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January 12, 2018 06:41 UTC
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Slavisa finally brings stability; Fulham succeed

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Fulham finished the 2016-17 (regular) season with a moodnot felt nor heard since "Call Me Maybe" was a hit and not a punchline: a success.

Statistically, how did Fulham manage to buck this nearly 5-year trend of performances that ranged from historically terrible, to surprisingly good, to maddeningly inconsistent?

No, football is not like baseball…

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Alright! The problem with being a football outsider is that often you find yourself having to speculate about things you can't really know about.

Well that's fine in a way. This uncertainty has given us the scope to have a good think about what might possibly be happening behind the scenes at Fulham.

Defending Slaviša Jokanović

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Yesterday's post earned me some interesting feedback, and I thank those who took the trouble to read.

As most could see I was not in any way attempting to suggest that we replace the manager behind our legendary/extraordinary start to the season with an American baseball robot, and to that, I remainaware of the myriad differences between football and baseball.

Defending the Khans and analytics as they apply to Fulham FC.

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"The League Managers' Association has revealed that in the Championship, where there were 20 dismissals in the recently-completed season, the average spell in charge is just 0.86 years."

Presumably each of these managers knows exactly what his team needs to do to win when they're first brought in.

Coping without Ross McCormack

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What happens when you lose a 28 goal striker?! (And Matt Smith, as it happens).

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Let’s forget Fulham’s 2015-16 forgettable season

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(by timmy; apologies for mislabeling when Kit was fired/Joka hired on a few of these images)

The 2015-16 Season can be told in 3 chapters: Kit, Interim, Joka. Throughout these chapters was the same bad stats, poor defense, inconsistent offense, and otherwise anonymous cast of characters.

Let’s analyze Slavisa after just 7 games!

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(by timbo)

As I mentioned yesterday, Fulham's TSR has increased whereas the Shooting % has decreased in Slavisa Jokanovic's 7 games in charge. This is a very small sample size, and barely half of what Kit's is, but it's still illustrative of the changes he's made.

Beloware four graphs.

Championship Advanced Stats

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(by timbo)

I've been keeping advanced stats for Fulham all season long, but I'm happy to announce that I've finally figured out how to tally up data for the entire league. Here are the fancy numbers, via WhoScored:

# Team TSR SoT Share Shooting% Save % PDO
1 Hull 0.

Fulham go moneyballing for gold

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Football and analytics fight!

This has been going on forever in baseball, so no shock to see it happening here, now, either. Worse, much of what the likes of Bill James discovered in the 70s and 80s was more or less indisputable, but it still took until relatively recently for his ideas to take hold.

Roy Hodgson book now on Amazon

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Still here. I will write more soon.

I just wanted to give a heads up: my Roy Hodgson book is now available as a paperback on Amazon. It's a proper paperback format, and I'm pleased with how it's come out.

The link's here:

Fulham’s Defense in Two Charts

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(by timbo)

Yay more fun with data!

Yes that is just2games conceding less than double-digit shot totals.

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Why Kit Had to Go

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(by timbo)

What to say about Kit Symons that hasn't already been said? We got our immediate bump when he replaced Magath, but have essentially pleatued for the past calendar year.

Our offense is on fire and something to behold when fully functioning. The one-two passing and fluidity were such a reprieve from the nebulous Magath and static Jol era.

Those final 15 minutes vs Charlton

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(by timbo)

Sometimes leads are blown because the lead was perilous to begin with, a result of some fluky behavior and good fortune, and it catches up with the team as some sort of metaphysical reckoning.

Other timesit's bad luck or a momentary lapse in judgement, a result ofsome cruel joke by Loki.

Thoughts on the QPR thrashing

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A win that raises all sorts of questions.

What is the modern Fulham? The team that crushed QPR 4-0? Or the team that has been beyond ordinary for as long as we can remember?

Realistically you have to err on the side of caution, but just as there were reasons to be negative before, there were plenty of reasons to be cheerful on Friday too.

Fulham 2015-16 Stats

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Timbo here!

Here's a link to agoogle spreadsheet I will be updating with data from each match (or, I hope to keep updating): Fulham Data.


  • It's still very early, sothere's been a lot of wacky variance within andbetweeneach match (see: the PDO in our opener, our Sv% at Hull and then vs Huddersfield.