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In Case You Hadn't Noticed...

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i have (temporarily?) stopped posting on my blog and have been posting regular updates on my Twitter account - @RedStarsCEO. i have also begun writing a weekly column on the global soccer blog "Pitch Invasion". The column is on the business of soccer in the United States. i hope you've enjoyed the posts here (i'll keep the posts here for archive purposes) and will continue to follow me on Twitter and Pitch Invasion.

Guest Blog By Red Stars Supporter Pott Rodriguez

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One of the more vocal Red Stars fans is Pott Rodriguez (to the left with Megan Rapinoe). Pott can pack a punch and she took issue with this week's SBI Power Rankings and decided to write her own. SBI's Christi Mann ranked the undefeated Red Stars 5th in the 7 team WPS, while Pott has the undefeated Red Stars 3rd.

Lindsay Tarpley and the Red Stars

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In honor of Tarps' game winning goal versus Saint Louis Athletica Saturday night in front of 5,008 fans at St. Louis(many of whom cheered for the Red Stars), we bring you new and old videos of the Red Stars star.

This one's a slide show with some pics of a very young Lindsay.

Peter Wilt Week On Big Soccer

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i've been asked to blog this week on i'm soliciting questions for a Q&A on Friday and hope to cover most of these topics during the week:

1) MLS: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
2) Stand and Deliver: A reminder of supporters culture from Brandon Kitchens
3) WPS: A message to WPS 2014 and 2019 from WPS 2009
4) WPS Predictions: team and individual
5) Red Stars: Three years in the making
6) WUSA: Lessons learned.

Fire Season Kickoff Luncheon

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It was great to attend the Chicago Fire Foundation's Season Kickoff Luncheon yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel. It is one of my favorite events of the year, because it brings together every corner of the Chicago soccer community and all of the Fire's stake holders.

The Chicago Red Stars were well represented by former Fire staffers Pat McNamara and Greg Zaskowski as well as Alyse LaHue, Amber Simons (who is also serving as the Red Stars Foundation's Executive Director), Marcia McDermott and me.

Running of the (Not Fernando) Llamas

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i was talking to my niece Ingrid yesterday and she told me she was going to go live on a farm. This came as a bit of a surprise as she currently goes to grade school and lives in very urban Minneapolis.

Turns out she's going to "Farm Camp" for five weeks and plans to return afterwards.

Creating Team Chemistry...the Birth of the Red Stars

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Quietly. and far from even the limited spotlight that pro women's soccer receives, there are seven month-long chemistry experiments under way at soccer outposts across the country. These experiments, conducted by Professors Hayes, DiCicco, Sawyers, Gabarra, Barcellos, Montoya and Rogers, are all now just about half finished.

Soccer News Overload

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Just a ridiculous amount of American soccer news flooding my inbox this week and most of it is good.

MLS Expansion - Vancouver, which was announced today, and Portland later this week.

DC Stadium - The soap opera continues

WPS Expansion - Philly is going to be a great franchise.

Old Media, New Media

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Maybe it's because i was a journalism major in college. Maybe it's because i was a wire service sports writer for three years. Maybe it's because i have a big ego and like seeing my name in print, but i've always enjoyed talking to reporters.

This morning i had scheduled interviews with New York Times soccer writer Jack Bell and the Associated Press' Rachel Cohen.

'Tis the Season

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This was my Twitter message yesterday morning on the way to Toyota Park:

"Today: Advisory Board mtng, Pick Your Seat Day, CRS Fndation board candidate intervw, talk to ISSA, 1st CRS exhibitns @ Lk Barrngtn. Whew!"

Consolidating yesterday's whirlwind of Red Stars activity into 140 characters really didn't do the day justice.

Optimism from the WPS Owners Meetings

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During these days of economic crisis when every television, newspaper and Twitter report is of certain doom and gloom*, it was refreshing to participate in two days of WPS owners meetings this week that included a number of positive indicators for the League's launch and future.

Individual teams and the League both had good reports on ticket sales, sponsor direction and expansion.

Back to the Future

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Actually, if you'd like to buy a jersey, don't click on the picture, click here instead.

Find more photos like this on Women's Professional Soccer

WPS unveiled all its uniforms last night at a fashion event in New York City. The Chicago Red Stars jersey design was inspired by Puma's 2005 Chicago Fire third strip which was a solid light blue jersey with four red stars across the chest.

Preaching the Red Stars on a Sunday Morning in a Catholic High School

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After watching Fulham top West Brom at the Highbury Pub early this morning, i joined Red Stars Account Executive Carrie Sear at Milwaukee's Pius XI High School to speak to the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association. By the way, there are funnier school nicknames out there, but i've always found it humorous that the women's athletic teams at Pius are nicknamed the "Lady Popes".

Red Stars Tryouts

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The Chicago Red Stars held their open tryouts last week at the impressive McCook Athletic & Exposition (MAX) center. We had a great turnout both in terms of numbers and quality. Players came from across the area, the country and the world.

Cristiane Speaks

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i'm not sure what the Red Stars top international draft pick is saying in this video, but she sure has a nice smile and there are some gorgeous goals by her and Marta on the video below...i sure hope we sign her!!