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February 23, 2013 03:02 UTC
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Round of 16, Here We Come

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After the debacle that was Barcelona 5 Valencia 1 this Sunday, it's on to greener pastures and the Mestalla, where Stoke City comes to town.

It's Thursday night and the UEFA Europa League.

I did another preview of the big match over at Forza Futbol, so won't you be so kind as to check it out and tell me what you think?

A Cold Wet Night

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This week, Our Beloved Valencia travel to England and the Britannia Stadium to tussle with Stoke City in the UEFA Europa League.

I wrote this article for our friends at Forza Futbol previewing the match.

Please take a minute to read it and leave comments on the site.

What Does Valencia CF Need?

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Today, a guest post from Abdul Rahman Al Ze'bi, who thinks Our Beloved Valencia needs a lot of stuff, like a new coach.

Agree? Disagree? Think Emery is over-caffeinated?

Have a read and post your opinions!

Take it away, Abdul ...

What Does Valencia CF need?

This has been the question everyone asks.

Valencia struggles to draw with Racing, faces Barca next

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Well, I didn't see the match v Racing this past weekend, but from all accounts, it was yet another shit performance from both Unai Emery and his players. Emery tried to play some nice offensive football away in Santander, starting both Tino Costa and Éver Banega in midfield, and within 2 minutes VCF was down 1-0.

Pablo Hernández uses The Offside as inspiration in 4-1 win over Levante

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It's always nice to know that people read your work, and when they do they take it to heart. Clearly, Pablo Hernández has a good understanding of English and reads The Offside, because just days after I called him rubbish and whatnot, he put on a blinder of a performance against Levante in the Copa del Rey.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “S”, for shocking…

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I'm back (kind of)! For those who used to visit The Offside but haven't in a while, welcome back. For those who have never visited before, welcome. As Cesar mentioned in the previous post, it's sad that I closed down Loco4LosChe, but I'm very excited to be a part of The Offside team now, as I think it better suits me at this time in my life to write one to two articles a week instead of daily news updates.


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Like a phoenix rising in the night (or a bat rising above Mestalla), the Valencia Offside returns.

As many of you know, Kyle's Loco4LosChe is ending as of today. That's very sad news.

But the good news is that Kyle's going to write articles here, IF ANYONE FROM THE OFFSIDE ANSWERS OUR E-MAILS .

Blah …

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I don't know what to think after today's 2-1 loss to Bayer Leverkusen in the UEFA Champions League in Germany.

On the one hand, we started strong, a Jonas goal in the 24th minute just reward for our early dominance.

Our defense looked solid; our offense wasn't scoring but we were getting opportunities and Bayer didn't look dangerous save the last minutes of the first half.


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Humblest apologies for my scarcity. Unfortunately Final exams are taking me to bed each night too exhausted and stressed to really have anything to offer. And this looks set to continue in the next few months, but hopefully 1) i'll find to post as often as possible and 2) valencia give me something to grin about tonight.

Ricardo Costa lays down the QQ instead of the PewPew

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So Ricardo Costa is miffed that he isnt being played. He recently had an interview in Portugal here is the jist of it translated to english.

The Portuguese international, 30, said about a news article about him being offered to Español.

"I didn't want to believe it when I saw it [the story].

Valencia Granada

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Here we are again. After a great tie in midweek against the blue giants from over the sea, we return to La Liga fixtures that, while less prestigious or eye-catching, are simply must-win games.

To be honest, looking around us I really feel we are competitive this season. We have started well, have options, stopped Barca and Chelsea, so if we can be consistent and put away the sides who we are simply better than (simple as that) we can do really well.

The Road to Recovery?

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How 'bout that Chelsea match, eh?

I don't have much time today as I'm at work (shhh ... don't tell anyone) but this article by the Swiss Ramble football blog regarding Valencia's finances and current economic state is 100% MUST READ material for Valencia fans worldwide.

I can't stress enough how good this blog post is.

Old friends…Valencia vs Chelsea LiveBlog

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After seeing our wonderful run at the start of this season end in real disappointment against Sevilla, we meet the English giants who took a dear son from us just a few months ago. Lets hope for a repeat of the magnificent display that we offered when Barca visited the Mestalla a few weeks ago.

Which Valencia will show up?

VCF Formations and Tactics

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Our formation tomorrow against Chelsea? Yes/no/maybe?

What do you think?

Who should the spastic Unai Emery select against Chelsea tomorrow in the Champions League?
Discuss tactics and formations below.

And don't forget to read my take on the match at Forza Futbol.

Bring It, Chelsea!

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On we go, with a visit from old friend Juan Mata and Chelsea, a club we have a recent history with.

It's the Champions League! The goose bump-inducing song, the pomp and circumstance!

Today, I'm re-directing you to a post I wrote for our friends at Forza Futbol.

If you're not following them on Facebook and Twitter, what are you waiting for?