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New Age Limits Add To Coach's Pressures

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I must admit to a feeling of massive underwhelment at the recent 'changes' announced by the Football Association of Singapore as they bid to improve the state of their flagship SLeague. Remember, this is a league where the last eight trophies have been won by just one team, Albirex Niigata, which features precisely zero local players.

Local Sides See Merit In Attracting Foreign Teams Pre Season

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It is heartening to see some of the more ambitious Indonesian sides look to foreign shores when it comes to preparing for the 2018 season.
Both Madura United and PSM have lined up intriguing pre season tournaments that go beyond the usual dull old trofeo format that has become popular in recent seasons.

APPI Needs To Respond To 'Traitor' Slurs

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The PSSI chairman has been in the news recently. The military man who is also a candidate for the governorship of North Sumatra has reacted angrily to the prospect of Indonesian footballers having the gall to go and ply their trade overseas.
He first made the comments when Bhayangkara duo Evan Dimas and Ilham Uddin were signed by Malaysian side Selangor, calling the pair unpatriotic, whatever that means.

Forget DPMM, Coventry City Would Be Perfect Liga 1 Fit

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Golly. A month off. Things have been pretty hectic as I struggle to adapt to my latest country but am still keeping in touch with Indonesian football and all that entails. As I try and wean myself back into the writing habit something gentle to start off with.
So, DPMM want to join Liga 1? The Brunei side it seems are a bit peeved by some of the new regulations imposed by the Football Association of Singapore and have been casting around in search of a new home.

Vujovic To Leave Persib But Will Remain Club Legend

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Persib Bandung were trailing 1-0 against Arema in the Indonesia Super League semi final at the Jakabaring Stadium in Palembang. The only goal of the game had come in the first minute of the second half. Persib's Montegran defender Vladimir Vujovic failed to anticpate the bounce of a ball lofted into the penalty area.

ASEAN Average Attendances 2017

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Indonesia (top 6 attendances)

46,359 Persebaya v Semeru
36,545 Persib v Persija
34.056 Persib v Arema
29,673 Persija v Persela
29,669 Persija v PS TNI
29,640 Persija v Bhayangkara

Indonesia Average

23,051 Persija
18,006 Persib
13,779 PSM
13,423 Bali United
12,392 Persipura


17,051 Johor Darul Ta'zim
14,693 Kedah
7,542 Pahang
7,097 Kelantan
6,474 Perak


13,890 Buriram United
9,359 Muang Thong United
7,493 Suphanburi
6,316 Chiang Rai United
6,059 Nakorn Ratchasima


9,333 Thanh Hoa
8,538 SHB Da Nang
8,417 Hoang Anh Gia Lai
7,583 Hai Phong
6,750 Than Quang Ninh

Persib Season Ends In Disgrace After Perseru Loss

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Following on from their 2014 Indonesia Super League title success it looked like Persib were set fair to dominate the domestic game for years to come. They had the squad, they had the supporters and they had the vision off the field.
Then came the FIFA suspension. Persib had reached the last 16 of the AFC Cup but the rug was pulled from under their feet and domestically the ISL was halted.

FIFA Congratulate Bali As Bhayangkara Lift Title

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I received a message from my brother yesterday. 'Why,' he wanted to know 'weren't Bali United champions?' Long story I replied.
It wasn't only a West Ham United fan with no knowledge of Indonesian football who was asking questions about Bhayangkara's surprise title success.
The game's world governing body was caught out as well.

Madura United's Odemwingie Takes To Social Media

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Madura United's Peter Odemwingie has been sucked into an online spat with his club following the team's back to back losses at the end of a season that had gone so well. The East Javan club president Achsanul Qosari took to social media to explain to the team's supporters that Odemwingie would be leaving the club.

Marquee Players Leave Indonesia Less Than Impressed

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With the Liga 1 season coming to an end it's time we look back at the marquee players and how they did over the course of the campaign. Were they any that stuck out from the crowd? Were there any flops? What memories will they take from Indonesia?
The notion of the marquee player came pretty late.

ASEAN Domestic Champions Five Year Record

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2013 - Persipura
2014 - Persib
2015 - Gresik United*
2016 - Persipura**
2017 - Bhayangkara

* season halted following FIFA suspension
** Indonesia Soccer Championship is not recognised as an official league


2013 - LionsXII
2014 - Johor Darul Ta'zim
2015 - Johor Darul Ta'zim
2016 - Johor Darul Ta'zim
2017 - Johor Darul Ta'zim


2013 - Tampines Rovers
2014 - Warriors
2015 - DPMM
2016 - Albirex Niigata
2017 - Albirex Niigata


2013 - Buriram United
2014 - Buriram United
2015 - Buriram United
2016 - Muang Thong United*
2017 - Buriram United

The 2016 season was cut short when the Thai king died

Bhayangkara Champions After Spaso Hat Trick

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The circumstances may have been controversial but then what in Indonesian football isn't? Bhayangkara have been there or there abouts all season, impressing many with their open, attacking football. Coach Simon McMenemy has shown he isn't afraid to make the big shouts along the way for example replacing Thiago Fortuoso with Ilija Spasojevic mid season or placing his trust in 20 year old rookie keeper Awan Setho Raharjo.

Mystery As Liga 1 Decision Puts Bhayangkara In Pole Position

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Bhayangkara - Champions Elect?
A few months back I wrote about wayang, a puppet show where the puppet master sits behind a screen and manipulates puppets while telling a story. Understanding the concept of wayang goes a long way to understanding Indonesian and the myriad WTF moments that colour life here.

Persija's Bright Future After Ignoring Fans' Call For Coach Ouster

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Remember earlier in the season when Persija were struggling to find a win? When they went on that run which saw them winless in six games, scoring two goals along the way? The fans were calling for coach Teco to be sacked, there were protests at games, banners held up calling for change at the football club?

Bambang Responds To Disallowed Goal Controversy

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Bambang Pamungkas holds a unique position in the football pantheon. He is perhaps the one player respected across the length and breadth of the 17,000 islands that make up Indonesia. Bepe, as he is nicknamed, is Indonesia's Mohammed Saleh, Omar Abdulrahman, George Best, Franz Beckanbauer. He is perhaps the only footballer a humble noodle vendor or a western educated high flying businessman might recognise.