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Football Language Quiz: Prepositions (2) at related • 0 views
Practice the use of English prepositions with this football language quiz

Football Glossary: Retain a title at related • 0 views
Retain: To win a cup, league or title again - usually the following year or season

Football Glossary: Relegation at related • 0 views
When a team has to move down a division because of poor results. The club is generally occupying the bottom two or three positions.

Main Listening Report: The Language of Injuries at related • 0 views
On this week's main report, we look at three of the common injuries footballers suffer and the language of injuries.

Weekly Football Phrase: To ship goals at related • 0 views
This week introduces the football phrase 'to ship goals'.

Football Glossary: Qualifiers at related • 0 views
Qualifier: Games played to decide which teams progress to the main tournament or knock-out stages of a competition. A game to qualify for something.

Football Glossary: To be Relegated at related • 0 views
(to be) Relegated: To move down a division because of poor performances - to finish in the bottom 2 or 3 positions in the table

Football Glossary: La Selección at related • 0 views
La Selección: Nickname (In Spanish) for the Spanish international football team.

Football Glossary: Serie A at related • 0 views
Serie A: The Italian top league / division. The equivalent in Germany is the Bundesliga and in England is the Premier League.

Football Glossary: Season at related • 0 views
Season: The time it takes for each team to twice play all the other teams in the league (home and away). The season in England lasts from August till May with 38 games in total.

Football Glossary: One Way Traffic at related • 0 views
Languagecaster's football glossary - What was the last game you saw when it was "one-way traffic"?

Football Glossary: (the Managerial) Merry-Go-Round at related • 0 views
What's the missing word in this phrase from the glossary - The ___ merry-go-round?

Football Glossary: Nil at related • 0 views
How would you say the score 0-0? Zero zero? Check out 'nil' in languagecaster's football glossary.

Football Glossary: The Miracle of Istanbul at related • 0 views
Languagecaster's football glossary - Do you know what The Miracle of Istanbul' refers to?

Football Glossary: (to) Lose Faith In at related • 0 views
Football glossary @ languagecaster: What happens when you no longer trust or believe in someone? To lose faith in