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March 21, 2006 10:11 UTC

And Now is the Window of Our Discontent

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It all started out so well.

Finally, after ten years without a world class goalkeeper, we finally acted ruthlessly and bought one. And from a major rival no less. Petr Cech was coming, and Almunia, Mannone, Fabianski, Szczesny and Ospina would all be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Is Alexis Football Club as good as it gets?

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I've realised that my - albeit infrequent posts - seem to only appear after defeats. So here's one after a victory:

* The line-up for the match was interesting. The defence, faute de mieux, essentially picks itself at the moment. Bellerin seems like a nice lad but is, let's face it, out of his depth.

Arsene Wenger: The Testimonial Years

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Few thoughts on today, this week, and this season:

* We came into the game on a high, battering Galatasaray in the Champions League on Wednesday in one of those games that we still seem able to cruise through. Unfortunately, this leads to the conflation of our ability to win games against mediocre opposition to our overall ability to challenge for trophies.

Reasons Why we Should, and Shouldn't, Re-Sign Cesc Fabregas

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I've been going over this subject in my head a lot over the last few days, and thought I'd share my ramblings with you. So here's the case for and against bring Cesc back home, or taking him away from home, it's all quite confusing really.

Why we shouldn't re-sign Cesc:

- He's a bit of a knob, really.

Season Review - Trophies Matter

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There was a moment during yesterday's game, I think after Cazorla had scored but before Koscielny had equalized, where I had my head in my hands and was mumbling to myself, in a near catatonic state - "please don't lose", "please don't lose". I'm surprised I wasn't asked to leave the pub I'd found myself in, as I probably represented someone on the edge of a full-on, falling down-esque collapse.

Arsenal go big: Transfer Window Review

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So, at the eleventh hour (almost literally), Arsenal pulled it out the bag and finally went big. What a window - thoughts as follows:

* Was there a plan? I suppose we'll never know. It's easy to say that the window was a shambles, but it may be the case that we simply had lots of high-profile targets, at high-profile clubs, who are simply harder to buy.

A Shambles Three Months in the Making: It's time for a Change

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Welcome to the new season! What fun! Thoughts as follows:

* It was good for five minutes. Rosicky received the ball, spun and released; Chamberlain played a delightful outside of the boot pass into the box; Giroud timed his run to perfection, and neatly slotted home. All was for the best in the best of all possible worlds

* And then we all woke up.

Season Review: You Can Ask For More.

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The end of the season is usually a time for reflection, but I wondered this year how much I really wanted to reflect on what had just come to pass.
Let's be honest, this season was a bit rubbish. Yes, we again won the top-four trophy, and, yes, again, we humiliated Spurs in the process – but is this enough?

Time for Some New Ideas: Thoughts on Arsenal 1 Sp*rs 2

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Another week, another defeat. Thoughts as follows:

* The line-up was probably as good as it was going to get, given our current squad. Personally, I would have started Podolski instead of Giroud, and Koscielny instead of Vermaelen, but more on that on a bit. The amount of poor players in the squad has reached such a point that it's actually quite hard to rotate the team.

Getting Away with It - But for How Long? Thoughts on Arsenal 2 Villa 1

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A scrappy win, but a win nonetheless. Thoughts as follows:

* I didn't like the starting line-up, and the midfield looked particularly shaky. There didn't appear to be much of a sense of balance in that eleven. Yes, it might only be Villa at home, but who was going to do the dirty defensive work in midfield?

The Best Man for the Job? Thoughts on Arsenal 0 Blackburn 1

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I had, by accident, scheduled to have my cable replaced during the game yesterday. This meant I missed about a third of the game, for which I should probably be grateful. This was another season-defining moment, in a season that has largely been defined in terms of absolutely dreadful results. Thoughts as follows:

* The team selection was fine, other than Coquelin starting at right-back.

Either Wenger Strengthens the Squad, or We Get Someone Else who Will.

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Oh January, you've been great so far. Thoughts as follows:

* I thought Arsene again picked the wrong team, which is a worrying trend from games this season. There were three decisions that I thought he got wrong, and I'll go through them separately:

- Koscielny and Vermaelen are not an effective partnership.

Where do we Go from Bradford? Painful Times Ahead for Arsenal.

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As is customary for me now with midweek games, I turned off all contact with the Arsenal world on Tuesday afternoon, and waited until I got home to watch the game "as live." Since moving to America I've discovered that while getting up early on the weekends to watch games is a pain, missing matches, or having to watch them on delay, because they're played midweek while I'm at work is even worse.

Black Scarfs and a Dire Performance: 9 Thoughts on Arsenal 0 Swansea 2

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A historic defeat, or the new normal? Thoughts as follows:
* Whether we had won or lost, this match would have generated headlines of "Arsenal in crisis", owing to the Black Scarf march (or "walk", or whatever) that preceded it. Judging from photos, a fairly sizable amount of people joined the Black Scarf leadership as they walked to the ground, and it's clear that their views can no longer be ascribed to a lunatic fringe.

The 17 Minute DVD: 13 Thoughts on Arsenal 5 Spurs 2

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Well, what to make of that? Quite a game of football, and another classic match in a derby that seems to produce more goals than any other I can think of. Thoughts as follows:

* If you had told me after ten minutes that we were going to win this one 5-2, I have to admit, I'd have been skeptical, even after last year's shenanigans.