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September 12, 2012 03:56 UTC
June 3, 2006 12:15 UTC

Let's get it started!

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Let the games begin!

The MLS season is still over a month away, but two MLS club see some legitimate action tonight when Houston and DC United play the first games in their respective CONCACAF Champions Cup series.

The Dynamo tak

Is Colorado the Rapids or are the Arsenal?

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Who knows what Colorado's going to do now. Sure they've changed the colors, again, and it was always rumored that a name change may be on the horizon. But man. Arsenal?

The above image is a captured screen image that someday go

2007 MLS schedule released Wed. 1/31 and MLS on XM Radio?

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Word out of the FC Dallas ticket office is the 2007 MLS schedule gets released this Wednesday, January 31st. Again, whether that actually happens or not, who knows. MLS and news releases don't always work out flawlessly.

Also, heard brief

MLS 2007 schedule to be released in a few days?

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Just talked to a person who works with tickets sales for an MLS team who said the 2007 schedule should be out in a few days. Of course, we'll see.

This debunks my theory of the schedule release getting pushed back due to the Beckham signi

Beckham, Davids, Ronaldo, oh my!

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Even people in BFE North Korea have heard by now the David Beckham is joining the LA Galaxy for the 2007 campaign. Originally he wasn't going to suit up until August, but who knows about that now.

And then we have Dutch international Edga

Just another Beckham to MLS blog post. How special.

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I'm sure I'm only like the 1,000th person to post about the latest on the David Beckham to MLS saga that, if you believe Fox Sports, should resolve itself today sometime.

And there's this from Beckham's appearance on this morn

The waffles in Belgium are better than in Fulham anyway

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So much for if I was a gambling man. Just when we're all (me included) getting all googoo over Onyewu to Fulham FC to join the already sizable group of Americans and ex-MLSers, the talks between Fulham and Gooch's Beligian team break down.

What Onyewu going to Fulham FC means for the USMNT.

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There are some interesting thoughts on the prospect of Gooch signing with Fulham FC and it's impact on the national team.

Some people have suggested that if the reports that AC Milan and Real Madrid are also interested in his services, th

Onyewu set to learn super-seceret-American-at-Fulham handshake soon.

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I mean, there's going to be enough of them to start their own club.

First there was Brian McBride then Carlos Bocanegra. Yesterday Fulham FC's ready to pony up $4 million for Clint Dempsey. Now Oguchi Onyewu looks set to join his coun

Dempsey a more expensive commodity than we thought.

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It looks like US national Clint Dempsey is set to be the biggest transfer in MLS history. At first we thought he would go across the Pond for about $3 million. Well, apparently we were $1 million short of the actual total. Provided Dempsey gets his work p

The transfer window is now upon us!

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A Happy New Year to all!!!

With the start of the new year, and all the fresh starts it brings, it all means that we are a mere 3 months away from the beginning of the new MLS season. We're also a little less than 2 months away from DCU an

Clint Dempsey to be a Cottager?

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Looks like Clint Dempsey will get his wish and move across the pond during the transfer window in January. Destination: Fulham FC. Everything's depending on him getting a work permit.

It appears the deal is worth £1.5 million

What's up with DC United? And a correction.

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The DCU fire sale is still on. Alecko Eskandarian gets sent up to Toronto FC for a partial allocation. DC depth at forward has now taken a dramatic nose dive. There's an aging Jaime Moreno Walker? It's like they're the Florida

Wildest. MLS. Off season. Ever!

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Things have been flying around fast and furious in the US domestic soccer world. Let's recap the action:

Head Coach Bob Bradley and Chivas USA trade their DP slot to New York in exchange for hot and cold midfielder Amado Guevara.

A squad to build with (or not)

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Just in case you haven't heard, Bob Bradley and US Soccer announced the list of players invited to USMNT camp to train for friendlies against Denmark in January and Mexico in February.

In alphabetical order, he's the list: