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2013: The Year In Hilarity

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Comedy Football 2013 ( by GOTW

The playlist is a little rough, especially the constant switches after a whole four seconds, but here's nearly a half hour of football folly goodness to see out 2013 from the folks at TVGolo. It's the new age bloopers VHS. Everyone loves bloopers tapes.

A Late Entry For Goal Of The Year

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It might well be the goal of 2013, and in the final days at that. FIFA decided to cash in early on their goal of the year, but perhaps they should reopen voting. This Spanish futsal number from Matamoros is steeped in technique and skill. Plus you get the patented Spanish goal call. The complete package.

Branislav Ivanovic Gets His Revenge

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All was fine and well between Branislav Ivanovic and Luis Suarez in the prematch handshake; their first since the Uruguayan began nibbling on Ivanovic during the spring. So that was nice. Bygones, etc. But then during the match, Ivanovic went about doing his job and accidentally kicked Luis in the throat.

Infographics With Barcelona

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Every club should do one of the little videos, though for many, it would be significantly more humble and the graphics would be scribbled on scrap paper littered about the club offices. Barcelona's numbers look infinitely more impressive than anyone else's, though the number of beverages sold seems a bit low.

A Little Benfica Fan & A Cruel Joke

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This little girl is a Benfica fan. Under the Christmas tree, her family placed a cruel, cruel joke in the form of a Porto shirt. Her reaction is priceless and leads to the idea that she'll be an excellent disciplinarian as a mother. Thankfully, her family was just playing a trick and she eventually got a Benfica shirt.

Andres Iniesta: Secret Salesman

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If you happened upon Andres Iniesta in a store and didn't know who he was, would you think of him to be one of the world's finest athletes, even for a second? Probably not. In fact of all footballers, he seems closest to the picture of an average man. Sony got Andres to work in one of its stores with a hidden camera.

The Top Players of 2013 Lists Have Begun

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Lists compiling the top players of the world are typically best left ignored. Not necessarily on the whole, if often, but because there's that one guy in that one slot who just..."Oh my god. Don't even get me started." One of the better lists came in the form of last year's Guardian Top 100, which ended with a single unanimous decision in the whole 100.

Chilean Beer Company Gets The World Cup Smack Talk Started Early

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Suppose it's never too early for some trash talk, though six months ahead of time is quite preemptive. Cristal, a beer of Chile, has sent a frightening message to the Netherlands ahead of their match in the Group of Death in Brazil. Nude girl in a beer commercial quota hit, too.

Presumably the clip for the Spain game will read something like: "Please don't hurt us.

Arsenal Holds A Christmas Party

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Life's good for Arsenal at the moment. Top of the table and the once-juggernaut Manchester United is currently going through a crisis of basic functioning. Kind of like the guy who got married in his teens, the falls apart in spectacular fashion when his wife leaves him because he realizes he doesn't actually know how to do anything.

Raja Casablanca Players Worship Ronaldinho Just A Touch

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When Raja Casablanca beat Atletico Mineiro in the Club World Cup semifinal, there was a clamoring for the shirt of one man Ronaldinho. His star may have faded but for so many, particularly those of a particular generations, he's still a football god. (Half-decent free kick he scored despite the loss.

Independence Day: Samsung’s Footy Edition

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Samsung is quite possibly the worst tactician ever. When tasked with compiling a team for the purposes of defending earth from aliens, they begin by picking a team of all sizzle, no steak. So when someone finally calls them out on their lack of defense, they take Saint Iker...and then go back to attackers.

A Spanish Pickpocket In Australia

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You know, no one's looking for truly world class ability in Australia. Outside of Alessandro Del Piero's carcass, a lot of people would be hard-pressed to name a player in the A-League, because once they're good enough, it's a trek half a world away for European glory. It's a few notches below, so expectations are held accordingly.

Cristiano Ronaldo Dedicates Museum To Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo has unveiled a museum dedicated to Cristiano Ronaldo in his hometown.

You're shocked. Yes, you're shocked.

Curious neighbours stood on their balconies to witness the ruckus, unusual on the quiet island with 260,000 inhabitants, famous for its luxuriant biodiversity, strong-flavoured bananas and fortified wine.

Balotelli’s Black & White Booties

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For reasons best left to be determined by those with an advanced degree in psychiatry, Mario Balotelli likes to draw attention to the fact that he draws attention in an attempt to deflect attention. Because obviously. In his latest 'Why Always Me?' moment, Mario had Nike plaster headlines from throughout his career on his booties.

A Brzyski From The Heavens

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The free kick is decidedly Pirlo, Juninho-esque, but the name is not one you're likely to know. Tomasz Brzyski is a 31 year old leftback for Legia Warsaw with possibly one of the most underrated left foots in the game. His goal from the Europa League on Thursday isn't a one-off, but rather the standard from a left foot which has the touch of clouds and baby unicorns.