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December 6, 2012 11:42 UTC
March 6, 2007 11:02 UTC

2011 MLS

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Well Vasco is back. I have been away for awhile, health issues. Well the MLS season is over and the best team money can buy in MLS won the whole darn thing. The Cup and the shield, congrats to Bruce and the gang on their victory.
Lets recap some of the 2011 season. We saw two new MLS teams, that came up from USL, Portland which started slow and came on strong, and almost made the playoffs, and Vancouver that came on weak, and got worse.


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It is on the back of our Kit, on the collar. DC United the winners of twelve international and domestic trophies, four time winner of MLS cup. The once proud team from our nations capital. The team hasn't made the playoffs in two years. Now the team can't score against the bottom feeders. Two games, zero goals, six goals allowed.

Press Conference

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DC United has a press conference scheduled for 1pm tomorrow, to announce Benny heart and Soul of DC United Olsen is coming out of retirement. After watching the team fall flat on their face last week in KC, Benny has decided to come out of retirement. We just need a spark to get back on the right track.

MLS 2010 week 1

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Well the season has started, the Union had a bad night while the Sounders flopped around like a fish out of water. Seriously Seattle players when fouled looked like they had run into a brick wall, get a grip guys. It will back fire on you eventually. Colorado won on the road opening night for the first time ever.

MLS week 28

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Vasco has a huge week ahead of him, so I am making the predictions early.

Wednesday evening: SJ at Colorado, Colorado in a romp.

Saturday a big day
LA at Columbus, Columbus
Seattle at NE, NE
Colorado at KC, Colorado
RSL at Dallas, Dallas
Toronto at Chicago, Chicago
NYR at Chivas on FSC.

Youth Soccer

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Yesterday was a delayed opening day for my kids. We started at a new club that I had heard good things about, as far away as when I lived in Virginia.
So far we had one day notice on the coaches meeting, and less than two weeks before the season started. When I inquired, about this I was scolded.

MLS week 27

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Friday night
New England at NY, NY is on a bit of a roll, Looking at NY at home in this one.
Colorado at SJ, looking for Colorado in this one.

Seattle home to Chivas, on FSC at 3pm, Seattle
RSL at Houston, Houston
Dallas at KC, tough one, Dallas once again this week
Toronto at LA, after Dallas dropped six on them, LA rebounds.

MLS week 25

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Vasco is proud to Brasilian, the only country to qualify for every World Cup. Brasil over Argentina 3-1 to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

Eight MLS games this week, and opening day for the fall youth season, if mother nature makes the rain go away.

KC at DC, DC has disappointed lately, but they take this one.


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US Open cup week, DC United at home vs Seattle Sounders. The defending champ vs a semi finalist from last year, at RFK stadium Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm on Fox soccer channel.

The Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, Lamar Hunt an American hero to us soccer fans.

Watch the game fans. DC will repeat, as the Champs again.

MLS week 24

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Tonight we have Chivas v RSL, Vasco goes with RSL

Toronto at Seattle, Seattle
SJ at New England, NE
DC at Chicago, Chicago
Chivas at LA, LA

Houston at Colorado, Colorado
Columbus at NY, Columbus

MLS week 23

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Bad week for Vasco last week, both predicting, and feeling my legs. Still trying to recover from the drunk driver who pasted out before he hit me.

Tonight Concacaf champions league, DC at Marathon getting ready to start. I think DC wins this one, Emilio has a good night.

Wednesday on ESPN 2, LA at Chicago, Chicago
Thursday on ESPN 2, NE at Seattle, Seattle
Saturday on FSC, LA at DC, DC
Toronto at Chivas, Chivas
Kansas City at San Jose, San Jose

Dallas at NY, Dallas
Colorado at Chicago, Chicago
Seattle at Houston, Seattle

England 2010

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Everyone knows Vasco is no fan of David Beckham, in fact I honestly despise the man as an over hyped futboller, who has manufactured his fame rather than earn it.
He has chosen to come to the US because the money is good, and he wants to work towards a career after futbol. So he has a work ethic, so he must not be all bad.

MLS week 22

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Another bad performance in Mexico, thankfully it only happens every four years. Offense is what wins games, we have the talent, so why not use it. When will US soccer ever learn? Interesting discussion on Cirrus about youth soccer last night. Seems everyone knows what we need to do, but no one does it.

MLS Week 21

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Vasco has had a rough week, two trips to PA, and it is only Wednesday. Dad is going to be ok after all. Thankfully.
We start off the week with a friendly in Seattle with Barcelona, on ESPN at 10:30.
Thursday we have Houston at Dallas, Dallas at home in this one.
Friday another friendly Real Madrid at Toronto on ESPN at 7:30
Back to MLS on Saturday
LA at NE, NE on FSC
Columbus at SJ, Columbus
Seattle at RSL, RSL
Chivas at Colorado, Colorado
Chicago at Houston, Houston
and another friendly Real Madrid at DC United on FSC at 3pm.


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Five games this Saturday. All-star game over, champions league kicking in, 0-2-1 for MLS to start. YA, Red Bulls don't stand a chance, tonight.
Toronto at New England, NE
KC at Dallas, Dallas
RSL at Chicago, Chicago
DC at Houston, on FSC. Houston
Columbus at Colorado, Colorado
Seattle at San Jose, Seattle

Enjoy the games, Madrid is here next week.