of his career. Forget his being drafted while still only halfway through puberty, the magazine covers, and the pictures with Pelé. Wipe away the memory of the buzz that surrounded the US's wonder kid, and definitely (definitely) make sure to leave behind all thoughts of how disappointing he turned out to be for the national team.

LA, Revs Win In Desert Cup

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With First Kick only two weeks away, the MLS Preseason is coming to a climax in Arizona's Desert Cup.

In the first of two games this past weekend, LA overcame a nine-man RSL 2:0, with goals from Paulo Cardozo and Mike Magee. Salt Lake's ejections included an immediate red for Ned Grabavoy in the 70th minute after a a rough tackle on Marcelo Sarvas, and a second yellow for Yordany Alvarez in the 77th for a challenge on LA's Cardozo.


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