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August 12, 2015 09:42 UTC
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Groan’s season preview – 2013/14 – optimism aplenty

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A little late in the day, as the season has technically started, but I'm back with a few predictions for the season ahead who will shine, who will step up, and how it will all go. Like many, I'm optimistic about Arsenal's chances this season the difference between now and a year ago, when we entered into the season under a cloud (that grew poisonous in our defeat to Villa), is remarkable we've been efficient in the market, signed some genuinely excellent players, and while there is still work to do, the signs are overwhelminglypositive.

South American scintillation while Arsenal tight-lipped

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The business end of the World Cup is here. We may be three quarters of the way through the matches already, but with half the teams now gone, the real football starts exhilarating knockout competition, drama, heartbreak, and of course, penalties.

It took only one match before we went the distance, with Brazil and Chile serving up a wonderful game that in truth, either could have won.

Groan’s 10: World Cup 2014 betting selections

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One of my personal traditions for the World Cup is to spice it all up a bit with a few bets. I know many are the same if you're going to sit up until 2am to watch Ivory Coast face Japan you might as well have something riding on it, right?

In 2010 I placed ten pre-tournament bets and then one more on each match, and I'll be doing the same this year.

Cup final win still showing its value in Cesc reaction

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First off, I haven't posted anything since the FA Cup triumph over Hull, so can I just stop for a minute and say:


Thanks. I feel better. A month on, it still feels awesome, particularly given the scores thatdoubted Wenger would ever lift a trophy again.

Positives and negatives – an Arsenal summary

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It feels a little strange to set out on anything resembling a seasonal review when there remains the FA Cup Final looming next weekend, but yesterday's 2-0 canter against Norwich wrapped up the league campaign for another year, and brought to a close one of the most difficult to assess in recent memory.

Groan’s rants: Enjoying football’s moments, managing injuries and incompetent referees

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Morning all.

After one of the most tense matches in our recent history, Arsenal are in the FA Cup Final. Sounds good, doesn't it? However laborious the match was, however close we came to being added to Wigan's long list of cup scalps, we became the first team in two years to knock them out, and as a result find ourselves up against Hull in our first return to the annual showpiece since Vieira's spot kick won us the trophy in 2005 (or started our trophy drought, depending on who you listen to).

Man City 6-3 Arsenal: A lazy pundit’s dream match

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The script was written by every pundit that was waiting for us to fall. We can't beat the big sides, our defence won't stand up to their threat, we don't have the firepower up front to challenge the toughest of defences and our lack of squad depth means our legs will go. That was the message.

Well, those 'analysts' will be smiling today.

The mythical ideas of what it takes to win the Premiership

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With every passing week, every Arsenal win, every dropped point by a rival strengthening our position at the top of the league, it becomes more curious that the North London title challenge is considered unworthy, temporary and liable to fall apart at any moment. Inconsistency, a poor defence, a friendly fixture list these arguments have been crushed by impressive results in the most testing period of the season thus far so instead the focus is placed on the fact we are yet to face our two most likely rivals Chelsea and Manchester City.

Arsenal 1-0 Spurs: Stick that in your pipe and smoke it

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This isn't quite going to the script, is it?

There was a moment yesterday that left me open-mouthed. Listening to the game on Five Live (a preferable option to most Sky commentators), with around ten minutes to go, our 1-0 lead over Spurs was being described as the 'surprise of the season', as if we were some plucky club leading a Premiership giant in the cup, hanging on by the tips of our fingernails.

Season Preview – We’ve cocked this up a little, haven’t we?

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It has been nearly six months since I last wrote in here. Back in February, the combination of a busy job, a blossoming side project, and becoming a parent for the third time meant that something had to take a back seat. Sadly I missed out on writing about another entertaining Spurs collapse, but feel free to read back to pretty much any other March-May period in recent years and you'll get a similar gist.

Running from the knive-wielding hyenas

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The hours that have followed the Blackburn defeat have not been much fun. Recriminations have been fast and fierce, arguments have erupted all over the place and certain segments of the press corp are swirling like vultures around a wounded animal. Players are aware that they have let themselves and the club down, the manager is coming under fire and fans are turning on each other.

Arsenal 0-1 Blackburn: Digesting a painful defeat

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It is difficult to know where to begin with a defeat like that. I'm going to avoid a blow by blow account of the game by now you know and are probably sick of the details. We had a ton of possession, a stackload of corners, but came up against an excellent keeper, an organised defence, and got sucker punched at the other end.

Football (coverage) depresses me

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Firstly, Happy New Year to one and all. You are seeing one of my resolutions in action by reading this having not posted anything on here since mid November (and a thumping 5-2 win over Spurs) I'm starting 2013 by making an attempt to return to writing. It is, however, something of a rant-driven return.

Arsenal 5-2 Spurs: Glorious Déjà Vu

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The moment when Walcott scored the fifth and final goal in a 5-2 come-from-behind thumping of our nearest neighbours, who would finish the game with ten men having claimed beforehand that they had 'closed the gap', elicited a strange feeling a repetitious one, an echo of a previous experience. Strangely familiar, if you will.

Man United 2-1 Arsenal : A flattering defeat

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That was painful.

On the face of it, a 2-1 defeat at Old Trafford isn't something to get you too bent out of shape they win the vast majority of their home games and the scoreline suggests a tight match nicked by the odd goal. Sadly, the scoreline today bore no resemblance to the pattern of the match itself, in which the two United scored should have been a few more, and the one we mustered was with the last kick of the game, and barely celebrated.