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September 12, 2012 03:51 UTC
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Life got in the way of blogging again. I might have to recruit a person or two to help me maintain this blog during those busy times.

Jornada 23: Abel’s 1st Home Game

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Atlético de Madrid v Getafe A Madrid derbi against neighbouring Getafe. No word on our starting 11 until Sunday morning, as stated on the club's official website. This is a must-win game. Here's the table as of this moment: 1 Barcelona 60 2 Real Madrid 47 3 Valencia 38 4 Sevilla 38 5 Villarreal 37 6 Málaga 36 7 Atlético 35 8 Deportivo 35 Vamos!

Jornada 22: First 3 Points of 2009

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Unfortunately, I was working this Sunday, so I couldn't follow the game. Still, a few things interested me about it: 1- It's our first victory of 2009. 2- It's Abel's first victory as manager. 3- Kun & Forlán scored the goals. 4- Abel's starting 11: Leo Franco; Perea, Pablo, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Sinama, Assunçao, Raúl García (Maniche 78), Antonio López; Forlán [.

Jornada 23: Abel Resino’s First Test

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This Sunday marks Abel's first game as manager and, frankly, I'm both excited and nervous. Why? Change is good, but the man has a tough string of games ahead him. Our next 10 games: -away to Recre. -home to Getafe. -away to Sevilla. -home to Porto. -home to Barcelona. -away for Madrid derbi. -away to Porto.

New Entries in the Works

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After a bit of a 'hiatus', I am back to regular blogging starting this evening! Thanks to all those who continue to leave comments & opinions on our club. Saludos.


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No, I haven't died or anything. I've just been in total disgust over our miserable run of form since the start of 2009. So, a replacement for Aguirre...finally. Who will it be? Apparently we'll know soon enough.

The Month of January…

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has been a dismal, downright ugly, one. Liga: Valencia 3 Atlético de Madrid 1 Copa: Atlético de Madrid 1 Barcelona 3 Liga: Atlético de Madrid 2 Athletic Bilbao 3 Copa: Barcelona 2 Atlético de Madrid 1 Next up...away to Almeria in the league this's hoping this game doesn't lead to more misery.

Jornada 17: Valencia 3 Atlético de Madrid 1

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New year, same shit. Once again, we fail to beat a top side in the league. Mediocrity, ahoy.

Holiday Day Break

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Jornada 16: Espanyol 2 Atlético de Madrid 3 Two goals by Maxi and one by Kun. That's four consecutive wins for us and a nine-game streak without a loss. We find ourselves back in a Champions spot, thankfully: 1 Barcelona 41 2 Sevilla 31 3 Atlético 30 4 Valencia 30 5 Real Madrid 29 6 Villarreal 29 Statistic 76% of our attempts at goal [.

Champions: Ola, FC Porto!

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Not a bad draw for the first knockout round, all things considered. IMPORTANT DATES 1st leg: 24/25 February 2nd leg: 10/11 March

Jornada 15: Atlético de Madrid 2 Real Betis 0

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Two quality goals and only two points away from a Champions spot. We haven't been ahead of Real in the league table since the 98/99 season! Precisely a decade. Good first half for us with plenty of goal-scoring opportunities. Maxi scored our 1st goal a beauty. Betis were hardly lying down, though: they had enough quality up [.

Champions: Marseille 0 Atlético de Madrid 0

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Well, we didn't deserve to win, but at least Marseille didn't win either. Their supporters have been incredibly rancid since the incident at our stadium. The result doesn't bother me much. Yes, we didn't top our group, but we still qualify for the next round of Champions. Positives: Strong defensive performances by Coupet & the defence.

Jornada 14: Sporting de Gijon v Atlético de Madrid

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Yes, Sporting have gone on a very good run recently, but I believe we have enough quality to leave with 3 points tomorrow. Historically, we have a very good record against Sporting in their home stadium. There's still a little piece of me that worries about fixtures like these, though  this is the type of club [.

Jornada 13: Atlético de Madrid 4 Racing Santander 1

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Leo Franco; Seitaridis, Heitinga, Ujfalusi, Pernía; Assuncao; Maxi (Banega 85′), Maniche (Raúl García 85′), Simao (Luis García 85′); Kun Agüero 7 Forlán. A crucial three points which helps us climb the table and keeps our European dream alive (5 points from a Champions spot).

Champions: Atlético de Madrid 2 PSV 1

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Two goals in the first half (Simao & Maxi) were enough to see us into the next round of Champions action...thankfully. And, keep us top of our group, ahead of Liverpool. In terms of the game, we dominated the first half and played some pretty good football for spells at a time. A win seemed a likely result once [.