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Well, it's been awhile. Sorry I haven't been posting as much lately. It's not that I've lost my passion for United (eff that, United 'til I die), it's just that...

... I have two jobs.

... I like girls, and I like dating them.

... the DCU blogosphere (let alone the MLS or USA-MNT blogospheres) is oversaturated, in my opinion.

Bitersweet Victory: DCU 2-1 Pachuca

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Ye olde college workload strikes again. I saw the match but I didn't have time to write up a full recap, and I don't have much time now. Real quick:

What I Liked

- Tackles from the midfield. Gallardo and Simms are a defensive dynamic to be reckoned with. Simms doesn't have much of a first touch, but his tackling acumen never fails to impress me.

Discussion: Overage Candidates for 2008 Olympics

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This clinches it: we need to discuss the overage options for the U-23 squad this summer.


McBride on the U-23 squad? Yes, please. He's a great option, and for so many reasons:

1) The national depth pool at forward is seriously lacking; we don't have many quality options.

D.C. Open with a Loss: Kansas City 2-0 D.C. United

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Hmmm. Interesting idea, Mr. Soehn. We'll have to wait until Tuesday to see if it pays off.

Apparently Soehn took Fred out of the starting lineup in favor of Dominic Mediate and perhaps withheld Santino Quaranta in favor of on-form Devon McTavish, the argument being that the full starting XI needs to be fresh for Tuesday's more important Champion's Cup match against Pachuca.

Pre-Season Power Rankings and Other Silly Things

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I could have done a DCU season preview but there are already nearly half a dozen out there. Shatz, for example, has been doing the roster dance for weeks. Ives turned his out for ESPN a couple weeks ago. Jon at DCU Offside did his the other day. Even has one up. That's some good coverage. Why compete?

US Dominate in Poland: Polska 0-3 US

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I won't say that our offense was fantastic (it was much the opposite, in fact) but our defense was solid when it needed to be and our midfield got the job done. We played our brand of football throughout, which is to say that we played some good ol' soccer: bruising d-mids destroying attacks before they happen, (over)utilization of the wings, and capitalization of dead-ball opportunities.

Home, Sweet Home : DCU Hits Harbour View for Five

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DC 5 (6) - (1) 0 Harbour View FC

Ah, the difference a pitch can make.

Recap, quick and dirty:

United come out strong by penetrating the flanks and cutting inside. McTavish capitalizes on some poor defending from a Gallardo freekick in the 26th. HVFC struggles to respond.

The Cuban Fiasco

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Today the NYTimes published the best article on the Cuban situation I've read yet.


U-23 Olympic Qualifying: US 1-0 Panama

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I'm going to stop calling these 'recaps' because honestly, I don't recap what happened in the game. I'm just posting what I think about it. And here's what I think about this one:

A clean sheet is just what Seitz and the US defense deserve. The Panamanian offense isn't the strongest of the group (by the numbers it's the weakest, actually) but it's to the US' credit that there were a scant few chances on goal.

Match Recap: DCU 1 - 1 Harbour View FC

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Woof. Not much to like about this game. A slow and cranky start to the season.

Recap, quick and dirty: McTavish scored just before the end of the first half, Lowell equalized just before the end of regulation. Neither goal was anything to brag about. DC enjoyed large periods of possession, which HVFC did their best to break up with hard tackles and double-teaming.

Halftime Thoughts

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Post-game recap later. Couple thoughts beforehand:

1) According to critics, Dax McCarty had a better-than-average game last night v. Cuba. I would tend to agree. I hesitate to applaud, however, because he still looks raw to me. He has more stamina than anyone else on the pitch and enough pace to stem a budding attack and get the job done, but his field awareness and defensive tactics leave much to be desired.

Match Recap: U-23 Olympic Qualifying, USA - Cuba

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Just lettin you guys know that I saw the game tonight, and I'm still in the blogging game. Still in it to win it baby. I'll see y'all soon.

Match Recap: Chelsea 2-1 Wigan, FA Cup

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With this win, Cup holders Chelsea are through to the final to play either Sheffield Utd or Manchester City.

Today's Chelsea was a decent side and the result was always to be, but due to the injury crisis and ACN absences it is now painfully evident where Chelsea's weaknesses are and a good possession side will be able to exploit them with ease.

Marcelo Gallardo to DC??

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Well, it's been since November. Just wanted to check back in. I'm well, thanks for asking.

Here's my silly season contribution: is reporting that Marcelo Gallardo is headed Stateside the next few days to sign a contract with an MLS club rumored to be DC United after our pursuit of Veron was scuppered by La Brujita himself.

USMNT in South Africa

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Just in case you missed it, the always-informative, must-read USMNT blog is now easier to find and read. Check it out.

Also, Donovan has been ruled out of the match with the calf strain and Bradley will not be calling in replacements. Interesting.

Anyways, I was going to make a small comment on the blog but it ended up being a big one, so I think I'll relay it here.