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September 12, 2012 03:48 UTC
January 20, 2008 10:55 UTC

Happy 4th of July!!!

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What up peoplez? Well today is our Super-D-Duper nations birthday. So either stay sober and light fireworks.. or get drunk and appreciate them!.. never both...

oh yeah.. and keep an eye on the dog...

Owen to United...??

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Soooo Sir Alex wanted to sign the lad as a teenager.... but as we all know he went to Liverpool where I loved him like a brother until he made his trip to Spain, our relationship ended soon after. Sir Alex finally gets his wish, though he's not a teenager, Michael still has all the potential in the world.

NSR: My New Favorite Show!!

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Some wipeouts!

Takes a bit O strength!

Footy From the Past Couple Days

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Yo what up?.. I'm back from my trip and I figured I'd talk about some goods from the past weeks worth of footy...

Well there's only one place to start that's with the US v Brazil match. I watched it w/ my snoring brother while being occasionally attacked by a cat. Anywho, we proved that we can play with the best.

Ummm.. So We're Going to the Finals??

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And I thought the Giants had a better chance beating the Pats two years ago haha.. Well I'm going to have to be a little brief on this one cause I'm practically out the door. I'm sure everyone knows that the US took out Spain today 2-0.. and I have a couple things I'd like to touch on.

First, we defended like we had 3 testicles and the play of Rico and Jay.

Good v. Evil

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hahah I remember when this commercial came out.. its my favorite soccer commercial of all time.. Au revoir..

Thoughts Before Wed....

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Well first off, wtf happened yesterday... jesus. Well I can tell you one thing.. Eric Wynalda's facebook was surely the reason why we played so well haha. But first, hats off to the boys.. they showed that we really do know how to play footy, and that we could finally score during the run of play.

NSR: New Wale "Back to The Feature" Mixtape

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Brand new long-awaited mixtape from Wale. Download it HERE.

Some Thoughts Before the Trip Home

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Well here we sit broken hearted paid a nickle and (only farted?) haven't scored a goal in the run of play in 4 games.

Well its clear that we're not going to beat Egypt by a score of 3-0, and I honestly don't think Brazil will tally more then 3 against Italy. So lets put this game into perspective, this is a game to see who wants to step up.

On a Brighter Note..

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At least we didn't let a goal up like this today....

Still Have a Prayer

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Well after another amazing coaching display by Bob-O the US still has a mathematical chance of making it to the second round of the Confederations Cup. With the US at the bottom of the group at a strong -5 goal differential, they need to beat Egypt by a tally of 3-0. That's not it though... we also need Brazil to take out Italy 4-0 to progress by goal differential.

6 Match Ban for Drogba

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Remember this?? So yea, Drogba was banned for 6 matches for berating the ref after that controversial champions league game. Personally I think this was one of the greatest flip-outs of all time. But not better than Cantona destroying someone in the front row:

NSR: New Mos Def

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Just writing this to let anybody who's a fan of Mos Def, or real hip-hop, that his new album came out last week and it is definitely his best since the classic Black on Both Sides. So if your a fan of Mos, Blackstar and other good hip-hop, I definitely recommend checking out this album immediately.

Where Will Ribery Go???

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According to, it seems Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery is very much in demand these days. Supposedly Chelsea, Barcelona, and Manchester United have all tabled bids for his services, with Real Madrid possibly doing the same. Personally i'd like to see him go to Barcelona because then it will be even more fun to watch them destroy teams 200-1 with their beautiful passing game.

Italy 3 - 1 USA.......

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Overall I thought this was the best the US has played all year, even with a man down (oh yea, fuck you ref. Honestly that was the softest red I've ever seen. Whenever we play Italy we always get a soft ass red that ruins the game.) Ultimately a strong performance wasn't enough as things were again ruined by the ref vs Italy and they eventually succumbed to two tremendous strikes from Rossi(Fucking traitor.