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September 12, 2012 03:50 UTC
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Robinho to Man City! No, Seriously!

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In an amazing chain of events all coming together during the closing hours of the European transfer window, Real Madrid's Robinho has agreed to be transferred to Manchester City. According to the folks over at the BBC a deal was struck between the two clubs for an amount over $50 million.

Everything in the last week is almost too much for this City supporter.

City Pounds Hammers

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Welcome back to a new season of Manchester City football!

Yes, I understand that two league matches, and a round and a half of UEFA Cup matches, have already been played. But, there hasn't been anything worth remembering until the Citizens 3-0 dismantling of West Ham this past Sunday. A friend of mine, who is a Hammers supporter, informed me that City was lucky that they were able to play most of the match a man up as West Ham midfielder Mark Noble was sent off in the 39th minute with his second yellow card of the day.

Is it worth beating Man Utd?

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The results of this season continue to be on par for a typical Manchester City side. The year started out well, with three straight victories, including one at home of over their crimson clad neighbors - Manchester United. However, beating United may come at a greater price than it is worth.

Switching focus to the red rivals for only a moment, United has only suffered defeat at the hands of three Premiership teams this season loosing both contests with Manchester City and then dropping results against West Ham and Bolton.

City come from behind against Bolton

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Watch the City-Bolton goal-fest exhausted me during the early hours of this morning. City are certainly proving to pull out some exhilarating results this season, while playing at home.

It's quite late, so my thoughts may not be coherent. Please let me know if I confuse you.

It was good to see Bianchi score in the first five minutes or so, but disheartening to see him out of position because of his lack of willingness to recover from the previous play.

Collapses Make Memories of Good Times Even Better

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Last week, Stephen Ireland make my two year-old daughter cry. Err, more accurately, my reaction to his last minute rocket-volley from the top of the penalty area to get the win against Reading was more likely what scared her. But, how could any City supporter contain themselves in such a moment?

Winning in that fashion reminded me of why I first fell in with the Blues.

City back on track against Sunderland

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It wasn't pretty, and I never got the warm fuzzy feeling that the Blues were dominating, but it was still a win. And after the embarrassment; of last week, it was nice getting back into the win column.

A week after bleeding six goals to Chelsea Manchester City were able to keep a clean sheet against newly promoted Sunderland, who have yet to win on the road this season.

Dreadful Outting Against Chelsea

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I've never seen a team react so poorly to falling behind than Manchester City looked today against Chelsea. Not ever have I even seen my local MLS side, Real Salt Lake, look so incredibly shellshocked!

Although, there were a lot of similarities between City and RSL today. The goalkeeping looked pretty good behind a weak defense.

Not the best decision for Ireland

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You know, I can relate with Stephen Ireland. I'm guessing his rationale for lying to the Irish national team and the press about his grandmothers passing to get out of national team duty was similar to mine this morning.

I got to the gym a few minutes late this morning, which made my workout carry over past the time I was supposed to leave to give my wife sufficient time to get herself to a class at the same gym.

City still on the upper end of the table

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I was totally embarrassed last night. Not for being a supporter of Manchester City, but for not being up to snuff as a supporter.

It's rare to find people to talk about Premiership football with in the area where I live, so when you do find them you be sure to get as much football conversation out as possible.

On this particular occasion last night I was chatting with a pair of friends, one a West Ham supporter and the other a Man United supporter.

Schmeichel: Truly Inspiring

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Living under someone elses shadow is never easy. Just ask Kasper Schmeichel, the 20-year old Danish goalkeeper for Manchester City. Even while in the midst of an amazing start of conceding a single goal in his first four games with City, the first point mentioned out of everyone's mouth is his father.

Kasper happened to be born to one of the - if not the - best goalkeepers in soccer history, Peter Schmeichel.

Promising Start for City

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Blue Moon! You saw me standing alone, without a dream in my heart, with out a love of my own!

I heard it! I had always been told that the City faithful belted these lyrics in support of the Blues, but in the few years that I have followed the team I had never heard it. Until today. It was a treat for the ears to hear the words loud and clear, even away from the City of Manchester Stadium.

Why City?

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Everyone has their own reasons for the clubs that they support. And each one of us relates to our team in our individual way. As an American, I can't fault those from over here who's first thought of a English football club is linked to the other Manchester side. Growing up, I was able to find one game on the television a week, and it almost always involved that other Manchester side.