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Indonesian Football Limps Into The 1990s

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Football clubs need money. All those players need paying and in Indonesia plane tickets need to be reserved and hotels booked. The money needs to come from somewhere but for too long too many clubs have lived in denial. Brought up on a culture of handouts from local government clubs have muddled along, often under the tutelage of local government appointees who may or may not be big football fans.

Being Thai is Not Enough To Challenge Asia's Best

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That Thailand have been the preeminent force in South East Asian football for the best part of two decades is indisputable. Since 1996 they have won the ASEAN Football Federation Cup five times and triumphed in the SEA Games in 11 out of 13 competitions since 1993. When it comes to regional bagging rights the War Elephants fear no foe.

Two Sides Of Indonesian Football Fans

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Indonesian football fans have been quick to show their support for the Rohingya and Palestinian people (PSS fans pictured below) in recent weeks, displays which have shown supporters in a positive light for a change.
However while they have been praised for showing unity with those suffering overseas, elements have still managed to show the ugly side is alive and kicking and their empathy for those in foreign lands doesn't extend to rivals closer to home.

Ilham Udin Strikes Late To Take Bhayangkara Top

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Persela v Perseru 1-0 (Samsul Arif) 3,960
It comes to something when Persela are recording such a low attendance but perhaps there can be some sympathy for the long suffering support who had just witnessed five straight losses. And, no disrespect, Perseru aren't the most attractive of opponents!

Culling Time Looms Closer For Liga 2

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We are now at the business end of the Liga 2 season with perhaps the biggest relegation in the history of football looming. This season's Liga 2 of course started with 61 teams, there are now 59 after Persifa and Pro Duta withdrew, but next season will see just 24 teams competing in the second tier. The teams that don't make the cut will find themselves in next season's Liga 3 while this season's Liga 3 will be next season's Liga 4!

PSMS Away Form Allows Rivals To Catch Up

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Not too long ago I was discussing Liga 2 with a few people and talk soon turned to which teams would be promoted to Liga 1 out of the 16 which would go through to the knock out rounds. The general consensus seemed to be PSMS had one promotion spot sewn up thanks to their blistering start to the campaign which had seen them win their first five games.

Sylvano Hat Trick Crushes Madura But Persipura Still Set Pace

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Mitra Kukar v Barito Putera 3-2 (Hendra Bayauw, Marclei Santos, Jorge Gotor; Rizky Pora, Willian Lira) 1,123
An exciting Kalimantan Derby saw Barito Putera lose their third away game in their last four travels despite new import Lira netting a late penalty, his first for the team, to set up a nerve wracking finale.

Persib Look To N'Douassel For Goals And Salvation

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After a tempestuous first half to the season which has seen fan protests help convince coach Djadjang Nurdjaman to step down, a one time English international struggle to earn game time and enough cash paid in fines to support a couple of Liga 3 teams, Persib will be hoping for a quieter run in to the end of the season where the news is focused on the eleven players on the pitch and their results.

Persiba Report 'Missing' Coach To Police

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Last week Persib came out and announced they would be appointing Milomir Seslija as their new coach and he would start working on the fifth of August. Milomir came out and said that no he would not be joining the West Java club, he was under contract with Persiba and of course the club was quick to issue denials forcing Persib to backtrack.

Foreign Referees Are Little More Than Window Dressing

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Remember when you were at school and you would often play up in class, especially when there was a particular Maths teacher who you knew you could manipulate or get around? Yeah, you would still get in trouble after but any punishment was only a slap on the wrist and as such could be brushed away quickly 'cos you knew this teacher would not/could not catch you every time you played up.

Madura United Stay Top But Beware The Black Pearls

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Madura United v Persela 2-1 (Slamet Nurcahyo, Fandi Eko Utomo; Kousuke Uchida) 4,429

Persela continue to show what a tough team they are to break down after traveling to the island of Madura and almost coming away with a point. They managed to keep the home side's strike force of Peter Odemwingie and Greg Nwokolo quiet, no mean achievement for a partnership that has produced 20 goals between them, but Madura still had enough in the tank to come up with an 82nd minute winner by Fandi Utomo, on at half time for new signing Cameron Watson.

Bhayangkara Exchange Thiago For Spasogol

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Thiago Furtuoso is a more than competent striker. In the first half of the season for Bhayangkara he scored seven goals and three assists as the police side have maintained an unlikely title bid in the face of more fancied sides. The 30 year old Brazilian striker's experience has also proved invaluable in bringing on younger players like Ilham Uddin Armaiyn (seven goals in fifteen games) and Dendi Sulistyawan.

Reinaldo's Move To Persija Highlight Of Quiet Transfer Win

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As far as transfer windows go it hasn't been the busiest in Liga 1 with a number of clubs making very few, if any at all, changes to their squads.
Arema have struggled for goals all season, despite sitting in eighth place only relegation threatened Perseru have scored fewer, but with Aji Santoso stepping down last week it appears his replacement Joko Susilo is happy with his options.

Empty Seats At Liga 1 Games Highlights Football's Strength In Depth

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I have been the first to sing the praises of Indonesian football supporters and their passion for their clubs but a graphic currently doing the rounds on the excellent @PengamatSepakbola Instagram account suggest the numbers are not what they could be. Yes, I like to write down the crowd figures as released and yes we can go ooh and aah accordingly but when we look at the attendances as a percentage of stadium capacity we can see that in fact much more should be done to attract fans to games than is currently being done.

Mixed Messages Damage Persib's Image

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Persib are never far from the headlines. They are Indonesia's Barcelona, Bayern Munchen, Newcastle United. Whatever comes out from Bandung makes for good copy. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If ever an Indonesian team is to conquer South East Asia it is Persib. Just don't hold your breath.