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Hot tips

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That Wesley Schneider and that Arjen Robben; Real Madrid should sign them up asap and they should see them through to a Champions League final. What?....oh.

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Product Review: Nike Rio Warm-Up Jacket

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Full-zip jacket with zippered front pockets and taping across the chest. Includes stand-up collar design and embroidered logo.

So here it is: A reasonably stylish black training jacket with a white stripe across the chest. It's a good fit...not too tight, so as to restrict movement, but not too loose so as to feel baggy.

Harry, There's No Smoke Without Fire...

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After watching Andy Townsend get on his soapbox on ITV4 this evening and defend Harry Redknapp from the police, I've been spurred on for the first time in ages to get on mine again (something not England's ineptness managed to do).

Apparently, he didn't like the police knocking on his door at 6am surrounded by photographers.

View From The Away End: And So It Begins

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Round And White is back and will be posting articles in its usual erratic fashion. First up, is the now traditional season opener for Black And White And Read All Over.

So Big Sam, he hasn't disappointed so far. With a bit of cash behind him and some sensible purchases the future looks bright; Viduka on a free? Bargain! Although Alan Smith and Geremi .

Au Revoir, Thierry

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And a couple of thousand Gooners weep.

A Fit And Proper Person

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With England's U-21s going further than their first team counterparts in a European Championship (albeit after only 4 games in), it's back to the transfer market, but apart from the odd quickly resolved transfer such as Man U's purchases and the to-ing and and fro-ing of Darren Bent, the transfer market has been relatively subdued so far. Unfortunately then for Thaksin Shinawatra that he chose these last few days to push on with his takeover for Manchester City, thus focusing the media's attention on him more so than ever before.

Comment Moderation

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Apologies, but I've had to add comment moderation to prevent idiots posting religious psychobabble. I may remove it again in the future.

View From The Away End: Big Sam Arrives

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So Newcastle fans…from an outsider's point of view 2006-2007 seemed like the usual story: a season that never really promised much after the first few weeks had passed. A manager whose ability was frequently questioned, eventually became a victim of Mr Shepherd, while Titus Bramble continued to patrol (if I may use the term loosely) the back four.

The Queen Is A Gooner

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You've heard it all now haven't you. Hard to believe I know, but is reporting that her Majesty outed herself to Cesc Fabregas when the Arsenal squad rocked on up to Bucks Palace in February. And the Queen Mum was a fan too.

Bring on the Republic!

Israel v England

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aka Steve McClaren: The Man Who Makes Scotland Look Good
You do have to wonder don't you? After England's miserable match against Spain, I swore I wouldn't watch another England friendly for a year. After last night's performance I'm thinking of extending that to their competitive games too.

Admittedly, Israel did sit behind the ball pretty much throughout the 90 minutes, a tactic that would've stifled the most creative team.

Shoot-Outs? Shoot Me Now

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Clearly, the Football League has thought that Sepp has been too quiet for too long and come up with an idea so stupid that even Mr Blatter wouldn't go there (never say never though).

Apparently, if the idea gains enough support, it will be presented as a motion for a rule change at the Football League's annual general meeting in June. Meanwhile, The Guardian reports that FIFA are vaguely supporting it, i.

Wake Up Mr McClaren!

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Seriously, has anyone noticed the a difference between England under the latter stages of Sven's reign (when he had run out of ideas*) and the beginning of Steve McClaren's period as England manager? Nope, me neither.

After watching 60 minutes

A Request From The Weblog Owner

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Please! Enough of the Italian p0rn spam comments. Nobody's interested. I'll either keep deleting it or have to block comments entirely which will spoil it for the thousands of readers who just haven't quite got round to commenting. Ta.

"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror "

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Yep, Wolves fans, you have been warned. If there's one sure-fire thing that's worse than having Graeme Souness as your manager (as fans of Newcastle, Blackburn, Liverpool, et al would agree) , it's having him own your club.

Searching For That Michael Thomas Moment

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It's not even 2007, yet Sky have already suggested moving the (cough) "title clash" to a prime-time slot at the end of the season, rather than moving it to a mid-week slot should the two protoganists both make it to the FA Cup semi-final weekend