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April 15, 2014 11:01 UTC
May 21, 2007 10:46 UTC

Fergie Time, Over

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Manchester United, Ho! The modern day English Premier League we've all come to waste a significant portion of our Saturdays and Mondays ... and sometimes a lot of other days, has been built more than anything else on characters and controversy. It probably has to be that way considering each year the level of play in the league seems to slip into some sort of soccer slime.

Unkie Mo

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Brad Guzan: Cold ... blooded. "Momentum? Momentum is the next day's starting pitcher." -- Earl Weaver *** Momentum is anebulousterm once you apply it to the world of sports, as opposed to the realm of physics where, you know, it actually means something what withco-signs, velocity, all that jazz.

Slow Blinded

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Rock. Snow. Flag. Eagle. U.S. 1, Costa Rica 0. Apologies up front, used up all my gold snow puns during course of the match's two-plus hours on Twitter. Sorry to freeze you out in blog form. You'll live. Where to start? Where to end? What to even talk about? There's the entire snow element, which overshadows the fact the U.

Lost in Transition

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"It's just like pulling off a Band Aid." -- Cop with a Mustache, There's Something About Mary *** Everybody got their pitchforks and torches on standby? This could get ugly ... for Jurgen Klinsmann, anyways. Safe to say based his Klinsmann's roster selection for Friday's vital CONCACAF 2014 World Cup qualifier against Costa Rica it hasn't been the best week of all-time for the German.

Howard's (temporary) End

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Yo, Joe! So who would've thought late Friday afternoon news would break out of England that U.S. No. 1 Tim Howard has two broken bones in his back, sidelining him 3-7 weeks. Not a big deal, aside from the fact the U.S. will play World Cup qualifiers against Costa Rica and some country called Mexico in thattime frame.

Alt-ered Beastmode

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heart u guys thiiiiiiiis much "Having an argument with myself down Elizabeth Street ..." -- Jens Lekman, "Argument with Myself." *** Let's begin this post with two statements of fact, which cannot be argued: a) Sunday Jozy Altidore scored his 24th goal this season for AZ -- a record for Americans in Europe.

We Want the Wiz

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"Apu living with the Simpsons?! It happened." -- Troy McClure, The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular *** Most Hollywood actors have their dirty little secrets on their IMDB pages. It's doubtful Tom Hanks is too proud of his starring role in the 1982 made-for-tv movie, "Mazes and Monsters." (I would be.


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USMNT: What. The. Frick?!?! Honduras 2, U.S. 1 (FT) As the dude in the American Outlaws t-shirt at the bar (non-official or @ussoccer-approved) where I watched Wednesday's game said as time expired in San Pedro Sula, "Well, that sucked." Not exactly the greatest way to kick off the final round of CONCACAF 2014 World Cup Qualifying, was it?

The Hondurans are Coming!

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Roger "Danger" Espinoza Ho-lee crap. If you're like me, your sleep pattern over the last week has been flushed straight down the toilet. You're twisting. You're turning. You're having bad dreams -- nightmares in fact. All because of one man: Roger Espinoza. Goodness gracious, did you see the Honduran midfielder's debut for Wigan Athletic in the Barclay's Premier League vs.

Arresting Development

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Can he play in Europe? Can he start for the USMNT? Can Fiji Water hydrate me properly after a grueling day signing autographs? *** Remember paper? You know, that stuff we used to read stuff on. You might remember itreferredto as "papyrus." It was made out of wood pulp, or something. It's hard to really say.

Thrill is gone

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Insanity: Actively choosing to spend two hours watching Sunderland play QPR. Anyone remember that delightful 1990s sitcom, "Mad About You"? For a while there you couldn't avoid it, either through it's part of NBC's so-called "Must See TV" lineup or in reruns. Now, in 2012, it appears to have disappeared entirely (much like it's female lead Helen Hunt although I read she's in some new movie -

Go back to Russia

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Russia 2, United States 2. So the American script under Jurgen Klinsmann survives to live another day and make the long winter before the qualifier against Honduras in February a little morepalatable. This game was the United States, as it stands currently in a nutshell. Sloppy play in your own half to give up a goal?

Nyet Gains

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"U-S-A, c'mon and raise up" -- Petey Pablo. 2012 was supposed to be an "off" year for the United States national team, wasn't it? That was the impression most of us were working under, right? It wasn't a World Cup year or even a Gold Cup year. The U23s failed to qualify for the London Olympics, so we couldn't even circle that on the calendar.

Job, done

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"Congratulations Elaine on a job ... done." -- J. Peterman, Seinfeld Crisis averted. The U.S. National Team will advance to the final found of CONCACAF 2014 World Cup qualification. That was fun. Realistically, there's not a ton to say following the U.S.'s 3-1 win over Guatemala in Kansas City. It was a fairly straightforward stuff and an overall solid American performance all things

Fear fun?

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He'll never be the head of a major corporation. Sometimes you wouldn't know it, but investing your god-given free time in following sports is supposed to be, umm, fun. Right? For instance, the 2012 baseball season following my Detroit Tigers was, in essence, six months of agita and misery -- until Justin Verlander's epic pitching performance in the ALDS Game 5 clincher vs.