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Announcing XI Quarterly, a North American Soccer Magazine

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It's been a while since I last posted. A long while. I originally started this website shortly after the 2006 World Cup when blogs were relatively new things and soccer coverage, particularly from North America, was just beginning to explode. I kept Culture of Soccer going for close to 2 years continually and loved every minute of it.

Photos of the San Diego African Soccer League

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Ever since I moved to San Diego in 2007, I have heard rumors of the existence of an African Soccer League. My attempts to find it had proven unsuccessful until recently when I found a "Somali mall," chatted up the guys who run a barbershop there, and had them put me in touch with their friend who runs one of the teams.

Team Focus: South Valley Chivas Academy

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In 2008, I featured a piece on siblings Alexis and Amber Hernandez. Mexican-Americans who have grown up in the Central Valley of California, they had at the time both recently been called up to play for Mexico's U-17s. Today, I return to this story by focusing on the club which helped them to develop.

Interview with Pablo Miralles, Executive Producer of Gringos at the Gate

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Two encounters with foreign fans inspired Los Angeles-based filmmaker Pablo Miralles's current project, the documentary film about the US-Mexico soccer rivalry called Gringos at the Gate. The first came at the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where he was on assignment for Los Angeles television stations.

Soccer Players and Fast Cars: A Sometimes Dangerous Mix

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River Plate's young midfielder Diego Buanotte is currently in the hospital, recovering from injuries he suffered in a car accident in which he was involved on December 26. Buanotte was lucky; three friends traveling with him in the car were killed. Buanotte's father told the media that, in addition to fearing for his son's physical health, he worries that about psychological trauma that young Diego will likely face.

Does it Matter Where They’re From? Club Teams, National Teams, and the Connection to Home

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When England recently announced the potential host cities that will host games if that country is awarded the 2018 World Cup, one stood out: Milton Keynes. The MK Stadium that would host games is home to MK Dons, among the most controversial teams in England. MK Dons are controversial, of course, because they are the first "franchise" club in that country.

American Soccer Cultures

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What is American soccer culture? Ask that question to 100 people and you may very well receive 100 different responses. People's perception of American soccer culture depends entirely on where they are coming from. Soccer moms, for instance, have very different perceptions of soccer culture in this country than do immigrants recently arrived here.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-27

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  • ESPN Deportes to air World Cup in ... Portuguese (Soccer America): #
  • Anger as Robert Mugabe raises World Cup trophy (Guardian): #
  • Football to footprints: World Cup's carbon impact (Guardian): #

Twitter Updates for 2009-11-24

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  • How far should intimidating chants go? (Reuters): #
  • Gaddafi 'to mediate' in Egypt-Algeria football row (BBC): But will it be as successful as this: #
  • Soccer in Iraq: Another Field for Argument (NY Times): http://bit.

Tweet tweet!

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A lot happened in the time I was gone, including the rise of Twitter. In an effort to keep up with the times, I have established a Culture of Soccer twitter account. I think I'll mostly use it to post articles of interest to me, but am open to suggestions about how to use this new-fangled tool. Hope you enjoy!

How I Got This Way

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I did a piece for Tom Dunmore's excellent blog Pitch Invasion today about how I became the obsessed soccer fan that I am. Kudos to anyone who can name a player for the Dayton Dynamo!

An Interview with Jack Keane, Owner of Nevada Smith’s Bar

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Any list of soccer meccas in the United States would have to include Nevada Smith's. The bar, located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, has bringing in the soccer faithful of New York since 1994. Today, on any given weekend day, the bar shows games from morning till night.

United States: Importer or Exporter of Talent?

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When I travel abroad, people often tell me that the United States is good at soccer only because they import foreigners to play for the national team. While this strategy was key in our development as a soccer nation, it is far, far less common today. The 1990s saw the US scour European leagues for players with American connections, coming up with gems such as Ernie Stewart and Thomas Dooley (both of whom had American servicemen fathers) and duds such as David Wagner and David Regis (the latter was a Frenchman whose late call-up into the 1998 World Cup squad led to great friction within the team and was a large part of the team's horrible showing in that tournament).

Hello? Anyone still here?

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First of all, I want to apologize for the sudden disappearance of Culture of Soccer last year. Starting graduate school ate up most of my time, and I couldn't keep up the site. However, now that I am a couple of years into my PhD, I find myself with a bit more time and I am happy to announce that I will be restarting Culture of Soccer shortly.

Winthrop University’s Unlikely Ugandan Connection: An Interview with Assistant Coach Daniel Ridenhour

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It is an understatement to say that the path from Uganda to South Carolina is not well trodden. But in the past few years an increasing number of young men from Uganda have been making the unlikely journey to Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina to study and play for school's soccer team.