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Perspectives on the beautiful game of soccer, have been found to cause cancer in laboratory mice.

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March 26, 2017 05:21 UTC
May 21, 2007 10:21 UTC

Klinsmann, the BMW and the Bug

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My first car, back in my college days, was a 1974 Volkswagon Bug. It had a funky black and gold paint job, a weird anti-theft system where it wouldn't start unless the fan button was pushed in, no radio, a balky clutch, no air conditioning and and a tendency to shake violently at speeds over 50 mph.

I loved that car.

Benny Drops the Mic on Jurgen Klinsmann

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Benny at MLS media day
Benny Feilhaber lobbed some truth bombs on the USMNT situation with Jurgen Klinsmann today. Reporters who still cover the squad will no doubt have more complete quotes and analysis and soon, but personally, I agree with Feilhaber a lot (more so than with Wambach or LD's comments, for example).

Mas y Mas Gio

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More leftover quotes on Gio/Galaxy.

Head coach Bruce Arena

Players are getting better. We've had a long year. We've had a lot of injuries and absences for periods of time. For the most part, we're over the hump and hopefully, we can get our team healthy and ready for the last nine season games and hopefully for the playoffs.

Dan the Man

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I mentioned on Twitter today that I could have made my entire "Galaxy teammates adjusting to Gio" piece all on Dan Gargan's quotes.

To prove it, I'll just leave the ones I didn't use right here.
We understand the elements (heat in Dallas). It's not going to be a surprise. We got a good result on the road in Colorado.

Stevie's Thoughts

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I wondered what Steven Gerrard thought about getting to the Galaxy fairly recently and getting asked so many questions about his new teammate, Gio Dos Santos.
Steven Gerrard in Los Angeles

Turns out, he doesn't mind much at all.

Oh, Canada Gets Herculez!

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Herculez Gomez will now play in Canada for Toronto FC, making him a true North American soccer player, now that he has plied his trade in clubs located in all of the countries that make up NAFTA.

Having been in Canada recently, I can vouch that it's a cool spot.
And Herc has always been a cool dude.

Watershed Moments

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Last night, Alan Gordon came off the field and was substituted by Giovani Dos Santos for the debut of the Mexican international as a Galaxy player.

Gordon was already the answer to the trivia question,"Which player came off for David Beckham's debut as a Galaxy player?", so perhaps this is all routine for him.

Radio Days, Then and Now

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Years ago, I used to work the midnight shift at my college radio station. I was on from midnight to 8am, then I hurried to my dorm room to change for a 9am class. Most of what went out on the air at that time was pre-programmed, although I did a short traffic and weather report at the top of every hour.

Then and Now - Hugo Perez

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So, back in 2007, I spoke to Hugo Perez about U.S. Soccer improving their efforts in developing the Latino pool of soccer talent in the US.

Multiple sources telling me that Hugo Perez is no longer working for U.S. Soccer in any capacity. Released of his duties today.

Ronnie in the Twilight

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Ronaldinho isn't what he used to be, but that doesn't mean he can't be great in a different way. It also might be enough to help Querataro win the Liga MX title.

I've met Ronaldinho a few times, back when he was in LA with Barcelona, and later on with Milan.
He's friendly, playful with press, in terms of a smile and a wave, but he doesn't like doing interviews, at least in terms of stopping to answer many questions in a mixed zone.

Whose Jersey Did You Get?

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I asked Landon Donovan that question once, six years ago. He was exiting the locker rooms at the Rose Bowl and he had a Barcelona jersey slung over his shoulder after a friendly game against the Spanish squad.

"Pique." Donovan answered, succinctly.
I wondered what Pique did with his Donovan jersey.

Super Clasico is finally Set Up

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For a while now, Club America v Chivas has been a relatively mild affair, because there hasn't been much at stake between the two squads. But now there is a lot.

Four-team tie at the top of the LIGA MX. Chivas will move clear with a win or tie tomorrow in the #Superclasico http://t.

Mike Penner, Bruce Jenner and Me

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Years ago, at the great media brouhaha that was the official unveiling of David Beckham, I was walking on the concourse of what is now called Stub Hub Center stadium, when I spotted a tall woman. She, like me, was on her way to the media rooms designated for different groups of reporters. Even though Beckham's move to the Galaxy was a huge story, there weren't that many women covering it, so I noticed her.

Alexi Lalas is Doing Fine, But What About Bob?

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Just another day in the soccer-writing life, but now I suddenly have a few hundred more Twitter followers than before.

It's pretty much Alexi Lalas' fault.

So @soccercanales is in the midst of a long and interesting twitter dissection of @J_Klinsmann's tenure.

Once More Into the Ring

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Ahead of the big "friendly" USA-Mexico game today, Luis Hernandez has a new commercial for Wells Fargo similar to the Landon Donovan one. It's to introduce a banking app in Spanish.

Like Donovan's, the scenario is a coach handing out jerseys to players, and Hernandez, as the new addition, uses his banking app to send in his payment quickly.