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September 12, 2012 03:57 UTC
April 19, 2006 10:33 UTC

At the Half: USA 0 - 1 England

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I have seen worst things. I have seen better things.

Mostly what I have noticed is that the USA is slower off the ball than the England players are. The USA is also giving away too many free kicks, and the bulk of them are being gifted by the defenders. England already burned the USA with one of those freekicks, and had too others that should have been in the goal as well.

Manchester United: Champions of Europe

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This was one of the better matches I have watched for quite a while.

Ronaldo scored his first goal against Chelsea, Drogba picked up a very important Red Card, and Edwin Van Der Sar came up HUGE for Sir Alex and Manchester United.

Manchester United looked the better club in the first half; Chelsea looked better in the second half.

FC Dallas fires Morrow; Soehn still employed

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Steve Morrow was fired today as the FC Dallas Head Coach. FC Dallas currently sit 4th in the MLS Western Conference with a record of 2-3-3 with 9 points.

So Morrow can get fired for only losing three matches.... but Tom Soehn is still managing a DC United side that has lost three in a row, five out of it's last six matches and has been outscored 14 to 6 in those six matches.

The Captain is going down with his Ship.

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We have all heard the old saying; that a Captain goes down with his sinking ship. A captain is ultimately responsible for the actions of his crew, regardless of what they do. Hell, Captain Kirk even took responsibility for the actions of his crew in Star Trek VI.

In sports, we have the manager/coach of the team that seems to always go down with his sinking team.

And there was much rejoicing!!!!

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We should see a scene very similar to this on the 24th. Guys in red jersey's hoisting a trohpy. Gotta love a sight like that!

My Take: DC United 0 - 2 Chicago Fire

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Last night's match showed alot more than just how good Chicago is this season. It showed how United is really not that great even after the massive amounts of change was went through over the offseason. It also showed how poor a coach Tom Soehn is.

First things first, Chicago was the better club and deserved to win last night.

The People's MLS Club

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I like the partnership and the logo looks very nice on the jersey's, especially the road jersey. I think that this will be one of the more important steps that this club has taken as it grows.
What is important is that United was able to get a partner that will be able to assist United in its efforts to grow in two of the hardest areas for United to try and grow into, Europe and South America.

I might have ended Ben Olsen's career

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Ok, so I have this unlucky knack of jinxing people.

It all started when I played Yahoo Fantasy Football a few years back. I drafted Terrel Davis of the Denver Bronco's in the first round. He was coming off of a huge season and I figured that I would get a ton of points off of him in that season.

My Take: DC United 1 - 2 Columbus Crew

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Ok, I admit it, I stopped watching the game on ESPN2 right after the second Crew goal. I couldn't stand, er, my fiancee couldn't stand me yelling and screaming at the TV for much more and she was worried that I might throw something at the TV.

So I played a computer game instead.

In the small amount of time I did watch the match, I saw alot of things.

What a Goal!!! Manchester United vs. Arsenal: 4/13/2008

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This was one wonderful goal to watch, ask the Arsenal wall, they all watched it too!

Too early for mashing the panic button?

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There is always one weekend in the beginning of the MLS season where I miss one of DC United's matches. Sara has her birthday in early April, so I spent that weekend either out of town or out to dinner with her for her birthday. Last weekend was that weekend for this season and against the norm, I was actually able to catch part of United's match against RSL.

My Take: DC United 2 - 1 Pachuca

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I hate it when I get the score right.

I have mixed feelings about what happened last night at RFK. On the one side, United did win the match, finally fighting back to score two late goals and win their third straight home match of the short season. Was that more to do with the fact that Pachuca did what they needed to do, and were sitting back?

Match-Prep: DC United vs. Pachuca 4/9/2008

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It's return leg time at RFK Stadium for DC United. United hosts Mexican super-club Pachuca in the second leg of the CONCACAF Champions Cup Semi-Finals tonight. Pachuca took advantage of the higher altitude and a less than sharp United squad and grabbed a 2-0 win in the first leg last week.
A 2 goal hole isn't the worst of situations to be in.

My Take: DC United 4 -1 Toronto FC

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Now that is how you start a game! I had barely hit my seat when we were all cheering for MVP's goal in the second minute. Santino scoring in the fifth minute was the perfect dagger for a really bad Toronto side.
Not to take anything away from United's offensive explosion, but Toronto really didn't look that great last night.

West Ham are in 1st... in the MLS Western Conference

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I decided to randomly check the MLS standings today and I saw this on Fox Sports -

If you look closer -

Now I know why MLS is having West Ham for the All Star game... They are joining the Western Conference!!!