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September 12, 2012 03:47 UTC
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Last night's performance of The Columbus Crew was better than the first game in my own personal thoughts. In the first match we all experienced a team that was still new and fresh. This was a team that had been together for about three months and had very little time to actually play together. During the DC United game we saw a team that was still learning where everyone was on the pitch.

Steps for Improvement

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Tonight the Columbus Crew opened the season on the road against D.C. United. The result?! In the words of wise people PATHETIC. Yes the Crew fell to DCU 3-1 but what did they learn from it? Simple answer: Teamwork. The Crew have 14 returning players from last season. So let's do the math....oh that means half of last season's team is gone.

Thanks to MLS and ESPN for caring..NOT!

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So we all have seen the Crew schedule has come out by now. Granted it's a comfortable and workable schedule minus the extra CCL games they have this year. They still haven't heard anything about Super Liga but that's not the case here. The league also posted the TV schedule for the 2011 year. So how many games will the Crew play on ESPN?

Fifa 11 Tourny…

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Have the winter blues with soccer? Want to interact with other soccer fans and play FIFA? Well now you can.... The Hudson Street Hooligans are hosting a Fifa 11 tournament league and there are prizes weekly . For more information and to sign up visit

Another goes….

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We just heard that Forward Jason Garey's contract was not picked up as well. He made the choice to opt out of renewal. So what forward do we have left? Only 3. Mendoza, Rentaria and Lenhart as of now. But who will be protected? Today Commissioner Don Garber made the announcement that the roster will be expanded to 30 players with 10 Reserve League matches.

Dear Columbus Crew

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What are you doing? As a supporter of the club for a good while I think mistakes are being made. It's understandable if you don't want to resign Hejduk or Padula but GBS? Come on are you for real?! If it wasn't for his experience that he brought I don't think this team was even close to being where they are today.

The Underdog Conference Finals

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Ah the Conference Finals. The most shocking and entertaining matches of the post season. No one would have predicted that two Western teams would face in the EASTERN Conference final. In the Western Conference was a slight give that LA Galaxy would make it to the final, but no one could predict the outcome.

The Underdog Playoffs

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Last week no one predicted that the final would consists of FC Dallas and Colorado Rapids. How did it happen? Well let's review....

First, let's begin with The Eastern Conference playoff series debacle. Who would of predicted that the all mighty "powerhouse" RBNY would lose at home to the underdog San Jose?

The Playoffs

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Just like any other American sport, the playoffs are the most exiting. We all have heard by now the Giants beat the Rangers in the World Series. Now who knew that would of happened? I sure didn't predict that. Switching back to soccer. Last night San Jose Earthquakes beat the New York Red Bulls 3-1 on aggregate goals.

Thank You to the Professional Athletes….

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It's sad to see professional athletes end their careers on an injury they cannot over come. It just hits you day in and day out that you never know when the last day is. Be grateful for most of them who heal and came back to play in the sport we love to watch and support. Yes as fans we all get upset when the team or players don't do well but in the end don't forget they are human.

Crew’s 2010 Post Regular Season Awards

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As the regular season came to a close on Sunday, the Crew hosted their 2010 Post Season Awards on Monday the 25th at the Lifestyle Community Pavilion. Once again the set up was a Casino style event where players and fans could gamble for tickets. The tickets were a lottery for items to be won such as a 2010 signed Crew jersey or a Xbox 360 with Fifa 11 game to name a few.

Ochocinco Playing For The Crew? No Thanks.

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As some of you may have heard, Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Ochocinco was on FSC's Soccer Talk Live recently where he stated his desire to play pro soccer, maybe as early as next season. He even went so far as to compare himself to Didier Drogba. When asked about his foot speed, Chad said that there "is not one person in soccer right now who would beat me running," including FC Barcelona's Lionel Messi.

Get Ochocinco to Columbus

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Join the page so we can show him that Columbus is Massive.

Get Ochocinco to Columbus Crew

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Crew Can Take League Lead with Win Saturday

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Saturday is a big day for football in Columbus. Not only are the city's beloved Buckeyes taking on Miami in the biggest game of the college football season, but the red-headed step children of Columbus sports, The Crew, are poised to take over the top spot in MLS with a win against Los Angeles later that night.

A Tour of Columbus With Danny O’Rourke

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And now a word from Columbus Crew Uitility man, and '09 Crew Player of the Year, Danny O'Rourke. I'd like to thank Danny for taking three months to get back to me, and also for taking time out of his busy schedule to write. As anyone who has ever stared at a blank pad of paper knows, writing something coherent to a broad audience is a daunting task.