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Should We Check Back In With The Professional Futsal League? at related • 0 views

It was fun the first time we did this, and the second time, so you might be wondering if the Professional Futsal League has had anything different to say lately.


It's been nearly three years since the PFL was announced1, nearly two years since Mark Cuban purchased what was described as a "principal ownership stake2," and nearly seven months since the league last updated the news on its website.

The War Is Over at related • 0 views

There has not yet been an appeals court ruling.

There has been no white flag waved.

There has been no announcement. No signing of an instrument of surrender.

But make no mistake: Soccer War III1 is over. And the North American Soccer League has lost.

It's been more than three weeks since a federal appeals court heard oral arguments in the NASL's appeal of a lower court's denial of their request for an injunction2 that would grant it Division II status for 2018.

Quick Hooks In Indoor Soccer at related • 0 views

The Cedar Rapids Rampage of the Major Arena Soccer League fired first-year head coach Jonathan Greenfield on Thursday, but didn't tell anyone until after Saturday's 14-11 win over the Kansas City Comets. General Manager Chris Kokalis has taken over as the interim.

That got me wondering if Greenfield's seven-game stint was the shortest to start a season by a head coach in indoor soccer history.

Someone Actually Wanted To Talk About The Indiana Twisters at related • 1 view

And for that I am thankful.

Tim Hanlon, whose (fairly) new podcast is called Good Seats Still Available, recently had me on as a guest to talk about the two-year run of the Indiana (neé Indianapolis) Twisters of the old Continental Indoor Soccer League. It was great fun and I hope if you're an aficionado of defunct and alternative leagues and teams, you'll give it (and the series) a listen.

Indoor Soccer Teams That Have Lost 20 Straight Games (UPDATED) at related • 0 views

After falling to the Cedar Rapids Rampage 9-7 on Nov.26, the St. Louis Ambush1 of the Major Arena Soccer League is closing in on 20 straight defeats dating back to last season. They're 0-4 so far this season after dropping their last 14 games last season (while going 1-19). The Ambush's last win was nearly a year ago: 8-6 over the Florida Tropics on Dec.

Taking Attendance 10/29/2017: NASL Down 5%, But It’s Complicated at related • 0 views

The North American Soccer League is the last of our prominent outdoor soccer leagues to finish its regular season, and while the league saw a five percent drop in its average announced attendance in 2017 as compared to 2016, its present and future are not so clear-cut.

After an offseason of drama that saw two teams fold, Tampa Bay and Ottawa jump to the USL, Minnesota decamp for MLS and a provisional award of Division II status for 2017, things got even stranger:

  • The expansion San Francisco Deltas drew lackluster crowds, prompting the team's ownership to issue a bizarre open letter putting the onus on "fixing this" on the fans.

Taking Attendance 10/22/2017: MLS Ticks Up, Though Several Teams See Declines at related • 0 views

Major League Soccer's 22nd regular season saw it hit the 8 million mark in total attendance for the first time1 and league-wide average announced attendance nudged up by just under two percent from 2016.

With most teams playing in their own stadiums and selling large percentages of their ticket inventory coming in, it was not going to be easy to see the type of growth as in past years, but only Chicago saw substantial gains.

Taking Attendance 10/15/2017: USL Draws 2 Million, Average Up 25% at related • 0 views

The United Soccer League became the first lower-level soccer league on these shores to draw two million fans in a season1 and the league's average announced attendance was up 25 percent year-over-year.

There were success stories (FC Cincinnati becoming the first lower-division team ever to average over 20,000 a game, something only 23 Division I clubs in history have done2, Sacramento selling out every game and Phoenix tripling their crowds) and some concerning spots (Rochester falling completely off the table and MLS developmental teams in Vancouver, Kansas City, Seattle and Toronto dropping from already-low averages to even lower averages).

Taking Attendance 10/1/2017: Ups And Downs In The NWSL at related • 0 views

The National Women's Soccer League has completed its fifth season, and while its average announced league-wide attendance was above 5,000 per game1 for the third straight year, the NWSL did see an 8.5 percent decline overall2.

Six of the 10 teams saw declines in their average from the 2016 season: Kansas City (off 44 percent), Orlando (30 percent3, Houston (20 percent), Boston (19 percent) and Seattle (12 percent).

Taking Attendance 9/4/2017: II in 1 at related • 0 views

The United States Soccer Federation's decision last winter to sanction both the North American Soccer League and the United Soccer League as Division II circuits has brought us the odd (and potentially temporary) situation where we have competing leagues at one level1.

For this look at attendance, I'm combining all the Division II teams into one table.

Taking Attendance 8/19/2017: Probably The Last NPSL Update at related • 0 views

Look, I tried. I really did.

I figured we can't have meaningful conversations about the relative strengths of lower-level soccer leagues and teams without some data, so I went after the data. But it has proved to be tougher to mine than you might think. I've asked every NPSL team I have contact info for to share their attendance data multiple times, in some cases and I'm very grateful for those clubs who have been gracious enough to do so.

Let’s Check Back In With The Professional Futsal League at related • 0 views

Anything changed since the last time we checked?

So, that would be a no, then.

I Figure David Beckham’s Probably Not Getting In The Hall Of Fame at related • 0 views

We had to turn in our 2017 Player Ballots for the National Soccer Hall of Fame a couple of weeks ago, but I've just now gotten around to publicly posting my ballot. I am a Hall of Fame voter for the 12th straight election, and, as I have every year, I'll make my ballot and the rationale for my selections public.

MLS Cupsets On The Decline at related • 0 views

The 2017 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup1 has reached the round of 16, and, in what should not a be surprise, 13 of the remaining clubs come from Major League Soccer.

Upsets are what mythologize any tournament, and while the Open Cup still has its share of feel-good moments, the instances of lower-level Davids knocking lower-level Goliaths out of our national championship are dwindling.

Taking Attendance 6/27/2017: Probably The Best NPSL Attendance Compilation Ever at related • 0 views

The Kingston Stockade salutes its fans. Courtesy Dennis Crowley's Instagram feed (@dens)

(That's not saying a whole lot, obviously, because I have not seen many NPSL attendance compilations.)

Over the years that I've been doing this (and more often recently), people have asked why I don't include National Premier Soccer League attendance figures in my semi-regular roundup of lower level crowds.